Sunday was intended to be a day of rest…..until

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Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest but in this case I don’t think it’s going to happen. Last night I noticed a text message from a group of friends saying they wanted to go down to the south coast of Dorset to hang out on a beach, would I care to join them. It’s a lovely idea but I don’t know whether I want to sit there in the rain and with the forecast not being brilliant I decided against. I supposed its called a ‘risk assessment’.  Also my partner is not feeling too well because she had a cold but things are getting better. So the idea of taking a break I ‘get’ but as they say ‘there is a time for everything, and for everything there is time‘.

Endless distractions from the task in hand

I watched the never-ending rolling news with my coffee as I normally do first thing.  There was much talk of Carbon Zero,  which is the latest complete rubbish thrown at us by a government or an entity that wants to control us. We are made of carbon, not 100% of course but carbon is an essential element. The UK only produces one percent of the carbon output of the world meanwhile China and India churn it out like there is no tomorrow.  Have people never heard of the wind. Wind moves air!!!

We get an  unending supply from the North Atlantic with our prevailing southwesterly wind  which of course refreshes the whole thing with oxygen. People just don’t get it that the planet knows how to look after itself. It is a living thing. It is being doing it since before humankind came on the Earth. It is interesting that no independent scientist is ever asked to give their opinion because obviously it is not convenient for the pockets of the rich and ‘desire to be richer’ people.

I received an email from someone asking if we could send healing ‘in whatever form that feels right to us’  for someone for the following reason “one of my fellow lay chaplains, Amanda, was due to marry a couple today, instead of which the bride is in intensive care fighting for her life. Her name is Terri. She has a salmonella infection of the ovaries.

I also have not finished uploading or is it downloading images from yesterday’s diary so I must do that otherwise I will not catch up on myself. I hate having half completed tasks

I was planning to do some light reading today which I may well do but not of the recreational type that I aim to achieve from time to time.

I must investigate this chatGBT service and send a few links to it to see what it does. It summarizes articles which is great for me as I choose to read so much as a filter for my web sites 5G and Covid.

So it looks like I’m going to be fully occupied.  I bought a lovely steak pie yesterday in the country shop in Farringdon so I shall have that for lunch.

And now, as they say, onward and upward and it’s only 10:22 in the morning  as I write…. but I spoke too soon

I now get distracted looking through my e-mail. I have a regular sharer of information who is named Jackie. She sends me mind-blowing stuff including the following.  Actual Footage of a Directed Energy Attack Like What Was Used in Maui Hawaii – Jim Crenshaw Video. So you don’t believe in evil?  If this is not evil genocide then what is.

Paul, another reliable source of information, sends me a health thing ‘Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons. This is an academic paper from the National Library of Medicine. How lovely that ‘fringe’ matters are now being taken seriously.

Off to buy some champagne

I like pink champagne for some reason. OK We are now allowed to call it champagne but sparkling wine, Proseco if you must know. What better to celebrate (thinks for a reason). Well, its not raining, it is Sunday, I am on slight overload but not too much. Any excuse will do.

At Midsomer Norton’s  Sainsburys there is a notice board and this particular leaflet caught my eye. I can describe it as a picture that does not quite communicate. She does not look relaxed. Indeed she looks rather bored  and  awkward and the way she supports her head is because she has been asked to by the photographer not because it is natural to her. Her love of music and her humanity is not manifest.

I wish people  would not rush such work because viewers absorb far more subconsciously  than they realize. When I had my portrait done professionally I had about 50 pictures taken and we chose the best – that which caught the moment. I saw a side of me that I don’t normally see – well, I wouldn’t would I. How can we see ourselves as others see us.

Later –  another day has disappeared.  I have discovered that chat GBT  is more difficult to use than I thought and the paid version costs $20 a month for something which seems to be largely in beta mode.  I am up to 910,000 words now and realise that my million word goal is within reach.

The inspiration for this diary

The great man himself, Samuel Pepys,  wrote his diarys in a form of shorthand – partly to conceal the content, and partly so he could write quickly.  For more than 100 years the volumes sat on the shelves of Magdalene College, Cambridge – with all the other books he had bequeathed after his death. The first transcriptions appeared in the early 1800s –  with the full, more candid versions only published in the 1970s.

Robert Blythe his biographer said that he was an appalling womaniser by modern standards. He may well have been horrified that his diary is now laid bare for all to see. It is like your whole Facebook account being broadcast to the world.

I don’t have anything so saucy going on in my life to need to cover anything up. I record the good, the Bad and the indifferent and I really hope that I give some sort of example to encourage other people to write diaries. It is great therapy apart from anything else and keeps my friends and family in touch with what I am doing.

If you want to hear the great man’s works, check out among many others the 34 CD’s lasting 42h44m or listen to this titles on



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