Day 28,889 of my life + time for searching (for) our souls

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I woke up fairly early, 06:15 actually, to the sound of rain. I made a coffee plus a toasted baguette with cheese and turned on GB news. I alternate with Talk TV. I enjoy the directness of David Bull and his no nonsense approach. Today’s topic is the shenanigans at the BBC. Have they not learnt from Jimmy Saville or Rolf Harris? Obviously not.

I am excited that the coming day is going to be a unique one in the history of my life. Nothing repeats because it cannot repeat because we have changed between the first experience, and an apparently but deceptively a previous identical experience. Everything moves on. It has been the case since the 28,889 days since I popped into this world. It will continue to be this way.

This morning I have come across a very interesting article “Seven Omens that herald the dark night of the soul?” I’m not urging anyone to read anything but if you have problems with up and downs in this transitory situation we call a human life then you might want to look at this link.

It is now 10 minutes past eight in the morning. From material received overnight I have enough to keep me going for most of the day. I’m going to watch a video on how to treat the eye with exercises sent to me via a friend thank you very much, the article on ‘the dark night of the soul’ mentioned here and I have a video to watch on the possible intersection of the human DNA by an evil reptilian influence. Is it myth? Is it fact? Is it a projection?

I also have to go off today to have my eye injection so that’s the day pretty much full. Thank goodness I don’t have a full-time job. Well, this IS a full-time job but one of my own choosing. So, it is not ‘work’ but manifestation.

Hedge trimming

Last evening I visited a hedge trimming job on Frome Road in Radstock. There are two types of hedge job, trimming and reshaping. The latter is required when a hedge has not been attended to for some time, as was the case in this instance. I’m probably going to charge between £80 and £100 and then they won’t need anything else done until October. Two or three cuts a year is enough for most domestic gardens.


I bet you didn’t know what that meant. It is about the fear of clothing. I have a mild form of this which manifests itself when I need to buy any new clothes for myself. I went along to Marks and Spencers in Bath, and visited the men’s department which is normally the second floor. The ground floor is perfumes and food, the first is ladies and the restaurant and the second floor is the men’s department.

I found the shorts section. I’m size 38 waist but found on trial it was a little bit loose so I used that as an excuse to escape from the store without buying anything. If my partner had been with me she would probably have persuaded me to buy something.

Off to the hospital. I arrived about one pm to go and have lunch in the staff canteen which is open to visitors, before my 2:30 appointment. I enclose image of my lunch. It is not gourmet food and mostly designed to be taken away by the staff in a plastic container  to eat in another place. However the food is good and I had some roast pork with all the trimmings, baked potato and lashings of gravy. They had run out of carrots.

How you can run out of frozen carrots I do not know. I had this followed by the most delicious bread and butter pudding with some custard. The whole lot came to £8.35. Staff get 40% off. Normally I would have had problems with the custard but because I had taken a pill for my Barrett’s in the morning it did not trouble me.

I wandered up and down the corridor and made some photographs from the art exhibition. The exhibition is ever changing and cheers me up.

Tomorrow I’m going to have a photo shoot to update my image which is about five years old now. By way of preparation I have been noticing examples of portraiture and images and I can now see so much that I do not like and is frankly meaningless. I do not like people who grin at the camera. That says nothing and does not ask a question.

Examples of horror images

Eye glass and mobile phone ads are the worst. Why is she closing her eyes? Is this a dental examination? Is there supposed to be joy here? You could have fooled me.

Oh my Lordy. Tension – fear – uncomfortableness – an enforced grin not a smile. And she is supposed to be a happy employee of the NHS

Another happy NHS employee. It looks like he has just stood on dog poo.

One on the right has a vacuous grin, the other is holding herself together for the shoot. Very much done in haste. Not much good if you cannot see the eye detail.

Why did anyone bother to even take the photo. Is she/he planning a bank robbery. Is the nurse uniform just a disguise?





Someone who has taken the trouble to actually think about whom they are photographing. Yousef Karsh

In to get my injection. I’m having new medicine which it is claimed shows improvement over the eyelea in 80% of the patients who use it. They are not doing my eye scans for three months. At the fourth appointment they will see how much improvement there has been. Today I was treated by a Philippine nurse or was it doctor called Rosslyn, a Catholic. I said that hers was a lovely name but she interpreted that as more pressure on her to live up to an image. I did not intend it that way.

She wants to go to Rosslyn in Southern Ireland. I said that she could quit easily go to southern Ireland from Belfast which of course is in Northern Ireland. She said this would violate the terms of her visa and she would be imprisoned.

To speak with my friend John on ZOOM. Alas my microphone failed for the ZOOM call so we had to resort to the telephone. I later found it was due to a calcified USB connection on my computer.  That will teach me to check equipment before each call and not take anything for granted. Things stop working suddenly.

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The reptilian agenda – how the world leaders may have been infiltrated by an evil alien blood line.
A very interesting informative video on ‘How to improve your eye health and offset vision loss.


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