Images of London – Day Three – Brixton – The Design Museum

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This was our first real exploratory day so we decided to start our journey from East Croydon, and apologies to those who are unfamiliar with London but it is about 10 miles south of Trafalgar Square which is in the center of London. We took the 109 bus which goes through all the small towns and my old haunts (we used to live in Streatham) basically up the A23 to Brixton.

That was our first destination.


I had no particular plans for Brixton. It is famous for being the center of cultural diversity and anyone who has not been to Brixton Market should try to experience it. There are two parts to the market, one is a series of shops selling ethnic goods and food in the main and the other one is a whole series of restaurant areas where you can sample food from most parts of the world.

However, before exploring the market itself we visited an art exhibition in the local library. The person supervising the exhibition was an artist himself and I will let the works speak for themselves. The first image is that of a large square outside the Ritzy Cinema with wild grass being a feature.

ha ha reminds me of David Hockney’s ‘A Bigger Splash’.

On the notice board at the entrance to the Library. Most definitely an ethnic emphasis. What chance does a white person have.

We had lunch at a Colombian market restaurant. We had a buckwheat crepe with fried vegetables including sweet potato, sun dried tomatoes, red peppers. We rarely treat ourselves to such things.

Here below in the market I bought a lovely travel ruck-sack for £20. It had my name on it. It replaces the one I bought in Boston. Ma. USA in about 1996. I can truly say it has served me well. The last straw was when both zips broke.

The Design Museum, West Kensington

The Design Museum used to be in a rather cramped space off Tottenham Court Road but this new one has taken the place of the Commonwealth Institute and in my view it is all the better for it. There was an exhibition downstairs of Wei Wei’s prolific work  but I was on a mission to make the most of ‘free entrance London’ and there are many opportunities.

I do not know whether photographs can do justice but I will show you a small selection. First, a work called ‘toilet roll’ from Wei Wei outside the museum building.

Novel support columns (Design Centre)

3D printer

Objet D’art from the 60’s and 70’s

Need I comment?

Whilst Francoise was viewing a textile exhibition based on the modern use of the Sari (India) I walked up and down viewing the many and various Patisseries. It is difficult to get a slice of designer cake for under £5.

Just face it folks, London is an expensive place but the quality is good. It has to be otherwise the public would shun it. They have been spoiled,  you see.

We were both tired so we walked through Holland Park then starting at  Portobello tube station along  Holland Park road which had great shops and restaurants.  Thence by tube to Victoria and home.

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