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These days I do not become depressed in the clinical state of the word. When I was in my twenties and thirties I withdrew into myself and found that I was in effect paralyzed, not being able to move forward or backward or sideways and this was not a pleasant experience.

Today I was looking forward to talking to my friend and sharing a brilliant lecture by one Robert Temple  which started off talking about plasma and ended after having gotten through a whole range of philosophical and scientific and historical topics.   I did not know that the name ‘Jesus’  is not meant to refer to a person but it indicates an anointment i.e. it is a descriptor.   I am going to transcribe the talk and put it on these pages for reference.

When I came to share my screen  with my friend and play the video he could not see or hear the lecture. I could hear it perfectly but for some reason, Skype was not doing its job of sharing. The session had to be abandoned.  Frustrating, as I had been looking forward to it for some time.

I went along to see a gardening job that had already been completed by someone else; the customer had forgotten to tell me.  Not a really great day but I am looking forward to the weekend which I think will be full of surprises and features.

We had a good lunch with fresh beans, homegrown and cooked potatoes, and minced beef freshly prepared by the local butcher.  Oh my what a difference it makes to have fresh food.

I watched a very interesting programs on eggs and the growth and preparation of these more than we think. Chemicals are headed to make them look  the right shade of yellow.  The video is called ‘Warning: watch this video before eating another egg’ by Dr Eric Berg DC and here it is.

Evening meeting on mysticism

The Scientific and Medical Network meeting this evening was just what I needed to restore my spirits. Dr Mick Collins joined us to lead a discussion on the topic of the mystical art of Elder ship in transitional times.
I recorded the whole thing and there was over 11,000 words spoken. To Whittle that down and summarize it would take more hours than I have at my disposal bearing in mind many other tasks.

mysticism is a unifying transpersonal reality for the time we’re living in because there seems to be somebody disparate parts trying to connect the eco movements – you know all these different groups, political social groups.  I think mystical perspective has a great unifying potential ….

 we’re not separate we are connected with everything and so a sort of a deep return if you wish to the sacrament of holiness and I’m using that word very carefully as well. Life is sacred and so I would like to put that in a context of it being a sacrament

I am  reminded of this element of return and restoration and Meister Eckhart who speaks about the myth of the eternal return which is a wonderful thing that happens in our life and yes we seem to have this sort of arrested development in our culture

I’m suggesting that mystic elders are critical (vital)  for our survival in the coming time frame and so if we were to then not side with this arrested development and picked it up we would understand that the mystic elders bring a much more multi-channel and multi-dimensional awareness

I said our institutions are wholly on the whole not interested in this stuff hence we have the scientific and medical network banging on the door and other institutions and other groups

I still feel like I’m an apprentice I feel like that’s my orientation I don’t like to think of myself as having arrived I feel like I’m still an apprentice and serving my time but I like the idea of being a sacred Apprentice

change happens when you are yourself and you are simply doing what you are doing without conscious Intent you say yes you can’t change the world by trying to change people by trying to you have to be yourself and people will look at you if there is a light people will see that and they will respond but the ‘telescope’ of the Elder are the tests of the teacher is not to see themselves as such as a teacher.

This is a partial rendition of some of the points but it should give you some idea of the abstractness and depth of meaning of this talk. If you are interested consider joining the Scientific and Medical Network formed in 1973. Here is a talk on the history of the network.

The coordinator of the talk this evening was Paul Kieniewicz. Paul mentioned Andrew Glasewski, a Polish priest who lived in Newton Abbot in the late 1960s/ early 70s. I was able to give testimony that Andrew as a mystic was a key influencer in my life as an impressionable person in their late 20s. I met him the the late 60’s-early 70’s. I had gone to a course on healing and was recommended to go and see him which I did with the minimum of formality.

I remember his dwelling was as unlike a priests quarters as I could imagine. The whole room was full of material , books and papers, so full that there were scarcely room for a bed or a toilet. As an insecure young person I remember how convinced he was that I was a healer and dowser. I hardly new what that meant at the time but his unwavering confidence in me called me to do research and to discover that indeed I was able to perform acts of healing and doing what I can call psychic readings. In retrospect I think he gave me permission to be myself.

I think my depression earlier today was the prelude to a breakthrough of realisation that I needed to meet with people on the same wavelength and Dungeon relating to the universe through quantum in tanglement and not a single dimensional consumer based modality is the way forward. No one can steal my soul.

I also realized that I mustn’t rely on one person for sustenance. I still do this and I still regard someone as a magic helper but I must not do this and rather draw on my own resources of which I have an abundance.

Also at my stage of life I feel at duty to hand things on. Hence the writing of this diary

Self Advertising ‘Metro Mayor’ of S W England.

My goodness, this picture does annoy me. In almost all his pictures he is to be seen with his dog. Is the dog going for government post? If so he might do a better job than many people in post in the moment. It’s a badly composed picture anyway because it is very contrived and the mayor does not look comfortable. There is a difference between ‘trying to smile’ and ‘smiling’. 23 muscles are involved in smiling and they need to be relaxed.

I read that the LBGTQ are ‘scoring’ firms and organizations on their inclusivity policy. The police have been well suckered in. Shame on them.   I’m delighted to read that the RUH hospital here in Bath has scored 0 out of 5. They didn’t fall for all this nonsense and interference. I do not mind people holding views but they seem to expect others to follow them and have set themselves up as judge and jury and for what reason I ask myself?

Cataract Operation

My left eye is in a condition now where I need a cataract operation. I’m still having my injections for my wet macular condition but the whole lens is obscured by what I can only describe as cloudy material. This is a sign of a cataract. It is like someone has pulled a blind down and so my left eye is pretty much useless for detail. I rang the hospital this morning and was put through to the appointment secretary and was told that an appointment had been arranged for later on in September. I understand that because of the number of times my eye has been injected, they want to involve a senior surgeon to make sure there is no trouble.

Well, if 7 million people are waiting in a queue then I have no evidence of it here. If I was a heart patient, that another issue or indeed a knee or hip replacement but there seems to be, touch wood, a pretty good flow here for which I’m very thankful. I am not ready to lose my sight.

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