What does it mean to care?

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Ominous Sky

To me this is a reflection of our times. The sun is shining but there are dark clouds on the horizon.  Possible lock downs to come. Not good.


Today I had a philosophical chat with my friend John. We were talking about understanding or should I say comprehension which is a slightly more sophisticated word but then we moved on to another topic – caring and love

I joked with John that one of my longest diary entries was on a day that I entitled ‘is it possible to do nothing?’. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Brian: trying to understand life on a material level is a bit like being familiar with two stories of a nine story building. You never get the full picture.

John: For example in medicine, they don’t do it holistically. They don’t realize that there’s a consciousness that is independent of these various mechanistic functions. That consciousness is capable of cleaning itself out if it wants to. The problem is that a vast number of people are unable to do this or be aware of it so they are on a slippery slope to becoming increasingly held by a molecular mechanism.

Brian: Even the thought of being healed has a power of its own. Fear leads to a false self imprisonment. I should be even more optimistic than I am at the moment

John – While we are still free we have the capability of doing anything

Brian- I want to talk about love. I think it’s more than emotions. It’s actually a presence of mind which is far deeper than any emotion you could have.

John – Emotions are the translation of the restricted interpretation of an overall caring function. It is restricted because separate emotions is like shining white light through a prism. You’re going to get a variety of different effects from the same thing. The overarching concept is caring.

The emotions are what happens when you shine it through all the prisms of life, into a brain format of feeling this way or that way and that. Caring is emotionless in its way although it’s a primary emotion; it is the concept which is a fundamental property of a living thing. Caring is an original function of what we call a soul.

Brian -so caring is the carrier wave.

John – Caring is the function that if everything comes from one thing caring is the gravity if you like, It’s not the same as gravity but it’s the glue that puts everything back together. Love itself is a larger concept not an individual perspective.

Brian – Caring is actually compassion in action and one of the effects is let us say an interference pattern which we would describe as the emotion of love.

John – We translate it into a personalized function because we’re individuals and therefore we’re using that function,  so caring in our perspective is an outward function. It is what you do to others. There is caring and of course (in the course of life) there is hating. Hating is when we try to restrict others. It’s a negative function.

Hatred or hate is an intense negative emotional response towards certain people, things or ideas, usually related to opposition or revulsion toward something. Hatred is often associated with intense feelings of anger, contempt, and disgust. Hatred is sometimes seen as the opposite of love

Brian – (about publishing these thoughts) My overall aim in these discussions and indeed all real live meetings is to provoke people into thinking, and considering,  in ways they would not normally do. Our task in these conversations is to help consciousness of the population rise in subtle ways. Plenty of people go on marches and attend demonstrations. This is not my style though maybe it is cowardliness.

Brian – Let’s talk about this other level of consciousness which means you can cancel out the effect of of entropy. We all know about eternal souls but if I’m to give practical advice to people who might benefit what do I say.

John – positive thought … people say that if they actually visualize the cancer in their mind they make it go away if they continuously think that they want the thing to go away, it often does. Mind over matter is a real effect. It’s claimed not to be by ‘the science’ but it is it’s very powerful thing and that’s one example of it.

The placebo effect is another.

Brian – I thought you were going to say cancer and sugar because isn’t is not sugar the main contributor to cancer.

John – it’s one possible cause. It makes it worse – defective mitochondria and therefore it’s only got glycolysis so it is a defective mitochondria which means you have glycolesis (the breakdown of glucose by enzymes, releasing energy and pyruvic acid) so it takes all the sugar out these system. So if you deprive the body of sugar it’s less able to grow so that’s not the only thing. What I was talking about is a positive attitude not molecular. This ‘attitude’ treatment IS thought. The key thing is to incorporate the dynamic of thought into our change paradigm plans.

Brian – When you are dead, you do not think, you are just thought. When you die, thoughts are the only thing you can take with you. You cannot change. It’s a bit like being in a river with no paddle.


Brian – As for loneliness, think there is a big element of laziness in this and people should just get on with things. That was a hymn somewhere that said ‘live each day as if thy last’ and I do try to do this, it keeps me buoyant.

This is a famous quote with many off-shoots.

Live each day as if it were the last day of your life because, so far, it is. Live each day as if it were your last. Learn as if you would live forever. Remind yourself of all the things you love about life, stay in touch with your loved ones and friends, and do what your own heart tells you to.

Reflections at the Recycle Centre

A philosophical point occurred to me when I was taking garden rubbish to the recycled centre here in Midsomer Norton. I am at an age now where people think I might need help with tipping a large bag over into the metal containers. A man asked me if I wanted help and I replied, ‘no thank you I am okay’. I was not just saying this out of politeness, I was saying it because the weight was not as bad as it looked and I need to do something to keep myself physically fit.

I am concerned that I may have put this good Samaritan off from asking other people because in his mind an offer of help has been linked with a rejection. Should I have accepted the help because it was given even though I did not need it.

I take the same view when I’m in London on the subway or tube as we call it. Actually I prefer to stand up but people want to offer their seats. The same principle applies. Am I putting people off volunteering to give up their seats because I say no.   Do comment in the comments section if you wish.

To Halfords

There is nothing like a forthcoming longer drive to stimulate a checking of my motor vehicle. Apart from filling up with oil, power steering and windscreen washing I had to replace a tyre that for reasons of bad tracking had worn on one side. Warning lights appeared on my dashboard so I had to go to Halfords to get some new bulbs. They have a scheme where the company will on demand replace small items like bulbs and fuses for a small amount of money, a fiver or so.

The closest to immortal life since the Morris 1000?

The sales person was having difficulty with the computer system. It took forever to work. He said it was the same system that was installed 25 years ago. This almost beggars belief but he was not the sort of person who would deceive me. We joked about Volvo’s being immortal and he said that his own Volvo was disposed of only when it reached 165,000 miles. My Volvo is at 82,000 miles so plenty to go. Fingers crossed of course. Once a Volvo driver, always a Volvo driver. Is it an addiction?


Why AMISH children have almost no disease or mental health problems. An eye opener from the Health Ranger Report.

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