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In December 2022, 92-year-old Mathea Allansmith crossed the Honolulu Marathon finish line in 11:19:49, becoming the oldest woman to have ever completed a 26.2-mile race. She surpassed the former record holder, Harriette Thompson, by 3 months

Debate on the 666 car

Brian – Re the picture of the car I sent to you.  I’ve never seen such a full-on six six six Mark of the Beast car in my life.  I consider it a work of art.  And  there are two sides do every coin and I wish the person had come back. He wasn’t there after my appointment.  I wanted to engage him from the non spiritual non judgmental point of view and just talk to him. He (or she?) is full on. Those people who preach ‘Jesus saves you’ they’re also full on. Good for them.  We need extremes. There is too much cowardliness and blandness and political correctness. I wasn’t going to judge the person before I had met them. I see this as an example of the human condition, something we can learn from. Should we seek to learn only from the good?

Discussion with John

Please note this is two sessions dovetailed into one.  The material is not easy and there is some disjointedness.  Please read through carefully and you will reap the benefit.  If in doubt write to me.

My son Mark sent me this amazing book  called Human consciousness and our World Order and these paragraphs really jumped out at me because so many points resonated. I feel there is stuff to unpack.

God is spirit and we all have this same spirit within every fiber of our being. This sacred most powerful essence reacts to your thoughts and feelings which creates coherence and the activity in the quantum field, which is God, and it vibrates back to you what you are in the moment. This is real prayer, not praying to an entity by begging. Have you noticed, this has never worked?

We must all become what we desire and we can do this with meditation or this specific type of prayer. I am. Simple and Powerful.  I am.  Speak, believe, become, with real Intent. You must feel the emotions and the answer is there.  

Living in the density of the three dimensional duality  creates the illusion in our being separate. But rather there is one spirit expressing with free will. Understanding this fully will assist all of us with peace, forgiving, unity and our place in the cosmos

The activity is in the quantum field so it’s assuming a  good source and feelings as far as well as it should it not be which can create coherence and the activity.

John –  molecules at that level don’t vibrate.  God is stillness.

Brian – How can you have information packed into stillness.

John – there is no information in stillness.  Information is a three dimensional manifestation of unpacked thought.  There’s no such thing as information. It is evil stuff because it’s a duality.

Brian – you are making me momentarily uncomfortable John

John – Books like you are quoting from sound lovely but they’re full of fluff as the deeper understanding of the logic of all of this is missing.  It’s quite clear from that paragraph.

Brian – This is real prayer not praying to an entity by begging but I agree with what we discussed  before. ‘Have you noticed this has never worked?” So are you saying from the first paragraph that because someone hasn’t got the full picture the result will always be fractured

John – Not necessarily. People say really nice things in books. Others believe them and they do good works because of it. There’s nothing really wrong with that. If one is to say ‘you know we’re getting really deep here’ and this they vibrate back to you.  It doesn’t essentially. You become resonant with it which is sort of the same thing. All things are vibrations away from God so you can say that something close to God is doing that.   If God is the only still point, then everything that is not God vibrates.

When you are praying  to an entity you are in effect praying to your Higher Self because you have a representation of all levels back to God. You are appealing to your Higher Self to give you a higher bandwidth of knowledge.

Brian :  I will try and communicate with my evangelical friends. I don’t think they will take to it immediately.

John : Breadth of Knowledge – There is a previous version of you and because it is timeless it is still there in a way which represents being closer to God, and less vibration and when you pray to that via a resonant process you are effectively recalling that the level of understanding that you had previously but you lost.  Because it is timeless it is always going to be there as a representation of what led you down that path. You are appealing to it. The resonance between you and your Higher Self will enable you to have  wider perspective on whatever problems you might have or others may have.

Brian – So we are re-membering.

John – you have to look at something from both sides of an argument in order to see it.  What people tend to do is to anthropomorphize God or spiritual behaviours. They also take the living process and then translate everything they discover about spirit on to a molecular set of mechanisms  which we call a body. The two don’t fit.  You cannot explain something in terms of the way molecules move. It wont work.

Brian – so that is reductionism ad absurdum

John – absolutely. You have got to understand the body as a function of a living process which means you have to understand what a living process is.  Otherwise you end up with confusion which is what science has currently which is that artificial intelligence  which to them is quite capable of generating intelligence and it is not.

Brian – so it is tail wagging the dog

John – you cannot map something ephemeral on to something physical.

Brian – why do we say that something close to God is doing that.

When two people interact, your vibration interacts with their vibration but a resonance is more a function of those vibrations. Similar people will like similar people. The same with responding to magnetic fields.

God himself is just stillness. God is the only still point. When we say that something is close to God we are a representation of all levels back to God so really your appealing to our higher selves is to give you a wider bandwidth of knowledge.

John – all these things we discuss are in fact single perspectives of a much bigger picture.  We need to concatenate these perspectives.

Brian – without spirit there is no way you can  get the bigger picture.

John  – you ned da belief in that wider perspective in order to be able to understand what it may be able to inform you of.

Brian – so 999 praying does not really work

John – it does not go anywhere except yourself but yourself extends to God so it goes quite a long way.

Brian – I find that Americans pray only in case of financial or health difficulty.

John – absolutely this goes to the level at which it is understood which means it is effectively not even leaving their heads. They are not getting out of the level they are in. It is quite an important point to try to understand but it has to be looked at from both perspectives.

Brian – all you are seeing from God’s perspective is people opening themselves up. They said ‘would you be so kind as to’ or ‘ please’ ….

John – God is more a concept because it is really the summation of everything including that which is not God.

That is what we are about. That is what the universe is. So, if God is everything, all absolutes rolled into one, there is one thing it cannot be, and that is something that which is not ‘it’.  That is why all singularities have to have a duality.  They have to have an opposite.  Between the two poles is everything else.  We are currently viewing things from the perspective of ‘everything else’.  So we are outside both ends.

Brian – so it is false relativity.

John – that is why you need to change your perspective. If you change your perspective to encompass everything, then you will be in the perspective of God.  If you do it from you, you only have a perspective of the part.  Looking at God. So God becomes part of something else apart from you.  In the Bible Jesus says ‘ye are gods and ye know it not’. What that means is that really the whole of what we consider to be existence is really a perspective and that’s why we have this other term in Aramaic called metanoia,  which reflect ‘ change  your mind in other words the whole thing is this viewpoint to point of view. Also your perspective, your point of view can encompass these wider stories, The wider collections and effectively that then through this process of resonance brings people together because you’ve got to bear in mind they all started in the same place.

Brian – So not doing that it makes you in a prison of yourself really

John – absolutely.   separation. People are just causing more separation. There’s no dynamic or horrible mystery it’s just fragmentation. The opposite is togetherness, bringing people together so rather than being religious it becomes a logical perspective to do such a thing.

The concept of the goody goody in that sense is really the act of bringing stuff together as opposed to separating and really this is the only choice in everything you do. That’s all you have got. Action and what it does. It subtracts or adds. You are the summation of everything you’ve ever done towards either pole. If you move towards the additive process  then when you die you’re going to go to a more additive interface if you like where things are more cohesive as opposed to where things are more enforced and separate.

Brian –  but as we said with our analogy last time in death we are in a river without the Paddle there’s not much you can do when you when you leave this life is there except observe.

John – no, you will then have the consequence of what you are and if you do not reach one of the interfaces then you come back and do it again.  That is what ‘life’ is for.  Life is really a function of death.  We put all our emotions on things like life and death but in fact they are just phases of each other. Death is where you bring everything together that you have done.  We will see what the summation is and what needs to be done about this.  Then you plan another life where you can best resolve those restrictions that you have.  ‘Life’ is how you package one into the other. Life is a combination of spirit, that which is dead  to a living person. In other words it is continuous.

Brian – karma is not a bitch it is a mirror

John – what they are trying to do is to sell immortality like selling ice creams to eskimo.  You are taking in immortal person and try to make them physically immortal through the AI process. It is complete rubbish.

Brian – some scientists get very googly eyed about A1 but it is a trap. It is the mind set that goes with it.

John – I have lots of technology but the question is do you use it because you love it or do you do it because you can write stuff, talk to people etc. If you use it as a functional tool, technology is neutral.

Most of the other stories are within the purview of uniting or separation.

Brian – this was the’ still small voice’ that was referred to in the New Testament.

John – So the trick to this is to reduce the vibration rather than increase it, Vibration carries force or the prelude to force.  That is why all things -electromagnetic for instance – carry force

Brian –  so when people say  I get good vibes out of this what do they really saying? are they saying I’m getting a relief from the force within me.

John –  no,  something resonates with you or cancels out your vibration, then you’re more peaceful state than when you started.

Brian – If I was a car enthusiast and was with other car enthusiasts I would feel I’d arrived.

John –  Yes absolutely.  It doesn’t mean it right in that you’ve got to have the compass for that sense,  we look at the directions so resonance is one thing you can actually feel really good. If you’ve got heaviness in you and you go to a rock concert you’re going to feel much more resonant in a rock concert with that vibrational field then you would in a peaceful place which would set up a massive tension.

Peace will not pervade where free will will not let it.  It creates a tension.  You know you find that some people will go to really nice places and go absolutely loopy.

Brian – I went to a place with no phone signal. It was the St Fagus Museum in Wales. I found was very ‘light’ to be in and I looked at my signal meter and it was below average and I felt that I’d lost about half a stone in weight. I felt different and I had to phone Graham my friend in some shock because I realized what a burden I normally carry. I know that people suffer when they go under a power line.

There is no escape I mean maybe I should paint my walls with special repelling paint but then I’ve got to go out so it doesn’t really solve it does it anyway.

John –  there is resonance here which can give you a sort of plus or minus feeling within your own being but then there is the direction in which that feeling is projected that actually gives you permanence or increased force. You can be highly enforced so if you go to a highly enforced place you’re actually going to feel better because it vibrates back to you what you are in the moment which is what this excerpt above is saying.

Brian – When it says in and the second paragraph ‘we must all become what we desire. In other words is that a law?

John –   it is the consequence of free will

Brian –  we can do this with meditation  or this specific type of prayer I am…

John –   you can do it just by living because your free will is mind over matter and it’s operating constantly. You always are what you want to be.

Brian –  the idea of treasure in heaven is a bit beguiling but it’s really being in heaven permanently by imitating what it’s like to just be.

Brian –  and this is too simple to be true John. I want things to be complicated and beat myself up when I fail.

John –  it all gets a bit sort of fluffy when you read stuff like this.  I mean it’s not the stuff like that it’s necessarily wrong or bad it’s just that it sort of you know gets you into the wrong conclusions like you need to do meditation.

John – You have just got to live.

But if you live in a way which reduces vibratory fields then your realizations are going to be higher. The concept of the meditation is really to exclude the physical

Brian – I’ve really got to think about that one.  I realized that I’ve got so many bad habits over the years. They are not bad enough to disable me but they’re bad enough to prevent progress because it’s comfortable to stay with what I know.  It’s almost comfortable being uncomfortable you can say but I didn’t know I was uncomfortable until I met someone who was really at peace

John –  a lot of the things we think we know. When we really do analyze them and we start to realize that they are they are stopping us they are restrictions in a way.

Brian – ..Living in the density of the three-dimensional duality creates the illusion of our being separate … rather there is one spirit expressing with free will.  Understanding this fully will assist all of us and our place in the cosmos. Well I think that’s maybe the best of the three paragraphs?

John – do you feel separate?

Brian – No, actually

John- so its an illusion then. You have got a lot of people wandering around now clearly and observationally separate from  that perspective. They’re not separate from the perspective of soul so in other words it’s quite right that there is one spirit expressing with… it’s not one free will, it’s broken free will it’s every every individual – every point in space has free will that where it’s being observed to be that. So you do have individuality as an expression through free will. You have separateness but that separateness….. This is why one has to work to bring it together. You cannot say ‘ oh it is all an illusion so lets all get together and be fluffy.   You have work to do because you have put force into what you are like now.

Brian – Yes I have to get the formula right and I get the illusion of separateness more often  when I am with people who are not on the wavelength; and when I’m talking to you or for example Françoise  I don’t feel separate.

John –  separation is a function of this three-dimensional aspect and I don’t know what they mean by a duality in this case I think they may be accidentally right because in fact there are two sides of a moebius strip.

Brian – I’ve written ‘authenticity fires my engine up’.  This happens when someone says something that’s really true for them. It rings like a bell and I immediately want to react and respond.  I realize that I don’t respond to some people because they’re just speaking or mouthing and it bears no relationship to their energy or their inner core.

John – That is about their capability. They are too restricted

Brian –  what proportion of  the population do you think are restricted?

John  – well you could say that everybody is restricted otherwise we wouldn’t be here.  Jesus said ‘cast not pearls before swine’. In other words don’t bother yourself with these people because it’s a waste of time and you’ll find that probably 90% of people in this country are in that sort of state. They have not got a clue.

Brian – but is the desire to have a clue absent anyway?

John  – yes, otherwise they would question it so most people don’t question anything.

Brian – People still go around with masks and they look sad but it’s a waste of my time to ask them why they’re wearing a mask. We saw maybe a dozen people on our trip to Cardiff.

John –  You get a whole range. You get quite a percentage who are very nice people but if you question them on a nitty gritty of multiple universes and different spirituality they don’t have a clue.  ‘I went to church once’.  They really can’t get it –  the idea that consciousness and free will imply mind over matter. It is well beyond them.

Brian – I can’t take humanity for more than a couple of hours per day then I want to run away.

John – me to. I don’t even go down the pub any more. They all talk nonsense and I just sit there becoming bored plus a beer is so expensive.

Brian – coming back to this guy with the the car, if you saw him would you speak to him?

John – yes

Brian –  good. I’m glad because what I want to meet someone who’s far out. Good and evil exists in the world and I bet people write him off because of his car.

John –  he might just be doing it for a laugh or a wind up, Nobody who really understood the meaning of those things would do that.

Brian – with my eye situation, what impressed me most about the hospital (RUH) was the sense of hospitality amongst the staff. The consultant doctor examined me and then he conferred with a senior consultant in front of me but at very high speed full of jargon.  I could just about catch it and it was interesting and comforting.  The system ensures that two people agree before going ahead. They agreed that within three months I should have a cataract done. I got my original eylea put back on my prescription.

Microscopy and artifacts – the truth revealed.

My long standing friend John who is a scientist for 40 years standing now considers and criticizes a video that I previously sent him on dark field microscopy and what was found. The video was: https://www.bitchute.com/video/pK7CsWByZM53/

There are several really big problems with it and one is the nature of the microscope.   It is not a fancy microscope.  You can turn any microscope into a dark field microscope by putting a little piece of paper over the object lens

As a fancy piece of kit it’s it’s a nice little technique is dark brown microscopy but  she’s saying ‘okay well we can go up to incredibly high power’ but in fact looking at those particles it’s a reasonable power so I think she’s using a 100x lens which means that she’s got a potential around 2,000 times magnification but it might only be in the few hundred.

The other thing is that to use objectives like that (The object lens is the thing that looks at the specimen)  and you you’re looking through the eyepiece and so you multiply one of these factors together.(to be corrected)

in order to see … so you have basically you’ve got your specimen  sitting on a slide. You put a cover slip on top of it and because it’s liquid it will slide around so some people will look at that and go okay and they would try to what I used to do is to put nail polish around the edge. You can get proprietary materials which do the same thing and that holds the cover slip in place and seals the liquid in.

 I don’t know whether they did that some people will actually just put a cover slip on and then bring the objective lens down on it but if you’ve got to use oil to get the high power you’ve now got two liquids,  a cover slip and a slide.

Brian – So these are going to produce artifacts

John – yes because every time you move the focus, that will move the objective  down slightly so as soon as you do that you are applying or taking away admittedly small pressure from the cover slip because you’ve got oil there which is sticky so you’re pulling and compressing just a little bit even if you surround the cover slip with plastic you’re going to get a flexing of the glass on the liquid. That causes movement within the specimen.

So you’re going to see the liquid flow so then within the lift you’ve got  particles suspended within the liquid and they are going to appear to flow in a particular direction based on where those forces are compressing it.

I’ve seen this phenomenon many thousands of times and it’s a real horrible problem when you’re trying to track articles that will move away from you because you’re changing the pressure compared with not having that oil drop and then pushing on it.

Brian –   what about the little ones that look like lights going up?

John –  that’s a phenomenon called refractility. When you shine light from the side which is what dark field microscopy does it doesn’t shine the light directly on it so it looks like you’ve got a dark background as you look directly down it the light is coming from the sides. What happens is that whether it is protein molecules or anything crystalline, anything that’s semi transparent – dust will do this – the light will start to spark off surfaces where it hits a shiny surface of any form.

Therefore as the object is moving up and down in the focal plane and rotating,  it will start to shine light, to  reflect light off in different directions and some of those directions will point towards the eyepiece and you’ll actually see it flash.  It’s a reflection of light. Its not like electronic lights.

The researcher made another assumption that this is metal because it looks like metal. In all those studies that was not one definitive test for the materials that she said they were.   The other thing is that she said the spike  protein was 168 Daltons. That is its molecular weight  which is about the size of a glucose molecule.

A protein is tens of thousands times bigger than that so typical protein is anywhere between 20,000 Daltons  and a million so she didn’t understand the units basically, which are molecular weight.  She  did an experiment where she  had three tubes with blood and she showed that if you didn’t do anything to the blood you’d get this clot.  In fact that is what happens to blood if you don’t  anti-coagulate it.  Then it forms a thing called serum and that blobby stuff is in fact fibrin which I spent 40 years working on.

I worked on the structure of that topic. The difference with the covid vaccine induced clot is that it’s got a slightly different structure and that makes it less receptive to the bodies bio chemistry and that’s the real problem with the stuff.   It’s not that it’s that gloopy stuff which  is a normal reaction.  Then she said  ‘if we put this EDTA in it which is a collating agent, that takes away the calcium. The calcium is necessary for that clotting to occur then it is not going to clot, so she is dead on.

She also said something interesting which I’m quite interested in. I haven’t checked it out yet, and that is that Vitamin C did the same thing in other words it behaved as an anti-coagulant.   I think that’s because what she did was to increase the ionic strength so that you wouldn’t get a polymerization of the clot,  so I think she was working in fields that you know is this type of process.   There is nothing wrong with any of that and therefore most of those claims were just really explanation of normal processes.

Brian – So she was a well-meaning person partly qualified but lacking certain parts of the jigsaw puzzle

John – I think so. That’s why I’m going into so much detail here for trying to explain it. It’s not as you really did anything but a lot of people including Dr. Carrie Madej and many others. They’ve looked at these basic microscopy things and they see something moving and turning and rotating and proteins when they when they start to agglomerate especially in solutions. It depends if there’s enough salt in there they’ll start to clump  together and because they’ve actually got specific structures to them they’ll actually start to form these little networks.

You can interpret them to be little electronic structures you know I mean she did mention one paper that showed the proteins can in fact generate electronic circuits because of the way proteins work, and that’s a very interesting paper but she was not observing it here,

Brian –  would you disagree with Dr. Carrie Madej that self-assembly circuits are being produced?

John – currently I would although I cannot rule out further evidence which would show it, In all the microscopy I have looked at,  I don’t think that the technology is of sufficient standard to definitively determined those statements.

Brian- But what about La Quinta Columna  in Spain? They seem to be pretty ‘up there’

John – I looked at all. I mean the level of microscopy really just isn’t there in my opinion. I was Deputy Head of the Imaging Unit in Oxford University and I had a little field of microscopes around me and that was 10 million pounds. You can do studies with that but you cant do it with little basic microscopes. You cant call something a metal when it clearly isn’t.

Another thing they talk about is that something is a carbon nano fiber including graphene.  There’s no clear demonstration chemically or with Ramen spectroscopy that that really is. The problem is that even Ramen spectroscopy if you got proteins there you’ve got plenty of carbon.

It’s going to be very very difficult. You need to do ultra microscopy on the thing to actually see whether or not you got a flat sheet of carbon there.

Brian – but 5G has the ability to interact with so-called graphene…

John –  graphene is used a lot in antennas. The presence of graphene –  now I’m not rolling it out. All I arguing with is the way which is being measured. –  I don’t think it’s definitive.

Brian – so are people jumping ahead  for publicity self publicity reasons without doing the full checks?

John – absolutely. You need a lot more science behind claims like that. You actually have to take out the samples and run them through Ultra advanced electron microscopy to determine that those shapes are in fact viable electronic circuit. They look like electric circuits. In science that is not really good enough.

I’m not saying definitely as they may well be putting stuff in there but the way in which it’s being reported by these people is insufficient to definitively characterizing

Brian – I think the same way thing is has happened with shedding . There’s much more evidence for now they’re…

John – shedding is a natural process that has been going over tens of thousands of years and its how communication and progression happens between human beings anyway in fact all animals.

Brian –  that’s the basis of dogs sniffing  because they if there was no shedding they couldn’t detect anything

John –  Does my criticism make sense to you?

Brian –  I’ve got the glorious situation of not relying on my salary which I don’t get anyway.  All I’m concerned with is putting the mix in and I understand that it my web site not everything will be correct but if I can get people just to think about the topic then that will achieve a lot.

John – We could take this work a lot further. The problem is that they’re underfunded. To do that you need very expensive equipment to fully molecularly analyze anything.  I had access to all of that one point so that’s why I know about what you are reading so if people make an observation like that, you think ‘what the hell are these things?’Let us  put them into our advanced devices which can look at them under far more detail and far more rigid control.

Brian – but if I apply for a grant under the LGBT understanding and inclusion and I get a grant. The terms of reference of the grant will determine who is  able to be involved.

John –  where you need a electron microscope so those are around half a million

Brian – that’s not the sort you can hire for the day.

John – you can actually get time on microscopes like that but it’s still quite expensive.  I am not attacking these people it’s just that they are jumping the gun.

Brian – Is it nativity  do you think?

John – yes, but all these people are not real scientists. They might have a degree in it or a master’s degree or even sometimes if you had a PhD you wouldn’t start saying something like ‘it is 160 Daltons’  unless you have the PhD in which case she would be a bit nuts.

Brian – what’s the relationship between a Dalton and nanometer

John – a nanometer is a measure of length and a Dalton is a measure of weight. 1 Dalton is the weight of a single hydrogen atom. This is the standard.

Brian – You can hardly weigh it on your average kitchen scale  – so do they do it by inference?

John – That’s where she got the 168 from. 168 is very small. A sugar molecule like glucose it is in fact 180,  and she’s claiming 184 for a protein which is made up of over a hundred amino acids. Each amino acid is approximately 300 Daltons so what she is saying is impossible.

Brian – it’s a bit like Chinese Whispers it sounds to me

John – if you’re a scientist you can spot that immediately

Brian –  which in the field I mean we got Sucharit Bhakdi, you’ve got John Ioannidis.   we got so many of them that are really dedicated. Who do you reckon is among your top ten of scientists.

John – Ioannidis is really really good. The thing about people like Carrie Madej is that she’s never really done an awful lot of microscopies. She’s worked in one of these remedial units and old people’s homes and all of this type of stuff. She has never actually done the nitty gritty laboratory science and so when she comes across it she’s confused by it because she doesn’t know all the pitfalls and all of the controls that need to be done to make sure something is what you’re saying it is.

They are all suffering a bit from that so you can even be a professor in genetics but if you’ve never looked down a microscope in great detail and you look down one of those microscopes you could say I thought I saw an alien there.  They get confused because they’re not used to the techniques .

Microscopy is a very very powerful technique but you’ve got have done it for a long time and you’ve got to be an expert in it and that’s what  experience taught me is that you can so easily get confused with microscope because you think you’re seeing something real but in fact it’s the product of the things you’re doing to it that makes it look that way.

Brian  – The act of observing will disturb the experiment

John – that’s true too. When you know when you’re using a microscope on microscopic stuff … the other thing is you don’t know whether these people… I think some of those like the ones in Italy that you referred to and some of the people that went to laboratories they actually did these procedures.
Whether or not they or Richard T Hall for instance were disciplined enough. They grab a cover slip and then they slide it on there and they rub it about with their fingers and then they see these sort of asteroids wandering past which are bits of skin cells that have got under the cover slip because you didn’t use sterile technique to do it and you’ve covered the thing in ordinary dust. The artifacts are just just accumulating.

Brian – well John the way of getting rid of dust is to blow on it.

John  – you see the point

Brian – yes I do


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