What happens when you put business cards in a washing machine

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I thought I had checked all the pockets but… obviously not. Do not try this will bank notes (though the modern plastic ones would probably survive 🙂

So, a rainy day. I think of my farmer friend Rob, desperately wanting to use his combine harvester. Where is summer?

After three years, I have still not perfected the art of making bread. This is probably because I don’t follow the instructions as I should do. This time I have tried to follow the instructions but when I do, 270 ml of water is simply not enough. I wonder if the people who produced the flour actually follow the recommendations that they themselves have written. So,  fingers crossed, I will make a halfway decent loaf, at least one that is not soggy in the middle. There is a limit to how much you can disguise mistakes by toasting.

Art classes

Francoise has just returned from her painting class and has delivered this.  They do an enormous variety of styles and the class requires homework to perfect the techniques.  Francoise says that this is not complete but I think its a pretty good attempt.
I used to draw when young but the enthusiasm  faded. I reckon I could be quite good, including drawings with perspective but …… (fill in excuses)

Word of the day

Sophistry – Dr Amit Goswami, PhD  you hear about people who can avoid discussion by seemingly rational arguments. It’s called sophistry following a Greek word from  Ancient Greek scientists, they’re called sophists and this still exists. Sophistry is a way of denying reality by giving the appearance of rationality….. hear more

And now a BBQ

The Vineyard Church has organised a barbecue for its local branches and they were about 20 of us. It started at the early time of 6pm; we arrived to find two people enthusiastically cooking meat which consisted of steakburgers, sausages and chicken legs. Due to the uncertainty of the weather the food was set up inside. Françoise made and contributed an excellent bowl of salad which we added with the two existing bowls of salad which other people have bought. Some people had bought something for sweet course so as normally happens with potluck meals, everything worked out as it should.

For some reason I was able to eat quite a large quantity of meat including the steak. I followed this by 2 or 3 cake portions. One was a Banoffee (banana and toffee cake) and the other two were chocolate.  This would normally cause me an acid stomach but funnily enough, a couple of hours later as I write, there is only a slight adverse reaction. I reckon I am finally getting better.

I love this wicker settee being reclaimed by nature.

I like to chat and catch up with people. Francoise was talking to the person who rented the farm and it’s buildings and he said they don’t make much money from the farming itself; they spend 90% of their time on the farming and earn 10% of the profit.  The other profit comes from the renting of buildings.

They are managed by the Duchy of Cornwall who inspects them once every five years and tells them what improvements have to be made. This adds to the value of the building which is factored in to a future selling price.

The Duchy looks after the structure of the building – and the ‘software’ repairs have to be meet by the tenants. The  tenants recoup their expenses minus 10% of the value when they leave the property.

Francoise was amazed to hear that their sheep wool will sell for only 10 pence per sheep and they tend to burn the wool. The fact is that the best wool is often accompanied by poor quality meat on the sheep. The tenant might look into different possibilities of using the coarse wool of his sheep, one of then is by selling it to companies doing house insulation with natural materials

My goodness what a enormous administrative machine would be required. by the Dutchy to service all their properties. They have teams of surveyors.

I’ve talked to my friend David about a recent video of Mike Adams. David is a Red Pill person and knows what is coming better than most. I said that we needed outstanding amounts of faith 24/7 and nothing must cause us to waiver.

There was chat at an adjacent table from someone who has been to a funeral of people who have no faith in eternal life and she said that the people go through the motions of celebrating but the countenances of the guests betray their real feelings. With a Christian burial involving Christian people it is a more joyous event because people know they are with the Lord in heaven.

I chatted with a very intellectual man who was a vicar and a researcher and a writer. He was the same age as myself, and we talked animatedly about many things including speech to text software the like of which I am using now. I said it would speed up his book writing by about 60% and he said he would look into it.

I asked him if he was aware of any communication with his wife who died last year. He said he did not really have much contact but when wanting to engage in the normal conversations, most about everyday matters, with he talked instead to Jesus and found this satisfying. He said it was better than ‘talking to God’. He said that God has too many connotations that make him unfamiliar. I said I found that writing my diaries also caused a relief and a working out of what I felt.

We left around 9pm. The seeing sun reflected off the corn on the fields.








A great site for food-aware readers. Wicked Leeks shows how we can eat more of the foods that we buy e.g. cauliflower – you can eat more than just the ‘flower’ bit.  How to eat from root to shoot. This could be extended to other vegs.

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