A visit to the local minor injuries clinic + Bread making success

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Toe trouble

my toe looks like this swollen example

Nine days after the injury, my stubbed toe is still hurting. I was worried that I had broken it. I decided to go to the local minor injuries NHS  clinic based in Paulton to see what they had to say. I was prepared to walk away if there were too many in the queue but as it happens I was the only person, so after registering at the desk I walked straight in to the waiting area and after two minutes I was welcomed by a very pleasant and competent young man. He was working with an associate and they were about the same age, middle 20’s. There were no female nurses in sight which is the first time I have experienced this in many visits over the years. Just an observation.

My toe, fourth on the left foot, looks mildly swollen but nothing more but I promise you when touched it makes me jump. I needed a strong dose of common sense and perspective and this I got in spades. It was clear that nothing was broken. I was told there was no point in making an X-ray as even if there was a crack or break they would still use the same methods, taking advantage of the self-healing ability of the body.

The recipe was time and rest.

The nurse could not give me an estimate as to how long it would last because it depends on how I treat myself. He strapped my toe to its neighbor for added support. I joked with them that I needed to look after myself and I found difficulty in so doing. The meeting lasted about 10 minutes and we left on a very positive note.

We can  read horror stories about the National Health Service but parts of it work very well and this was an example. The same with my eye treatment. I must say I felt better after the visit because I was reassured that I was basically doing the right thing. I think if you feel anxious it is a good idea not to put it off or suppress it but to seek advice and if your concern is genuine you are not wasting anybody’s time.

Use and abuse of words

My friend John was told by his teacher many years ago, when he was at school, to avoid the use of the word ‘nice’ as it was too general. For everyone’s benefit Here are some suggestions:

enjoyable  pleasant   pleasurable   agreeable   delightful   satisfying
gratifying   acceptable  to one’s liking   entertaining   amusing

diverting    marvelous   good   bonny  lovely  great   subtle   fine

The English language is so rich and yet we are so lazy. I hate the modern habit of putting the word ‘like’ not as a simile but as a false and unnecessary link. It is a joy for me to hear the English language spoken coherently and when I hear it spoken, it stands out a mile like a work of art.

Baking bread -a new landmark

As we were running short of bread, I decided to bake a new loaf this time from Polish flour purchased from a shop in Shepton Mallet. I have discovered that my failures in bread making are due to having too much water. I normally use 400 grams and this time I used 300 grams. I was afraid that there would be insufficient water to be able to absorb all the flour. I have sometimes mixed bread manually but this time I used my bread maker as a mixer and it came out a nice wobbly but solid ball with nothing sticking to the edges.

I left it to rise for the best part of an hour. You are supposed to leave it until it doubles in size. I used a circular tin, the sort you would use for making cakes, with a wonderful result. It is one of the best loaves I have made and I celebrated by having it with butter and rhubarb and ginger jam-  home made of course.


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