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Up early this morning and drink my usual two cups of coffee with some toast. I am habituated to starting my day with news from the TV. We have stories of personality disagreements in the Spanish women’s World Cup team where the manager is accused of being a bully, more complaints about France and it’s attitude to the refugees, a man who was wrongly imprisoned for rape for 17 years has been released but the prison is trying to claw back his board and lodging, It is very sad that only bad news is reported save an occasional sports victory. We need a Good News Channel but who would fund it?

As a Christian and as a putative decent human being I ponder how to maintain homeostasis. The mainstream media are trying to induce fear in us by for example changing the colors on weather forecast maps to Red. We must let no day pass without us being adjured to be frightened about something. We are at a time in our civilization when what we used to commonly call Christian values are not only being laid aside but ridiculed. If it is s not political correctness it is the dreaded  LGBT and the even more dreaded WOKE. Have people deserted their minds?  Is anybody at home?   How do you fight this invisible enemy? It seems to me that the only way we can do this is recognizing that we are divine eternal consciousness contained within a temporary vehicle of the human body.

This is David Icke territory but before you mock please note that he has made prophecies for the last 20 to 30 years that are now becoming true. He has been spot on all the things he has drawn attention to. As he says ‘if you know the destination you can see the journey’; we are in the midst of a dehumanization process where human beings as we knew them are becoming redundant and will be replaced by artificial intelligently controlled beings with no soul. I do wish this was an exaggeration. I feel it is my duty to record in these diaries what it is like to be a human being and live a joyful life.

When people ask how I am I say jokingly ‘it is a full-time job to retain my status as a human being’. This is only half a joke because it is so easy to be seduced by the things of this world, the values, the low standards, the anxiety, that there can be very little left for joy. As you may all know I’m interested in world -topics such as world control.

I see the abolition of cash as a warning sign since the powers that be want to control us in every aspect and if we have digital identity and digital money they will be able to control our spending habits completely. As someone who wishes to be free of restrictions  that does not please me and yet, if I talk to other people, I might as well be speaking Swahili. I think our prime duty is to remain awake and alert, to practice caring and compassion on a daily basis and look out for other people and the ways we can support this leaking ship which is called human civilization.

As for this diary, aside from being very interesting it is an intellectual and a spiritual challenge to see if I can find something original to say each day. If I know I am going to share my day with other people it is an enormous instruction to the brain to be alert about every nuance on the grounds that it may be of interest to someone else and help the consciousness rise. My brain has reconfigured itself over the years to be a ‘reporter’ and ‘observer’

There was a time when if I wrote a 500 word diary that was a good day. Recently I have written 1500 words or 2000 words each day and think nothing of it. It is only possible because of speech to text software which means I can type at the same speed as I can speak. This is coupled with a very useful app. Which means that if I place my mobile phone which doubles as a camera near my computer the pictures are automatically transmitted. If I did not have these in place I do not think I would have the time or the energy to write these Diaries. I honestly do not know how the great man himself managed to write 1.25 million words over a period of 10 years. I shall be reviewing some of the other diarists in a future edition of this tome.

SMN ZOOM meeting

We are a group of people interested in scientific and medical things and we get together quite frequently via zoom and have learned chats about all sorts of things. This time I was one of the co-hosts and my job was to open the chat rooms or break out rooms, and to make sure that people who wished to speak by raising their hand were heard expeditiously. The whole lasted for 90 minutes and that included two ten minute break out sessions with four people per room.

I mentioned to everyone that I had done a survey on the number of people that individuals were comfortable talking to and it was around the six mark.  I think a different psychology applies below 6. Above 12 and the conversation can be dominated by one of two powerful characters and it gets to the stage when people are afraid to speak up. So a number between four and six seems to me to be the best. If we have two or three sometimes it is not enough energy to get the conversation that started and there can be awkward silences

I ask people  what they thought the best way was of getting over loneliness. I gave the example of yesterday’s meeting in Glastonbury with an autistic woman. We praised her appearance and she was so pleased because I don’t think she was used to  the attention.  So if you want to get over loneliness, put yourself in the state of mind of giving praise, complements and encouragement to as many people as possible.

I also discussed what to do when you feel stressed with someone from California, Suzanne I think it was. She said go and do something else, a simple task and finish it.  I was able to tell her that today, I was getting a bit wound up with my subject matter so I went out and changed the cutting blade on my mower, completed it, and gave a test run to a new blade.  That was very satisfying and although it only took 15 minutes it really did count as a paragraph break.

Natalie Tobert opened the proceedings and wanted to spend some time looking at the old way of understanding what they called mental health and then for a couple of minutes on how we have reframed distress in the last decade or two and then figure out what we can all do with regards to the future.

Up till the time of Margaret Thatcher, people were detained in mental institutions. There were four of them in Epsom Surrey alone, and they were retained there very often for life. The grounds were often for trivial things such as pregnancy out of wedlock.  Some people were incarcerated for what we now call PTSD,  We have had a number of decades now of awakening but we wonder if such conditions as seeing visions or ghosts or any sort of  paranormal phenomena would still be put in this category.

In northeast London a trust has been running a program on open dialogue and they have trained people who’ve been working within the NHS on how to engage with people.  This may be very forward-thinking and sometimes they find that when they return to their departments they’re not allowed to practice.

Natalie said – We should examine Eastern approaches as well as  the practice of allopathic medicine in the West.  I am naturally an  itinerant scholar. I don’t belong anywhere but in the last 17 years I’ve been teaching a course in Brighton and Sussex Medical School raising awareness of all the issues that our organization discusses under the topic of ‘know your patients’. This enables medical students to know that their patients may not have the same kind of beliefs and my concern is that as a medical anthropologist I was teaching this material. However in the medical schools the tutors may have had a different program or mind set  and be teaching differently about mental health distress.

Someone said that there are 200 or 300 different types of anxiety and they are difficult to analyze because there’s no such thing as blood tests or X-rays that prove anything.  At the end of the day we just have to work together between disciplines.  In response to wrong diagnosis all kinds of organizations have been set up like Shades of Awakening and Mad in America, see below. They are many people who feel they’ve been abused by the medical system itself.

Observers have noted that with mental health conditions it was always a majority of cases that was associated with a full moon which was always a very busy time for them when they had to collect people off the streets. They were just not themselves and they needed time to process. If they had had a sympathetic doctor they could have received better treatment instead of sectioning them.  We need to encourage people to read books and try to get others to think rather than just be told what you’ve got to follow.

Someone said that has a scientist she wanted to look up whether the evidence for anything that she’s interested in is reliable. It has to be tested by people involved in the area so she is going to go and support that because she has  been a scientist for 60 years and she has had terrible problems with submitting papers.  People know more and more about less and less and at the same time we are all  in a melee of interconnections of everything in terms of health, emotional health and psychological health and physical health and all the other things but when we are only examined by people specialized in one area they don’t get what’s really going on. This is where the old fashioned doctor came into his own who knew you, your children and your grandchildren.

White people understand the whole business of psychic and visionary experiences differently to black people. This can be a problem in the UK when we have an extremely diverse cohort, not to mention past lives.  Someone commented that people stay in institutions until they die because their families didn’t want them back.  Natalie thought that everyone who studies medicine should also study medical anthropology first alongside with the course  so that they will look at things from different cultures not just Western culture. You should look at African beliefs, Indian beliefs and Chinese beliefs and then you’ll understand your patients better. I think all medical students should study right across the board and not just study Western ways of thinking. We have the British Spiritist Medical Association in the UK.

Someone said they had not seen a doctor since October 2022. I’ve had three phone calls but yesterday I saw a nurse who did an ECG and because we had some human relational exchange she said oh there must be something wrong with your heart I’ll get this specific blood test for you and will test it. Since then there hasn’t been any relational human contact and I’m left feeling that I’m a piece of mechanism that they look at in part. I think a lot of people are feeling the same as if there is some sort of general disgruntlement with the medical service. It may be okay for physical things but we have to look at mental things as well.

Alan Sanderson gave a talk at the Maudsley Hospital but only after he retired. There may be a huge shift in the way that we see mental health going forward. However Alan wasn’t allowed to practice once his psychiatry colleagues were aware what he was doing. He died last year God rest his soul. It seems that alternatives should be integrated in all institutions.

Brian said we had to watch out for the terrible twins, the desire for artificial intelligence and the world eugenics plan which was practiced under the guise of covid. We wondered how long the profession of General Practice as we know it will last.  We must make people aware that they are not regarded as aliens for having alternative views. Many doctors have no idea what spiritual healing or cosmic regression is all about. It might be a good idea to have the whole thing made public by publishing papers.

  Can the Scientific and Medical Network itself make a statement and can we aim therefrom for a wider audience in the mainstream.  We need to make communities from the ground up rather than from the top down and hopefully to create a better environment for people to heal.  There is an initiative  called the People’s health Alliance as well as the food Alliance as well as the health Alliance and it is up to communities to support themselves and each other including doctors to donate their time.  Is there a venture that we can all contribute to with a real cross section of disciplines?

Natalie said that she’s worked with medical students for four years and she has seen the shift in them one of which to whom I was giving references and I couldn’t give her enough references. She was absolutely devouring the information and the alternative ideas of the SMN so there are youngsters out there who are willing to understand and heal themselves. Some of them become dependent on drugs but I won’t go into that just now. Question – how can they heal themselves and heal others and shift into a bigger awareness? Can we use the expertise and experience of the older person to come out into the public domain?

Watch this space.


I have discovered a very lively website called mad in America which seems to be somewhat against psychiatry but has some very good articles



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