Troubling times and troubling videos

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I write this as the sheer weight of damming information about our future and it does get to me from time to time. Here are some videos that have come to my attention. If this does not frighten the hell out of you then I don’t know what to say.

We, the human beings, ARE the enemy.

Has the King just committed treason – Richard Vobes
The Fall of the Cabal – part 27 – Janet Ossebaard
Unpicking Agenda 2030, climate change and more – Sandi Adams

I believe that most people are in a state of light hypnosis due to the huge fear porn event that has assailed us for the past 3 years. Many people will lose their minds when they realise what is going on because by that time it will be too late for anyone to do anything.

In the next few days I will  be working on a strategy for remaining sane. I do not feel it can be left to chance. I will then publish it as a separate article.

I finished the day about reflecting on the meaning of time courtesy of a friend who sent me a link to a video by Alan Watts.
The Lie We Live – Alan Watts on the Illusion of Time

Stomach a bit better. I eat  S L O W L Y.

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