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I have always had a strong desire for the truth, I find lies and omissions bordering on sacrilegious and whenever I see a lie I want to expose it. Again following the example of Samuel Pepys, from time to time I include political and controversial things.  For controversial please read ‘material causing people to think’.  When I have had my coffee and glanced at the latest news I switch on my computer and by 9:30 I have a string of videos that have come in since last night which attract my attention.

Climate change and zero carbon are two of the biggest cons on the planet.   Here is one such drawing attention to this. You will find this  Nobel Laureate reasonable and good humid in his presentation. He has a ‘nothing to prove’ attitude and is very brave.  Nobel Laureate John Clauser: There Is No Climate Emergency; Climate Models Miss One Key Variable. Its not the point if you agree or disagree. It is the attitude including to his dissenting colleagues that is a role model. It is a longer video so only watch if you have got some time to spare.

The second piece/video is an article about Biden.  His granddaughter is claiming that he died in 2019 and that his place has been taken by look alikes. You can tell they are different people by the shape of the ears.  So for the first time we have a country led by a dead president who some would argue is more controllable than someone who is actually living.

So I might as well do a trilogy. Brief one minute  shot of animals greeting their owners. Heart warming.

Don’t shoot the messenger

how often people do this to me when I say or do something controversial.  Please note, I did not make this up I am just reporting what others have said.  People do resist when others make them feel uncomfortable so if I am speaking the truth, you can surely learn something. If I am not speaking the truth, I can be safely ignored.  I am of course giving a supremely optimistic reading of human nature.  Throughout history people have turned on those who speak the truth.  If I get the odd raised eyebrow or tut tut or eye rolling  I should not complain too much.

What is pure rain?

Last night for about 10 minutes we heard rainfall. This morning when we went to use the car we saw the whole bodywork covered with streaks of dust.  I fear that the idea of pure rainwater has disappeared.  Laying aside the issue of chem-trails I suspect on this occasion it is connected with the plume of air from the Sahara which carries tons of dust with it from its ever-changing landscape.  How do we find pure water to drink? Probably filters and a pure source from underground is the answer. An article  in Euronews gives a more sinister set of reasons.  PFAS. What’s that?

Bank Accounts

I am methodical nay religious about checking and reconciling my bank accounts every day. The reason is that in the best systems, mistakes are made. In this age of touchless payment if you don’t look after your credit card physically, payment may be taken without your being aware of it. It can happen even when you show your pass in the bus. If your credit card is within range it may well take money as well. The sooner you spot it the more likely you are to catch the problem before it moves through the system.

I like knowing exactly how much money I’ve got. In a weird though probably illusory way it makes me feel in control. I am not of course but I like to think I am. Is this or indeed life itself an illusion? Probably.

A new toy

I do like mechanical gadgets. I do not always justify even to myself why I buy them. As a result I have boxes full of stuff that I once found very useful but now have no use for me at all. When I eventually go beyond the need for such things people will scratch their heads and wonder what this tool or device was all about.

However, on this occasion, there is a use for it.  It is for garden trimming work midway between using your hands, hand shears, and having to get out the heavy duty trimmers and cutters.  It’s definitely in the cheap and cheerful class, 20 quid from Ebay including a rechargeable battery and two interchangeable heads  which is not bad value .  If it lasts a year then it will still have been worth it.

Discussion on consciousness and the mind

Me: just supposed that our mind was really capable of taking on all information from the quantum entanglement arrangements we have, without having to do anything except keep ourselves focused because I reckon that information flow between people is actually normal and you don’t have to do anything but just be normal.

John: I think you are right. However you’ve got to define the word ‘mind’ a bit more

Me: you mean as in right-minded?

John: what is mind? is it a solid thing? Its a field effect but its an interface. Mind is the interlace where consciousness meets atoms because mind is really the interface so you’ve got brain on one side and you’ve got spirit on the other which is a spatial field and mind is matched into an electromagnetic field but it’s a combination of the inputs from both sides.

Mind itself is a reduced form of consciousness. In other words all information is available – consciousness any consciousness. And all consciousness is still ‘being’ in that realm across the interface are constantly communicating because they never stop being together. So all souls are one function. Its like poking pegs through a pegboard and calling it in an individual.

So what we call individuality that requires the brain to understand what you need to know stop you getting hit by other atoms and so the mind is this this sort of interface so you are correct. every soul communicates on far deeper levels .They actually communicate on electromagnetic levels too, and electromagnetic levels is where karma is dealt  with. You can take it further.

Me: Really, complexity is a bit of a damn nuisance. I believe people in primitive societies have got this far. That’s why they’re wise. They do the right things because the wrong interface does not get in the way.

John: if you reduce the aperture of the interface with regard to the spiritual side of consciousness then your bandwidth of understanding is going to be less. Your viewpoint is going to be halfway down the mountain instead of at the top.

TV Repair visit

It is about six years since we’ve had our equipment and it has not let us down once. However currently I cannot get internet radio nor can I get YouTube on the TV.  The engineer turned up on time after having called to make sure I was in.  It appears that a junction box was not working but more importantly the settings for the sound and the controls had not been set up properly and I had been using inadequate controls for the last six years without knowing it. I don’t know what the bill for the work will be but it will be worth it just to have the whole thing set up and aligned correctly.  Perhaps I did not ask enough questions at the first installation.

It makes such a difference if a service provider greets you by name, chats about inconsequential things and generally establishes a relationship. It is much easier to trust such a person and Jordan was more than competent in this regard. It makes business a pleasure as opposed to a necessity.

Frome Writers Group

Joffre White  is not a name that springs to mind outside literary circles but this was the evening when I was going to go to my first social event for quite some time and I was looking forward to it. The event was held in a pub called the Archangel in Frome.  This is a strange hybrid place part restaurant part pub and part accommodation plus a meeting room thrown in for good measure. It is in the middle of Frome and I’m sure very historic. The meeting was scheduled to start at 7:15 so I arrived about 5 minutes past 7, parked the car, and wandered around a bit not wishing to be too early.

I entered the hotel, walked up and down and could not see any signs of any meeting. To me this is a no-no.  Eventually I asked a woman who was going upstairs, apparently to her accommodation, and she had not heard of the group but then came running back to me telling me that in fact the group was upstairs.  Had I not had this information I would have walked out again none the wiser.

I entered the room and there were about ten people there sitting waiting for the meeting to begin.  There was no one at the reception desk so I just sat at the back and waited. Shortly afterwards, two men came along and also sat at the back the other side. I eventually went to join them and introduce myself and discovered that one was a technical writer and the other one was interested in books on the social and political changes in the latter part of the 18th century.  I asked this writer how long he spent each day writing and he said that his aim was 2000 words a day and sometimes he finished by 2 o’clock and sometimes he did not finish until 7 p.m.

I have run many many meetings in my time and when one of the organizers, turned up I said that at the very least there should have been a sign welcoming newcomers or at least a sign indicating where the room was.  Volunteer for posts are already over extended and do not have the time and energy to put that extra bit of thought into something.

Anyway, the meeting  eventually started and it was quite clear that the speaker had much to offer in terms of experience going back to the 1960s when he was involved in the music business and also when he used his natural skills as trainer to help people applying for jobs, but most of all he talked about the necessity to keep going when your manuscript for a publisher is rejected. He told us of more than one example of people who had thrown their manuscript in the trash or left it aside thinking it had no value. He said the most important thing is to keep going and eventually you will find someone who is interested.  You said that if you don’t believe in yourself who else is going to believe in you.

He spoke of his love for going around schools encouraging children to take up reading. We discussed what had turned us as young children onto the topic of books. The speakers said that he started with the child’s comic Beano. I said that I had started with The Eagle, Dan Dare etc. I also read Winnie the Pooh, thank you Enid Blyton.

He says that when he talks to children he invites them to find in a book a character that they can identify with.  He likes to bring stories to life and he read an excerpt from his book which if it had been earlier in the evening I would love to have heard more of.

He said that people were afraid above all of speaking in front of other people in case they were laughed ridiculed or misunderstood.  He thinks it would be a good idea for everyone to write out a two minute speech, stand up and read it.  This could well be a subject for another evening.  It would be very good if we could use these two minutes or so to tell us about our passion for something

He spoke about the need to find a publisher or a ranger and mentioned through the door and chicken house as to helpful publishing houses. He also suggested that we join the Society of Authors.

I spoke up and said that I was very proud to have read the diaries of Samuel Pepys  and in modeling myself on this I felt that I was a part of history.  I did not add that you could quantumly entangle with someone who had passed.

The speaker said that you should never write for others, just write for yourself and if other people read your work then that is a bonus. He reminded us of the acronym F E A R which stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

I found the speaker to be several people in one. He loves doing what he is doing and seems to be fed from above like an eternal spring gushing water. We need more people like that.

Overall, I feel that I have been suffering from a surfeit of bad news.  The speaker was giving good news by the Spade load and I needed more of it.

Dr Klinghardt is a doctor with wide experience all around the world. He mentioned the prophesy of Rudolf Steiner the Austrian mystic was very active in the early part of the last century and was the founder of The Steiner schools and biodynamic farming and types of alternative medicine. He predicted that at the end of that century and the beginning of the century there will be the movement driven by big corporations to take the soul away from people,  to disconnect people from the higher world and in order to do that we have to destroy the pineal gland e.g. 2.4 Ghz of 5G, Aluminium, Glyphosphate,  Fluoride You can see the full video here.

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