The Market Day that did not happen

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A Carrot produces triplets

My goodness, I know that carrots come in  all shapes and sizes but this triplet home grown carrot was somewhat unusual and very aesthetically pleasing. This has nothing to do with  today’s events but I thought I’d mention it. If I had been more conscientious in the past I would have taken a photograph of every misshapen carrot I have ever grown and given it a name.

But then I have more important things to do with my time so that plan must go on to the great ‘to do’ list

To Shepton Mallet but diverted along the way

Midsomer Quilting is just outside Midsomer Norton and we have been there on and off for the last seven years.  We were driving to Shepton Mallet but I decided – so-called on impulse – to drop in and see how the owner, Chris, and his wife were doing.  There is something special about the atmosphere. It is always welcoming and community minded and inevitably I get offered a cup of coffee.

There were one or two people in the work room but two ladies who had visited if not the first time the second time.  They were given the treatment and Chris the owner  chatted as only he can with complete strangers but with one thing in common the love of Quilts and quilting.  We actually went into make sure that they were aware of the current Bath quilt exhibition  of works by Kaffe Fassett  who believe it or not is a male.  Yes they were aware of it but had not been so we encouraged the two ladies to go.

Francoise talking to the two lady visitors over a nice cup of coffee and some always available chocolate biscuits

A bargain at £3

This would be a positively dangerous place for anyone who loves quilting and any of its relations such as sewing, embroidery and so on. There are only one or two quilteries in UK of such a standard so if you are keen then it’s worth making the trip. Here is the website.

The owner discussed with me that he had one space for the next addition of his bulletin. I said that creativity is unlimited and you don’t have to look for it, it will look for you. We seem to be on the same page though we have not often discussed it.  I think it is an implied philosophy between us which is rather nice because you don’t have to spell everything out or explain everything.

The monthly market that was not

So we arrived, parked our car by Aldi as we normally do and went to see the High Street. The place was absolutely empty instead of The hussle and bustle of a fayre which I had expected.  There is a reason for everything including that which does not appear to have a reason. We inquired of a passing woman walking her dog and she also expected to find the  market. I guess that the Mendip Times  added the standard entry, which is on the last Sunday or every month and just put it in without checking whether the bank holiday would interfere.

Never mind we will make the best of it. It is nice in any event to get out and about. We went to the Polish shop in the Square and Francoise  bought some fish.  We made our way up the high street and on the way saw this sign which shows me beyond any shadow of doubt that I am way out of touch with what the young people are listening to in terms of music, or what they define as music. To me, music is melody and harmony but these adventures that the kids listen to is anything but.

Community Food Bank

On the way we spotted a community food bank. In it were about 6 large  bags of mixed lettuce and quite a number of bread rolls and baguettes. While we were looking at it, a woman looked over our shoulder. It was obviously not the first time she had been to this facility. She said ‘if you don’t take it, it would just be thrown away’ and looking at the sell by dates I could see what she meant.

We discussed not wasting food and she said when she was young, if she did not finish her meal her mother would keep it and she would have to eat it the next day. My own mother was the same, if I left food I was told about the starving Africans. This lesson has stuck with me all my life and I feel bad if I don’t finish food but I also feel bad when I see other people leaving food in restaurants. Why did they order it if they did not wish to eat it.

The woman was very chatty and said there were also food bank  outlets  in Glastonbury, which I have featured  in these diaries before, and also Frome.  I can only hope that they reach the population that they are designed for.  People should not feel ashamed about not being able to buy food; it is seldom their own fault as for example a partner who has lost their job, the rent has gone up, the gas and electricity have gone up and come the end of the month they simply don’t have the money to feed themselves.

Very few people we to be seen, but those that were there were enjoying themselves.

Ducks or were they seagulls having a wonderful time splashing around.

A walk in the Park, Collett Park, which was gifted to the town by John Kyte Collett in 1906.  It is an ideal and safe place for exhibitions and fayres, as well as every-day playing of games with children. There is a small chic cafe where you can get good quality coffee and snacks. We did our rounds. Well done local council for keeping its maintained

Sign in a shop window

I think in most cases doubt is about not trusting your own intuition. If you’ve got an idea then there was a reason for it so don’t push your idea aside because something tells you it is not achievable. This is a good example of a juncture where you could speak to friends, and I don’t mean acquaintances, I mean people who really care for you and have known you for some time.

If you try something and the results are not what you expect or you don’t get the leverage, then at the very least you will learn something – so what’s the problem? Are we frightened of being laughed at for a new venture that we try. If we are laughed at let’s look at the character and the courage of those who have done the laughing. What have they got to show for their lives? I think a fellow traveler would not laugh but encourage.

A trip round Aldi

There was an Aldi in Germany where you could only get admittance if you had a relevant identity chip. This was not popular with the locals.

This branch of Aldi is quite big, about twice the size of our Midsomer equivalent, Lidl.   One of these days I must cure myself of the habit of walking around the non-food aisles to see if there is anything of interest. Inevitably there is not as I suppose this exercise is rather sad really, have I got nothing better to do and try and spot a bargain and if I buy one will I really use it?

The truth is we’ve got too much stuff already most of which we do not use and as I have said before we really must get round to clearing everything out of our property to be left with what is needed and give the rest to others either through a garage sale or a charity shop

Most of the people in their shop were doing their weekly shop with or without crying children. I realised that Sunday morning is sometimes the only occasion people have to do something together so I must be tolerant and charitable. I must say that the prices for wine were very good indeed even cheaper than Lidl.

Back to the car and off to find paint

BSM is a home store on a big scale where pretty much everything for the home is sold. We wanted some paint for the garage door which means  a metal friendly paint. We could not find the color we like and  as for price we saw small pots, 500 milliliters for sale at £16. Not the sort of thing you buy casually.

It is 1230 so quite a lot of the day left. We decided to go home and make lunch. Not much on the menu event-wise for tomorrow, Monday Bank Holiday, except a boat race in round Wells castle. Can I take the crowds? At a pinch I suppose I could but do I want to?  There is lots to do at home.


If you enjoy ‘oddly satisfying videos try this one for size. It shows workers at a new level.   Sit back and enjoy.


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