Big surprise! Is it possible to have a day when ‘nothing happens’?

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Certainly, nothing is happening for this aristocratic young lady. She is suffering from ennui (boredom).
The only task I had today was talking to my web support techie about this website that you are reading now. We agreed that the work would be done tomorrow Thursday.

I had a 2:00 p.m. booked via Skype with someone who did not show up. Apparently he had to take a friend to the airport. Fair enough.

What is ‘nothing?’

It may be that what we conceive as ‘gaps’ and ‘downtime’ and our more obvious external activities falsely. We should perhaps re-frame them not as a vacuum but as a time for recreation, renewal, reconstruction and contemplation. Save one visit to the local shops, I have remained indoors. Usual depressing news : People are asking that in view of the fact that HS2 will not be available till 2041 and may not even  terminate in London after all,  should it not be scrapped?

I feel like we are a ship without a rudder at the moment. Is there anyone in public life with balls?

There are always things around the house, priority list, including filing and tidying that can be turned into an art form of their own. My decision is somewhat helped because the rain is unremitting, the morning started bright enough but by 10 o’clock the clouds came over and now as I write, thank you jet stream, we are getting autumnal weather here on the first or second of August when Southern Europe is enjoying normal temperatures. I suppose we can blame it still on climate change but then as I have said before the climate as always changed and will always change.

I read that Jesus was led by the spirit into the wilderness for 40 days during which he consumed very little food including locusts and honey. No internet, no books, no stimulus of any kind and yet he presumably communicated with his father, and with a natural world, and telepathically with the people he had met so that was probably not a waste of time. Oh, and one m ore thing.  He had to prepare for the tempter to come and offer all sorts of temptations . How is this for a temptation ! If you are the Son of God, command that these stones become loaves of bread. That’s a difficult one to turn down if your vision is not of the highest order.

I watched a very interesting technical video this morning from a Russian scientist who says there is very little difference between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated due to the fact that everyone breathes in nano particles without being aware of it. This does behoove us to take care of ourselves by having vitamin C and basically keeping our bloodstream pure and free of contaminant and adjuvants.

I bought a piece of Swiss German technology called the Bemer machine which vibrates at such a rate as to loosen the blood particles to make sure they float along the blood vessels more effectively and this will certainly be a counter action to the coagulance (is that a word?)  that is part and parcel of the weaponized mRNA technology which some people call a vaccine.

I’m a little concerned about my eyes. It is difficult to focus on small type especially in the morning and at any time I do need a bright background but I can still read say 6pt type so it’s actually not that bad. I might use the rest of today to catch up on various books I started to read and then abandoned. It is very seldom that I read a book from cover to cover in a day. Some may be not my style, some are not as interesting as I thought from the subject matter point of view, others I consume with the enthusiasm of a child eating a ice cream.

I received a call on my mobile with a Cardiff prefix. I do not answer calls if I do not recognize the number. If they want to speak to me they can leave a message. If in doubt I type in ‘Who calls me’ followed by the number and I normally find it has been searched for hundreds of times and it is some sort of selling organisation. When I find this out I put a block on the number. Unfortunately, some of the operators call from various numbers. On my landline if it is a private number I will not answer. If it is a number starting 0203 which is a non- geographical phone number I never answer them. Some people think it is a part of London for which the prefix is 020.

On this topic, someone on a local neighbourhood group warned us of a scam where a very human sounding person called Jeff asks you questions and if you answer yes, they ask you other questions. The aim is to learn your voice so that impersonation can take place and the automatic voice detection system of some banks will be fooled. As scams go that sounds quite sophisticated and it reminds us that these scammer  do keep up with the times. Strangely the person who wrote the warning apologized for the length of their post and I wrote back to say that the length was not the key factor because it was eclipsed by the importance of the subject matter

I saw an interesting video where operators of heavy machinery are trained in the same way that airline pilots are trained namely with screens that show 180 degree vision, real controls of a power lifter or other heavy vehicle and the operators can practice virtually without fear of damaging anything.

I was also engaged in the conversation with someone who had written to his group using CC not BCC. It does bother me when people publicize my email address because it can be picked up and used by unscrupulous people who want to sell me things. It does not matter whether the cause is worthy, as in this case being a 5G matter, it is just not internet protocol to include the addresses of every one on your mailing list. Three people complained and we got a half apology from the sender who it seems from his tone still has to learn his lesson. Having said all that, I admit to having done this in my early days so as they say, he who is perfect cast the first stone.

Today is the day when I can no longer put off going through piles of paper and sorting them in meaningful order. It is a question whether they will ever been needed again but you never know. Someone said, there is a time for everything, for everything there is time.

I have just written a long letter to a retired doctor who performs well on alternative matters political and existential. I do not know why I wrote it but it was waiting to be written so I assume that when I get the impulse to do something there is a reason for it. I do not question it.

He wrote a paper a few years ago called the Principles of Health which I reproduce here

  1. Knowing ourselves, what are values are
  2. Proactive learning about health, as harmony of mind, and being
  3. Nurturing ourselves – and our bodies which are our vehicles, with high quality nutrition, fresh air, and time in nature
  4. Appreciating that regular deposits into the’ bank of health’ are what keeps us  healthy in the long term – being Proactive!
  5. Keeping life in balance in all aspects
  6. Understanding mammalian physiology of stress, stress- performance curves
  7. Understanding psychological health, and nurturing our relationships
  8. Learning healthy boundaries – this is not easy  for many of us who are either ‘little pleasers’ at one end of the spectrum or who are driven by inner determination at the other end
  9. Understanding sensitive empathic people and their particular skill-sets and needs
  10. Paying attention to our purpose and life and our spirituality
  11. Healing negative thought forms especially fears and resentment. Especially sabotaging is ‘I don’t want to be here from childhood or other times
  12. Loving our job,  loving everything, and keeping all in balance
  13. Coaching ourselves and colleagues to achieve this
  14. Ensuring organizations support these attitudes

If that is not a full deck of cards I don’t know what is but it certainly something to aim for or at least have in the background. I wrote to him reflecting on the need to look at our priorities as well as  important elements in our life. Once we do something that causes a feeling that we are doing work and we count the hours,  then perhaps this is no longer right for us.Are there are some tasks that we can delegate or simply leave to others.

Anyway I wrote the letter to this doctor as a work of art and I do not associate myself or have any dependency upon his reply whether it is through the airwaves or in the form of an email or not at all. It is not my business what the reaction is, in the same way that an artist paints a picture, because it is in them.

I am a great believer in putting it out there, unconditionally. Does God love us conditionally?

So, my perception of ‘nothing to do’ was incorrect. There was lots to do, and think, and write. I just had to go into a different gear.

Oh, before I go, there is a very interesting article called ‘10 tips for what to do when you have nothing to do’ by Rita Watson MPH



I have always been fascinated by past lives and their recurrence in present lives scenario.  Ian Stevenson was only one of many who researched this.  Have a look at this article about childrens’ recollections.
A lovely mickey-take by Lotus Eaters with Andrew Bridgen about the way the BBC exaggerate the weather temperatures.

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