Our Shadow self – aspects discussed + words of encouragement

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Eating/Stomach problems (contd)

I had another difficult evening yesterday with the problem of eating late which seems to correlate with an inability to digest, vomiting, and bloating. I find it so difficult to sever ties with old habits. If it is 8pm and I am hungry I want to eat something.  It does not work any more.  Maybe the gastric juices have gone off duty.

I am just waiting for a signal event that will send me in the direction of the doctor but until that time I’ve got to make sure that I’m eating the right food at the right time. I arose this morning after a fairly good nights sleep to find that my stomach problems had subsided. So, we start again.

My good friend Graham recommended that I stretch my time of fasting as long as I can in the morning. The idea is that if the stomach doesn’t have any food to digest it will turn to repairing itself. I like this idea of the body as a self repairing entity.

Today I disciplined myself and at 6pm no side effects. No wine after lunch. Not too much food. No eating at all in the afternoon.  No sweet course. I did however take Omaprazole this morning for suppression of acids. This is not a good habit as if the original source of the problem is not detected, I could be on mediation for far too long. Same with all meds I suppose.

Our ‘shadow’ self

Occasionally an article jumps out at me during my daily search for information relevant to my topics and websites. This example relates to the psychology and its aspects and may well have a bearing on what I was recently talking about with regards to the number of friends we have or do not have. This article (link below)  is definitely worth a look and a read.

Shadow self: 13 types and how to embrace your dark side.

It starts ‘Beneath the social mask we wear every day, we have a hidden shadow side: an impulsive, wounded, sad, or isolated part that we generally try to ignore. The Shadow can be a source of emotional richness and vitality, and acknowledging it can be a pathway to healing and an authentic life. – C. Zweig & S. Wolf

another good (re)quote from the article

The Persona, according to Jung, defines who we would like to be and how we wish to be seen by the world. The word “persona” is derived from a Latin word that literally means “mask,” however in this instance, the word can be applied metaphorically, representing all of the different social masks that we wear among different groups of people and situations.

This comes back to my theme of being true to yourself. If only our shadow or other dissimulation is involved in relating to another person, how can it be genuinely satisfying and fulfilling at all levels. His website is worth a look too.

The author of the article, Mateo Sol (sun?), reminds me that there are still decent human beings in the world who see things as they are and are not influenced by monetization or ‘mammon’ as it says in the Bible.
PS his picture on his home page is terrible, about as bad as you can get. Dreadful colorization.  I wrote to him saying that he should find a professional photographer. Most people do not take notice of criticism but I write never the less.

Talking with a friend about the future

From time to time I talk with a friend about how we see world trends. Here is an anonymized conversation that took place this morning.

The trigger was an article “WEF says CBDCs must be implanted under your skin if you want to participate in society”

Friend ..its coming soon – been talking to many people about this – nobody seems concerned
Me …maybe spend my money before it disappears
Friend – try drawing it out. It does not ‘belong’ to us
Me  – yes but will we be able to spend the cash
Friend – eventually not.  We will go back to pre-cash bartering
Me – what do you mean by eventually? One year, or more than that
Friend – the next big event will trigger this – war, fake UFO invasion, dollar collapse, pandemic 2, cyberattack, solar flare etc – my bets are on cyber attack as 50 billion transactions/per day on internet so this will collapse internet 1 – they will require digital ID to access internet 2 and then the digital currency
Me –  they have got plenty of toys in their pram.  still not sure about the compulsory vaxxes whether that will happen
Friend – most of it is fear mongering. The cyberattack makes sense as it can be controlled and then they switch it back on with solution – next pandemic for vaxxes
Me – The next (released) viruses will be real and virulent

Enlightening and encouraging words

I have recently come across a book called the elves of Canada: How the pleiadians talk me to live, love and laugh again by Joel Blanchard (available from Amazon / Kindle)

I’m just going to recount some fragments because I find them so encouraging.

Humans who are courageous are able to be truthful, fearless, and love deeply. Humans who are able to love deeply are able to display the look of love, which is happiness. This happiness allows them to remain true to their genuine selves and become creators that are more impressive. Humans who allow their hearts to lead them can exist at the vibration of playfulness. They see cooperation not competition, compassion not comparison and can reach high levels of enlightenment if they maintain focus on such things

Learn to trust your feelings,. Tune into love and joy with ease. Don’t respect fearful thoughts. Cast aside your need for approval. Stop worrying about what others are thinking. Be the Creator you are and stop worrying what other parts of us are doing.

When you look up at the stars in the sky, you see lights up there, and you may think that those lights are so very far away from you, what they are actually part of you. The atoms of your body were created by stars themselves. Furthermore, you exist.

You are existence. Everything that exists is part of existence. You are a part of everything because you are existence itself. When you witness the sun on a beautiful day, know that the beauty is an aspect of us and nurture that beauty in yourself. The light is inside you. It has always been there. If you choose love, love will always be present where you are. If you choose to be joyous, joy will become an everyday part of your life.

Evening meeting

There were eight of us at our vineyard home church meeting. One of our members has had great success in reaching out and being reached out to in her new work and she has found that her line boss is very laid back and flexible.

I talked about my new found enthusiasm for writing these diaries saying that an indirect approach to introducing people to spiritual matters is often more effective than a direct approach.

We discussed the value of money and whether there is a debate to be had about corrupt people who have lots of money and Christian people who have lots of money.  I said it was about stewardship and resource rather than something we ‘possess’.

We discussed worship in its many forms. Worship can be defined as “the reverence or adoration that one shows toward something or someone; holding a person or object in high esteem; or giving a person or an object a place of importance or honor.” it can take place individually or severally, formally or informally. Worship is as flexible as you want to make it but it is certainly not groveling or begging but giving God his due and venerating what was enabled by the death and Resurrection of Jesus on the cross. We are also focusing on the part of eternity that is already in us.

At the end of the meeting we prayed for members of the group in financial difficulty due to lack of work. We prayed that a family who had been at war over a will would be bought together in its spirit of sharing and reconciliation

I drove away at 10 pm and there were the most wonderful black clouds silhouette against a pink horizon of the setting sun.



Always a shocker. World Debt Clock. 

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