And so to bed – the water scandal

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Not a good day.

I am not used to being ill. It seems that I have caught and infection from somewhere which is impeding my digestive system. I am not able to function normally and I do not have the energy to do various tasks. This evening I am due to a social event but I don’t feel like it. The event is in a public house which in a way would make things worse. We are part of nature and I have to follow what many animals do which is to retreat, sleep when I need to, and generally look after my own body. No one should expect anything of me.

I went along to our local chemist, an underestimated source of information by the way. The designated person listen carefully to my symptoms and thought that unless they get worse it would not be a matter of involving doctors. I will see what happens and act accordingly. That’s all you’re going to get from me today. As Samuel Pepys would say ‘I will take myself to my bed’.

PS However I did see some news including the fact that Thames Water is indebted to the extent of 14 billion pounds. It seemed that a number of years ago an Australian company, Macquarie,  bought Thames Water and instead of spending money on minimizing leaks and building reservoirs did what is called asset stripping. Through financial manipulation they paid themselves huge dividends. The Australian company have recently withdrawn. How convenient. So the question is, who will take over the indebtedness? will it be privatized? can we find some way of stopping tons of sewage going into the sea? Does anyone care anymore?


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