Scammed? (well, they nearly got me)

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A Great Scam

It all started this last Monday when I wrote to my friend who was going to send me some computer kit. Apparently went to the post office to post this and sent me a bill accordingly. On the Tuesday morning, two days ago,  I got a text message from EVRI, a parcel delivering company, telling me that my parcel could not be delivered on the Monday since nobody was home. Strange that the note was sent before my friend posted his parcel in the afternoon.  I noticed that there was sent at 04:21 am on the Tuesday. I then got the same message at 7:24 a.m. on the same day. My suspicions were slightly aroused but I thought it was some sort of administrative glitch.

I called to the sender of my package to ask him whether the post office had used another provider and he thought that they switch providers depending on load and a number of other factors.

I then got another message on Wednesday, yesterday,  saying that my package had an attempted delivery on 13th July but ‘nobody was at home’. This was definitely  incorrect. We had arranged that the our home would  be occupied and we took turns to be ‘on duty’ so to speak.

‘They’ wanted me to pay £1.99 for a delivery charge and I had to give details of my card accordingly so to do. Since the amount was small, I complied because I wanted what I thought was my package. However there was a little bit of doubt in my mind so I used an account that was in overdraft so if anyone tried to misuse any funds they would not be successful.

I did pay last night and signed into a false portal of the delivery company. They gave me a tracking number that was not relevant. It was not recognized. It bore no relevance to the structure required by the real company. e.g. an eight figure numeric code. That was another red flag. The flags add up.

In the morning, this morning, I got a call from someone from a private number saying they were from my bank and saying that my account may have been compromised and they were just checking a payment of £877 to easy Jet. At this point my suspicions really started to get hold and I  put the phone down. The caller tried twice more and then gave up.

I had also looked on Google and typed in EVRI to see that ‘EVRI scam‘ had been typed in often enough to be selected as a frequent search subject. Another red flag.

I realized what had happened and so rang the lost or stolen number on my bank and explained the position. This was obviously not the first time they had received such a call. I cancelled the card and they will send me a new one. Not even the £1.99 taken from the account so they just said that to get hold on my details.

If I had not been waiting for what I thought was a legitimate package I would not have been suckered into this at all. The lesson for me that if  something doesn’t not make sense I should check with the source.

They get clever, these people.

My photo shoot

Scheduled for 2pm. The studio was airy, and full of equipment plus screens and computers.

Paul was very affable and welcoming and it does help that we have a common faith in our Christian beliefs. It is interesting to step into the shoes of a professional. Factors mentioned were the need for me to avoid wearing white as this will drown out the color of other clothes I might be wearing not to mention my visage. Also the need to get me in the right relaxed position so I could be myself without stressing, getting light the right intensity so that shadows are not present where they should not be and getting the background right. Should it be grey, white or black?

My role model is Samuel Pepys so I wanted him to figure on the landing page of my (this) site  somehow. As I implied yesterday I feel that the soul  can be photographed and it needs a great deal of focus on the participants to get it right. I had about 150 images made of me with various lighting levels, screens, filters etc.

After 45 minutes we felt we had done enough. I preferred the last picture that he made which I felt ‘got it’. Sometimes, you do not know it until you see it. He will present me with 10 gallery images from which I would choose one. He will then transpose my eyes, a new aspect of photographic technology, because with glasses it is more difficult to photograph the eyes as they are. Such is the magic of Photoshop.

Interestingly, he prefers to photograph in black and white and then give me both black and white copies. Historically I have always preferred black and white because I think, inter alia, that full color does too much of the work for the viewer and it is possible to  become lazy.

Tomorrow Friday I will receive a high resolution version for printing and I will also get a version for web use. All the best images ask a question. We shall see if he has caught this in me. I told him that he could see me more objectively than I could myself so I will tend to take his opinion over mine so of course the final decision must rest with me.



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