A Large TV for the poor, a Large Library for the Rich?

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Miscellaneous distraction

Last night I had difficulties sleeping, I did not seem to be tired even if I retire 11.30 pm or so. . Maybe the answer is to stop watching TV earlier and read a book or something. I have come to believe that drinking chocolate in the evening stops me sleeping. In this event I move to the living room to sleep which I find very comfortable and either snooze or sleep,  normally the latter and I may wander back to the bedroom about half past six or so.  However unusual my sleeping patterns are I always seem to get enough sleep and arise fit and ready to go.

 What to write about?

This has never been a problem. I do not think I will ever ‘run out’ of topics to write about. The brain is the ultimate relational database and it works on many levels so how can you run out?  Spot the missing elements in the diagram above. Clue – these are only the mechanical elements of the brain.

What about the spirit?
What about telepathy?
What about intuition?
What about the soul if you believe in that sort of thing?

It is what is NOT listed in the diagram that makes a difference between us and machines (but then you knew that anyway).

I never know what I’m going to actually write about until I’ve had my coffee in the morning and even then I’m not sure except if it involves going out to places as we are doing tomorrow Sunday. We will probably include the market in Shepton Mallet. If any place needs a market it is this town where the old indeed historic High Street with a significant proportion of empty shop units and where even during a weekday you can count on the fingers of one hand people walking up and down.

Today’s theme was created because I received an email from John Manley who is an American ‘light worker’ and campaigner who wrote in great lengths about the passing of his wife last year and the effect it had on him and others. I wrote back to him congratulating him on having the courage to speak about personal things. He wrote back to me thanking me and I noticed one of the adverts on his page which you see as a headline today.

As you may know I am a Christian and for some reason the above video flipped over to an address by David Jeremiah, who is an evangelical Christian and very active in America. He is talking about ‘The Fear of Sudden Trouble’. He struck me as a person with a wonderful – well – personna – an  authoritative voice containing love but not hectoring or bullying. Very few preachers have this natural God given ability. He says among many other things that fear is an intrinsic part of our life in this world. By great coincidence the instructional phrase ” fear not”  is in the bible 365 times.  This was drawn to our attention by the Charleston Gazette (USA)

So many things are competing for my attention this morning. I’m watching a video by the Dark Journalist on Edgar Casey’s prophecy for the 21st century plus the need to remove the evil regime of Joe Biden.  I think we tend to get lost in ‘information’  (in formation) and the inevitable panic and disturbance that it brings. These ‘sleeping prophets’ had (have) the ability for overview which I find comforting and somehow I have to find the time today to watch the best part of three hours of this wisdom and observation. It is very technical and will interest those interested in Atlantis, plus the niceties of the USA electoral system.

TV vs Library

Anyway, before the arrival of between three or four ‘must see’ videos I was going to talk about poor people who buy big TVs.  I will take a guess that the stimulus for doing this is when they receive a lump sum of money from the government the easiest thing to gratify the sense of possession is to buy a huge TV and paraded in your living room.  The idea of ‘saving’ for some people is not a concept they are familiar with;  it is hand to mouth living and if someone hands you a big sum you spend a big sum. I have been in this hand to mouth state in my earlier life so I do not look down on it. It compresses the mind to survival mode and it is not pleasant putting it mildly.

My own history of book owning goes back a long time and by the way I’m not saying I’m a rich person. I have been fascinated by books, not only the book itself but the process of acquiring it, the fact that it exists, the fact that it exists in my collection, the fact that I can add to the collection at any time. I like the feel of books. I like the smell of new books. I like the fact that other people can see them. I like the fact that when someone comes to stay they can take their pick of a good selection. I find the idea of book burning a la Hitler to be sacrilegious, never mind the burning of libraries.

Library of Alexander

On my nearest shelf  for immediate reading I have a small list of books that I have read but there is another bigger pile of books that are waiting to be finished.  I do not finish books because I do not like the style, or because I get the idea, or something else more tempting comes along. If and when we  get another lockdown or should I say if people are foolish enough to respond to the latest scam, a request for lockdowns, then I could probably spend some time catching up. Amazon has been a blessing and a curse. I can  be notified about the existence of the book in the afternoon and the next day it is in my hands.  The idea of ‘going to a bookshop and browsing’ belongs in the dim and distant past.

If by some terrible misfortune I lose my eyesight I will definitely have a garage sale, advertise it in Bristol and Bath and other literary places and make sure that my books get into the right hands.  I like to think that my collection is unique as indeed we all are in the composition of our soul.  I reckon if everybody realized this, we would have far less mental illness because there would be more dignity arising from the sense of us feeling to be a unique person.

If you wish to comment on any of this or add your own two penny worth please feel free to fill in the form.  I don’t mind if you agree or disagree.


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