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This is one of these impossible images I can only imagine if the gradient is not very steep. Difficult to tell from the angle of the camera.

We have had another glorious day. It really was a warmth that went through your body. I woke up warm this morning, warmer than I would like. This afternoon Francoise  spoke at length on Skype to my son Mark who lives in Mumbai and works at a school. He has just started a two-year contract which I believe is renewable. His wife came from Mumbai so she is quite happy to be back there with all her friends, parents and so on.

I have decided to  let’s go of my self chosen responsibilities to advise others about matters concerning covid and all that has followed from it. I started in March 2020 and there were only a few people were onto it and I was one of the first. Now there are literally hundreds of sites and advocates for one view or another. My own site has about 16,000 links which lead to other links in many cases.  There is no excuse for people not to be informed if that is what they wish.

I still quite enjoy it but feel I should encourage other people to look at the sites from which I get my information, then sign up,and receive it directly themselves. I don’t think many will change their views but at least people can become well informed on a daily basis.  I am therefore making a large list of good websites which people can refer to so I feel I have exercised my duty of care to the public in general.

As for general benefit to me the author things happen so-called ‘suddenly’ and you know that they have been planned for years,  for example the so-called wild fires in Hawaii. You need to know the background of what has gone on and what happened afterwards to understand the context. I’m very grateful that I have been able to minimize my fear caused by ignorance we can say. In other words if you know the destination of those who control the world you will then know what they are likely to do, or try to do in the cause of their campaign. I am not asking  people to take sides but just to recognise the principles of being well informed.

For the thousands of hours of work I have spent over the last three and a half years I have only received token sums from a dozen or so people but in the grand scheme of things this does not matter. The important thing is the feeling of sharing what you think is important. The same goes  for the diary I’m writing now. It is the pleasure of sharing my life with others ‘warts and all’ and people can make of it what they like.

I hope I’ve been a bit of encouragement to people thinking of writing their own diaries.  Today I was looking back at  the previous  times I went to Weston Super Mare.  On one visit, the wind blew so hard that I could have had my legs sandblasted if I had taken my trousers off. I thought it was about two to three years ago but in fact it was 2017. How time flies.

Who knows what I will do in the years to come because I don’t plan on ever retiring from active work and would rather pass away while in harness. I do not see myself stopping with this diary. I do not see myself stopping reading.  I have done gardening for the best part of 40 years and I am now focusing on hedge trimming and mowing, neither of which is demanding.

I have not succeeded in one thing to the extent that I had a public profile but I hope I have been the background person to encourage and assist other people in moving forward in their lives.

As for health, I have discovered a very high reaction to the contents of milk and dairy products. I have a very recently started taking lactase enzyme which seems to do the trick. There is a difference between a complaining stomach and a dysfunctional stomach. I have good days with my stomach which shows there is nothing wrong with it,  but it is very choosy about the sort of food that it will digest.

I am going to have a cataract operation in three weeks time so that will  mean that my right eye will not have to carry the burden of reading  and sight in general.

Just Stop Oil

I have always found the ‘Just stop oil’ people irritating in their middle class ways, their stopping traffic by slow walking, that desecration of artworks and so on. I wonder if they are paid to do apparently stupid and irrational actions. It looks like they want to take us back to the Middle Ages, feudal times even  so I have just seen this  new series of articles about them which you may care to watch


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