New Rail Card plus a call for help

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Travel Card purchase

Today I bought a Two Together Rail card which enables two people traveling together to have one-third of the price of their tickets.  In the last couple of years or so we have not found ourselves with the desire to travel by train but this has tipped the balance.  I find that a single journey from London to Bath with a travel card will be about 22 pounds.  That is doable.  I’ve signed up for the app  so I can  show that I have a card as I have done for National Express showing that I have a  valid ticket.  What would I do without my mobile phone.  Let’s not go there.

An unexpected call for help.

Whilst I was having a snooze the phone rang and I decided to answer it. It was a lady who needed some gardening done and she told me straight up that she had been widowed for a very short time, about four weeks. The way she was stumbling over her self to speak to me showed me that she was still experiencing the after effects of the passing of her husband no doubt of many years

. Instinct told me to go and see her straight away so I braved the endless Cues of cars that happen when schools are out and found myself at her front door. She was obviously waiting for me and greeted me warmly. I noticed that she had swelling in her upper legs and she told me that she had arthritis in both knees.

Instead of taking me out to the garden as is the usual things you wanted to sit down and talk to me. As someone who has had some experience of the effects of a passing I was happy to do so. She started to tell me in as exact a detail as she could what was required in the back garden. As soon as I politely could I told that it would be more useful if we were to stand in the garden and talk together which she agreed to.

Even taking small steps was difficult and she had to pause for breath and to recompose herself when we did these six or eight steps to the kitchen. The lawn itself was postage stamp size and did not need mowing. Indeed her daughter had mode it two weeks before. There was something that needed to be done which we were to discuss in the conversation following.

In the garden there were many pots decomposition, somewhere lively others not so. The whole garden was overlooked by a very large and fruitful fig tree. She talked about cutting it back but I said that this is the wrong time for cutting. Some people want me and give a very simple reason can you cut bushes and grass but what they need is something else

The husband, Alan, was according to her a very good-hearted handyman who would do anything for anyone without charging.  I asked if I could tune into him as I do with people who have passed and I found a very clean and light aura with nothing of what I call ‘scratching’ in it. I told her that he had gone to a good place and I said that heaven is for people like him

We then  discussed what to do.  I said that there were two types of garden work that were required, the first one was partly a philosophical discussion about what sort of garden she needed for the next phase of her life. I said just imagine actors on a stage (she was a drama director at one point). If he does a new play and a smaller play fewer actors are required and we need to have a discussion about what the garden needs to achieve for her.

I said the best thing for us is to go along at the end of October when most of the plants have finished flowering and make a plan. She told me that her daughter has a large garden in Radstock but is also very busy and cannot spend the time during the day. I thought it would be very good idea to bring her in on the discussion so that the read designation of the garden could be a family thing and I do take a risk in saying that because I have assumed that I would get on well with the daughter.

As I was saying there are two types of work, the prioritization of her garden which is partly a philosophical thing and then the garden would be ready to hand over to someone who would be willing to work on a regular basis to maintain the garden. I don’t think she quite realizes that such people are not around these days to the extent they were. When I started gardening there were people  who would work for £10 an hour and do anything but now this contact with the Earth has largely Fallen by the wayside

I said I would bring Francoise along  and she asked if Francoise was French. When I confirmed this she said that she was the chairman of the town exchange with a small town in France whose name I cannot remember at the moment. She tells me she has enough French to get by.

With health, everything is a compromise. You may have the will to do something and know exactly what you want to do but if your body is going to let you down then through doing physical work you would be exposing yourself to a vulnerable situation if for example you were to fall awkwardly and be out of touch with a phone.    Many of my customers have apologized to me as if having a bodily weakness was their fault.   It reminds me of people who apologize for crying or losing emotional control. It is part of being a human being, and crying is an energy release and a healing..

I have written a note in my diary that at the end of October we will arrange to go around one evening. As her daughter is bi-lingual we could almost have a discussion in French, that would be fun.

So once again my intuition has not let me down. When it is right for me to do something I get pushed from behind like someone with an arm round me saying go on. I’m sure it’s different for each person but that’s how it happens with me.

It has been another boiling day and with the promise of more heat tomorrow 30 degrees or 31 degrees we can expect. I’m sure we will  live to tell the tale.

An original way of earning a living

What about pet sitting as a way of life? Francoise  met a couple in Chalice Well  in Glastonbury who for the past two years had house-sat for people who wanted to have their pets looked after when they were away. They seem to be very successful and have a number of followers on their Facebook page. They take the opportunity  of visiting local museums. He is a writer, his specialty is fantasy, and she is a cook.  They seem to have abandoned their house and they have put all their goods in storage and do this job as a way of life. They work all over the country and have looked after cats, dogs and even chickens.


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