Poor weather, a learning day for me and my diet

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I had a poor night last night and spent time dozing on the sofa and finding the least bad film to watch on TV. Interestingly, even if I have just one hour’s sleep even if it is in the early morning, I rise fresh and ready to go. I’m very seldom have seven hours continual sleep if only because I have to visit the loo perhaps once perhaps twice each night. I noticed that if I drink alcohol in the afternoon or evening, I need to pass urine more frequently.

Today’s forecast was not good. We have the latest depression coming across the Atlantic plus a disturbance in the jet stream, and we are getting unseasonable colder weather which for the end of July is definitely below average. Meanwhile we have these ridiculous fires and absurd claims about increases in temperature. This is more alarmist material. It just depends where you measure the temperature. What is measured on the ground it is hotter than if you measure it 2 meters from above the ground. If you tend towards being unethical you would quote the higher figure to scare people. Frightened people can be controlled and do not ask questions.

I watched a wonderful video, listed in the video library below, about a doctor who explained that many diseases are caused by wrong diet. She reminded us that digestion starts in the mouth with the release of certain enzymes and that chewing food until it is liquid is a very important part of the digestive process and prevents the buildup of acids. She also reminds us of the danger of sugar. She approves bacon, to my great relief. So its will be eggs, bacon, meat, fish, a small amount of root crops such as potatoes and the like, a little fruit, a little cheese, coconut milk.

Yesterday I was phoned up by a rather testy older woman who wanted me to do her hedges. She started off on the attack by saying ‘when are you going to come, this week, next week, this month?’ I immediately sensed that this was a problem person here however I did volunteer to come round and see her and we provisionally arranged for two pm today. At 10 minutes to 2 I phoned to say that I was coming but there was no reply. I have a motto which is words to the effect that if a job starts badly it will go on badly and I do not propose to respond to this woman save to recommend another service provider for her.

The rain continues today and it looks like it will go until later this evening. It is almost cold enough to have the central heating on…  but that is a bit pathetic for July.

Today, much was taken with the finding of not guilty for the actor Kevin Stacey. He is a very popular actor or was and nine charges of sexual molestation were found against. It is no surprise that he found it difficult to trust people. Elton John spoke on his behalf which I think is very decent of him. I hope that he is able to resume his career although it has been pointed out that in certain parts of the world, people don’t really care about such things as court cases.


TikTok video of helicopters deliberately setting fire to forests in Canada
A wonderful Dr Sarah Myhill talks with Richard Vobes about Paleo-Ketogenic s and good health. A must for everyone who eats.

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