An alien’s view of the world. A bible study. Where is summer?

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Rain forecast for today so we fiddle around in the garden and have drinks in the little alcove that we have prepared. It occurs to me that the Great Reset which is currently throttling the world is an alien experiment to control their minds and keep us as a slave race, separating us from our God given psychic and perceptive abilities. I need to be a determinist and not a fatalist.

The latter is more seductive with this stream of bad news including the unending flow of immigrants to the UK, the declining standards in Parliament, the police force, deteriorating service in the hospitals and in education. It is difficult to find a field about which we cannot legitimately complain.

The point is that this is all planned. If you look at the Rio conference in Brazil in 1992, all countries signed up to this world-changing agenda. They are bound to this. As it warns in the Bible,” no man can serve two masters. Either loves one and hates the other, or holds to one and despises the other”. We, the useless eaters, hackable animals, are the despised ones and that may take a lot of getting used to but that is the hypothesis of best fit or occam’s razor.

Those who think that Jesus will come and save us should think again. He  tried that 2,000 years and that didn’t go down very well. The universe cannot suspend the law of free will for our convenience. “As a man sows so he will reap” and we are sowing lots of poison seed at the moment.

I have just come across some of the most dangerous and irresponsible ‘advice’ . Why The New York Times Advises Complete Avoidance of Sunshine. No it is not a joke.  The one and only Dr. Mercola reports. Scroll down for full list of references.

To our prayer and discussion group that starts in the evening at 8pm run by a sound engineer and his wife who has started a new job among many other things that housewives do.

There were five of us at the meeting including the two hosts. Tthe wife and Co-host had started her work just a day before. It is a new job and I said “don’t worry you will catch on soon enough. At the same time next week you will have become embedded”.

We had a little bit of a bible study during which we read Colossians 12 but at first we discussed how we were getting on. Someone was having trouble with their daughter who had the unique talents of picking the wrong men in a relationship. The current one has three sons by another marriage and is still married and has not yet become divorced. I had to bite my tongue a bit but sometimes people will not listen until they are ready to hear and that can be some way down the line of pain and expensive experience.

We discussed having a clear out of unneeded objects. I said that I had to do it but was not looking forward so to doing. The hosts do it every couple of years or so and tell me that it is a very cleansing experience. I was advised to try Facebook marketplace or Amazon.

Whilst we were talking, two young deer appeared in the garden and wandered  around. It was about dusk and we could just about see them.

Wwe had some entertainment with words. Someone said that they were disgruntled with something. I joked that there must be a word gruntled thinking there was no such thing but actually there is. The word gruntled means in good humour: Happy and contented.

We also discussed fasting. I am training myself to eat in a window between eight am and 3 pm. This leaves 15 hours for the body to go into self healing and maintenance mode. You could say it is a small fast.

On the topic of recording this diary the hostess kindly recommended an app called otter which is evidently a very good speech to text client.

I mentioned that I had offered to run a local men’s group but the overall co-ordinator of vineyard in Bath had not come back to me. The advice was to keep at it and develop a relationship with the person in charge and give him a reminder every so often.

I must say that I do prefer small groups where meaningful conversation can be most easily exchanged. I’m very much affected by noise so I cannot think so clearly in for example a public house or noisy restaurant.

The meeting finished at 10 pm. In the rapidly darkening sky large storm clouds loomed. The roads were wet and Slippy from the rain so I took great care not to go around corners too fast. It takes me 20 minutes door to door.


Seeing the world and linear time from another point of view. What if this current The Great Reset was an experiment to control us and our DNA? Supposing the result has not yet been determined? Have a look at the Interview between Dr Michael Salla and  Tony Rodrigues.

Will your bank account be closed because of your opinions? THE recent news of account closures by persons unknown working under the cover of banks and building societies is indeed alarming.

Demoralization and how to reverse it. Niall McCrae. Talk given Saturday 24 June 2023

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