Images of London – Day Seven – home run

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It take about an hour to get from Victoria Coach Station to Heathrow. We did it in 55 minutes this time but it can take over an hour in the rush hour. This photo is taken from my favourite seat, the single ‘disabled’ seat at the front.

Up at 7:30 after a restless night most of which was spent watching TV. I am truly shocked at the firm Horizon that used faulty software with their post office account. This resulted in hundreds of post office managers being falsely accused of stealing money. This has been going on for years now and the UK Post Office (chairman or on £800,000 a year) do not want to move this forward or give it any compensation to anybody.

It is a pleasure to be able to do small jobs for my sister at her house where we stayed. To stay six nights in a London Hotel would have cost at least seven hundred pounds and that with travel and so on makes the better part of a thousand pounds. We were happy to make supper for her and help her with tasks around the house. She is in her 80s now and although keen to do things is not so strong as she was physically.

Although we had not planned a lot of actions and we were not able to see one or two people that we had hoped to see, our time has magically filled itself. The weather on Saturday was not only bad for England versus Australia cricket but bad for any plans so we were able to modify our plans without difficulty.

I had mixed feelings going away from London because I had enjoyed myself so much and could have stayed a few days longer but maybe it is better to take London in little bits rather than be exposed to the higher magnetic fields not to mention 4G and 5G. I did feel a strange sort of tiredness which is a little bit like being scratched with a wire brush and I’m convinced that I was experiencing high level of electromagnetic activity. As I write this diary in the evening at home I do feel different, more relaxed.

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