Life and death – a circle of cause and effect? Who knows.

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I am still somewhat on a high after writing yesterday’s record breaking diary entry. Most days I get my ideas for the day fairly early say before 10 o’clock but today nothing has happened of any note and certainly nothing to jog me into action.

I have been watching Dolores Cannon who is a very senior and well-respected lecturer and author in America. She talks about matters such as near death experiences and what happens between lives. In order to get peace of mind I believe we need to view the world from the right perspective in other words  true perspective.  Dolores says there is no such thing as hell, this was an invention of the church, and that we are welcomed by those who love us and want to guide us further when we pass over.

She says that people die when it is their time  and even at the way of dying was decided in advance when you incarnated this time around. I am not sure why evangelical Christians disbelieve reincarnation. It is not anti-christian, it is not anti-anything really it’s just the fact that the soul has consciousness and it has certain tasks to do and if it doesn’t achieve those tasks in one life then it needs to come back and do it again.

In an ideal situation we do enough to go back to God and we will never have to incarnate again. Dolores says that the idea of playing harps etc in so-called heaven sounds to her very boring. She is much more interested in the schools that she says exists there to teach us more. She must be the best part of 80 years now that she’s still loves learning and experiencing and this is the way I want to be. It is why I watched her video even though the sound level is very poor. I commend it to you as someone whose body language shows that she has nothing to prove, believes what she says through thousands of testimonies, and is at peace with herself.

This is the video.  NB low sound level

A holiday at home

Today I rose and had for breakfast porridge with a multitude of raspberries from the allotment and blueberries. There were  almost as many fruits as there was porridge and I enjoyed every moment of it. I like to get the major part of my eating done by about two o’clock. I take the same view but if I was taking a car on a long journey I would fill up with petrol I do it earlier rather than later stage.

We are blessed with a really sunny and warm day. The last thing I want to do is to go anywhere.  The idea of sitting in a hot car for one and a half hours to go to the coast does not appeal. I’d have just heard that two friends of mine who were coming to visit us this weekend cannot come due to academic and time commitments. From the human point of view I am a little bit disappointed as we had made plans, but from the quantum entanglement point of view it matters not  because I have essential communication with them and I  can even speak on the phone or by zoom if I wish to. As I say – wavelength and frequency is everything.

When all said and done you cannot have a beer together remotely.  I do feel that meetings by zoom can be damaging for the psychology in the long term because it becomes normalized as the default way of communication. People are not getting much out of it and wonder why. You cannot beat face to face or shall we say heart to heart contact

Would you like to identify as a gold fish?

I read today of someone who identified with being a motor car. Will this be as you want to be identified as craze never end? This is not the most attractive picture of a pond but this is our pond and it has five goldfish.It had more but the unfailing GPS of a heron not only knows where to come but when to come.

Somewhere we have chosen to be human beings. I wonder if fish choose to be fish. Perhaps free will does not operate in the kingdom of animals. The point is that there are certain advantages to being a fish. Your food supplies are easily available, as you are part of the natural world you don’t have to pay attention to any of the features that human beings have to. When it comes your time to die, you are either eaten by other creatures or gently go to sleep.

The point of being a human being is that we had this wonderful thing called choice. We can create. We can use our freedom to become a more glorious person or we can use the same freedom to become a robber, a thief, a rapist. This freedom brings responsibility and I suppose if we don’t accept responsibility we should not complain if things go wrong for us.


Its one of the things that make me sick, almost physically, when young children are indoctrinated with this trans/sex change indoctrination. Here is an example when parents of a 4 year old pulled a boy out of school only to be called a ‘bigot’. Standards have just evaporated.

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