Why does Julia Hartley-Brewer speak so fast (TalkTV)

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This morning I treated myself to a full breakfast including toast, tomatoes, eggs,, plus suitable amounts of coffee. Which is only a matter of time before I turn on the news programs not I hasten to add the BBC but TalkTV and GB news. Their turnover of advertisements has been very slow and I am fed up with seeing the same ones time after time. I wonder if they have difficulty in getting advertisers due to the nature of their content. People are scared of their own shadow these days, fear of offending people.

I have perfected the art of switching between the two channels when the advertisements come on. I can do this because they are not scheduled at precisely the same time period

GBNews for example claims an exposure of over 7 million people; I do not know whether this involves those who listen on streaming lines or those who view. See fairly optimistic article here .

Talk TV is doing less well, with the owner Rupert Murdoch demanding more views from ‘Piers Morgan’s reliant’ channel. It had its first birthday in June 2023 with ‘muted’ celebrations. Maybe 2 new TV News stations is too many.

The full phrase is: This town ain’t big enough for both of us, and it ain’t me who’s gonna leave’. It basically means- we don’t agree and we never will. One of us is going to have to back down (and it’s not going to be me)

Anyway, the original reason for writing this diary today was to talk about the one and only Julia Hartley-Brewer who is a mum with children who must wake up at some ungodly hour in the morning to prepare to be bright and breezy for an early start. This must wear her out eventually so I hope she gets adequately compensation. I believe she has just returned from holiday.

She appears on Talk TV. I am not her number one fan for interviewing style. She may or may not know a lot about the subject but too often uses this as a platform to display her own views, not letting the unfortunate ‘interviewee’ do more than string a few sentences together before jumping into confirm, underline or in some cases contradict what they have said.

There is something not quite right with her thinking. She seems to want to deliver ideas faster and faster as words tumble out of mouth. She seems desirous of making as many points as she can, displaying her entire mental inventory to show how much she knows.  Finally she says ‘do you agree with me or not?’  Too often I see the interviewee in a semi frustrated state, powerless to resits this torrent, to be followed by… well unfortunately we have run out of time.  Yeas, right, but why???

If I were in the position of the interviewee I would tell her as that she seems to know all about the subject anyway, call it a monologue and let her get on with it. I honestly wonder if  she knows what she is doing.  I guess that as she is popular,  the producers are somewhat afeared of stepping in.

In summary, you cannot be the interviewer and the interviewee at the same time.

Incidentally, Julia was talking to Richard Tice, founder of the Reform Party. He talked 100% common sense and pro-people sentiments. They have 100,000 registered supporters, probably not enough to attract the attention of those in the shadows who would subvert, bribe, threaten or blackmail. Nigel Farage is leading the way towards more protest (peaceful of course). We need 10,000 Farages and then the ‘powers that be’ would have to take notice. As it says in the Bible ‘No man can serve two masters. He will either love one or hate the other, or hold to one and despise the other’.  We, the ‘useless eaters’, are the despised ones.

I have signed up to the Hatchard Report, a well based and independent commentary on social and political change. May they thrive.


If you have heard of Gregg Braden you will love this way way out video of his work. attitudes, vision, reach, brain power.  It lasts a over an hour so get your pop corn and settle down.


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