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This morning we just felt like going out for breakfast. We try to let go of things a little bit on Friday in preparation for the weekend which funnily enough is busier than weekdays what with all the activities we try to attend.  I was thoroughly lazy and looked on Google to see ‘breakfast places near where I am’  and apart from the usual suspects one entry jumped up which was the Riverside Cafe in Radstock where we have never been for a breakfast before.

Off we went to find 2 of the 14 covers inside occupied by a man and his wife.  They come every day. He so we found out was 95 years of age and suffering from dementia but he was cheerful and positive and apologized for sitting with his back to us. This reminded me of good old fashioned courtesy.

I ordered a Riverside breakfast which was a fairly generous plate of food and Francoise  asked for the vegetarian equivalent. Both were slightly more than we could eat.  I had a latte and she had a tea and the total came to about 20 pounds which I thought was about right.   The food took its time to come, about 15 minutes, but that was partly because they had run out of mushrooms and one of the staff was sent out to get some more.

Veggie Breakfast. The chip-shaped items were fish.

my Riverside breakfast, 2 sausages, fried bread, bacon and the rest.

Of interest was the way that the owner who is a Somerset man responds to criticism.  Reading all the reviews I’m not sure whether they are genuine. ‘Support Our Local Cafe’  is not something the average reviewer writes.

There is one review, in fact more than one review which shows that the owner needs a little bit of public relations training.

attended today in a group. 9 breakfasts plus drinks ordered and paid for at the same time. the host seemed to lose the drinks order and had to hunt it down. drinks finally started arriving 15 minutes after ordering, the same time as the food. not all meals where cooked as ordered. walked back in after leaving to use the gents and got barked at “excuse me sir, this is not a public toilet” very Christian this time of year in the cold.

If you want a jolly good breakfast ,a snack, lunch or afternoon tea this is the best in Bristol! The selection the atmosphere, the ambience and the superb attention by management and staff is second to none. With very reasonable prices too. My wife had their home made scone(fit for the Ritz) and I had the best bacon sarnie ever! Make sure you head down there soon, you won’t be disappointed ! We can’t wait to go back again! John and Gill (Bristol) I WISH I COULD GIVE IT A SIX STAR RATING!

# I came and went as quickly as I came! The first coffee shop I have visited in the Bath area that does NOT offer skimmed or semi-skimmed milk – only full fat! Surely, semi-skimmed is the minimum requirement these days? My first, and last, visit!

s k, Owner at The Riverbank, responded to this review
Responded 6 January 2020

This is not the case you were told we didn’t stick skimmed milk as in this very small town there was not a demand for it also you were also told we had ran out of semi and as you could see it was extremely busy your rudeness towards staff was just way over the top and you shouting ” this is bloody outrageous ” as you left just made you look stupid and made many customers comment on your behaviour so as this is your first and last visit in our opinion good job we don’t need extremely rude people like you upsetting other customers.

My advice to the owner, not that he will see it or take it, is it is wise to avoid adding fuel to the fire. If someone is having a bad day, why make it your bad day?  Even if the customer has a point it is better to lean on the side of generosity and largess of spirit  otherwise you come across as a grumpy person.  People are not going to examine all reviews forensically.  If you are lucky they will just skim  through it.

So if you are any sort of service provider and come across miserable customers who complain, just smile even though it is through your gritted teeth. They will leave the shop or establishment, go on their way, and you probably won’t see them again. Is it worth lowering your vibration to their level even if you feel 100% justified? The main question is ‘have you done your best?’ plus a huge bonus and masses of brownie points ‘have you listened to constructive complaints?’

Unfortunately the cooking fat used for the bread impeded the digestion process and as I write this at five pm it has still to work through the system.

Off to the local library to search for the latest – September – edition of the Mendip Times  which is the most reliable source of what is going on in this part of Somerset. It had not arrived.

Dorothy House

We visited a new branch of Dorothy House which is a local area charity for people who need end of life care. This is yet another charity shop on the High Street of which there are too many for my liking but this one was very well laid out and the public were really interested in what they had to offer. There was a pink leather sofa and I will donate 10 pounds when that one is actually sold because it is absolutely ghastly and uncomfortable.  Just my view of course.

I noticed an interesting bench outside the library. It has been used to inscribe poems.  Short poems had been inscribed on it. The words are difficult to read so when I go back next time I will retro fit the story and include text.

Bank machine did not deliver

Françoise tried to draw out some money from the cash machine in our local One Stop Shop.  The money was not delivered but as we discovered she had still been charged . The shop said that it must have been a fault (great thinking there) and she should contact the bank which she duly did. I’m not sure how much use chat bots are. They could give her no information and said ‘please log off and call back in half an hour’.

She did so and there was no record of the conversation. She decided therefore to speak to a human being and got a good and kind response. They told her that the system should automatically correct within 24 hours but if this did not happen then she should call them again.
I said that there is nothing more that she can do.   Francoise has done due diligence to herself and must wait.


Embryogenesis is the process of embryonic development occurring in the first eight weeks after fertilization   https://www.khanacademy.org/test-prep/mcat/cells/embryology/a/human-embryogenesis.
It involves the transformation of a single cell (the zygote) into a multicellular organism with a complex body plan and organ systems. Embryogenesis consists of several stages, such as cleavage, blastulation, gastrulation, neurulation, and organogenesis. During these stages, the cells divide, differentiate, migrate, and interact to form the basic structures and functions of the embryo. Embryogenesis is a highly regulated and coordinated process that depends on the genetic and epigenetic information of the zygote and the environmental signals from the maternal uterus. Embryogenesis is also influenced by various factors, such as nutrition, hormones, drugs, infections, and stress. Embryogenesis is a fascinating and complex phenomenon that is essential for the formation of a new human life.

If I ever start a new organization based on community values I shall  incorporate  the implications of the term above. A necessary pre-requisite for anyone to work in a team is group unity – of mind and spirit. We jump this stage at our peril.   If this is not done, cracks in the concrete will appear at a later point.  Imagine a group of 10 people who have never met each other before and have been newly hired to do a job together. In order for them to act as one there must be a minimum level of quantum entanglement which can only be made manifest if each person is honest and transparent about their own views and opinions.

During the first few days they will experience this embryogenesis.  During this time they will not necessarily feel orientated, they will not know what their purpose is, and there will be all sorts of conflicting the views which will need to be resolved or subsumed by a higher common purpose.  Basically, if you follow nature, you will not go wrong. The arrogance of human kind is that they think they know better than nature and this applies not only to climate change or zero carbon, but to the way we comport ourselves severally. ‘we are all members of one body’  as one of the apostles, St. Paul, reminded us.

Machine writing by Google

I’ve just rendered received  and email from someone who runs a music  and entertainment streaming channel in London who wants to talk to me but thinks that my diary work has been written by Google.   I was quite surprised to read this. She wrote:

...I have been reading your ‘diary’ entries. Bar a couple entries, I think I read all of August, as well as a couple from July. (I put ‘diary’ in inverted commas because Google – and not your hand – did the writing for you!Emoji)…

followed by

The entry I referred to referenced speaking into a recorder of some sort and the computer typing it up. I’ll see if I can dicate it again.

I was confused by them both and a bit taken aback. Francoise was more forthright. We composed a reply letter.

I acknowledge your reply.

 It seems that you are ignorant of speech-to-text technology which enables me to put my thoughts down ‘on paper’ so to speak quicker than I otherwise would.

To suggest that I used Google/AI  to write my diary  i.e.  implying lack of propriety is frankly insulting and I don’t think there is any point in us communicating further.

Sometimes you get people who are tactless and ignorant. This is not a pretty picture so after consulting my intuition I decided that further communication was a waste of time. As I said with my gardening work, if it starts badly it goes on badly.

Not another American who tells their life history

I attended a meeting up the SMN scientific and medical network this evening where a very enthusiastic person from America was talking about Russian giant scientists. The formula for Americans speaking is this. It is like turning on a tap. They always start with some dramatic event in their life that started them on ‘the path’. This raises red flags for me for starters. When they speak, there is no comma, pause or paragraph break. They use any questions as a catalyst for a further torrent of words about everything under the sun. They never stick to the subject. In short – they never listen.  When they get near the end of the allotted time they speak faster and faster.

If they don’t know the answer to a question they will try and answer it anyway never saying that they don’t know something. They always lose track of time and have to be stopped by the chair person. I left this group early because the monotone, the drone, was getting into my head and I could not take any more.

I messaged some of the participants saying that I called the style ‘pond skating’ in other words they cover many subject but don’t give go into anything in any depth. This is good for temporary stimulus but not very good as an adjunct to meditation and contemplation.

The fact remains that there are always some gems. She mentioned the distinction between information and knowledge. Someone mentioned that Dr Shiva had talked about how we had been manipulated. The speaker talked about the film Avatar showing how galactic powers had tried to dumb people down at the expense of others.
A quote that someone gave is the quote below which is very good and generally applicable.

“For every one step that you take in the pursuit of higher knowledge, take three steps in the perfection of your own character.”
— Rudolf Steiner
Featured in: Rudolf Steiner Quotes


The brain myth – your intellect and thoughts originate in your heart not your brain.  by Brian Shilhavy who is a fellow Christian and a man of much courage. An exceptional collection of articles.

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