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I have just (7.30 am) stopped listening to a very action-packed thrill packed news bulletin from TalkTV with David Bull and doctor Renee.  They are at the top of their form  and addressing such things as lockdown benefits and otherwise, how could someone have escaped from a medium security prison and why was he there in the first place,  was it an inside job?…just the sort of thing to start my day and get my brain into gear. Later …..so the fugitive was caught in West London.  A lucky £20,000 for the person who spotted him.

Normally by 8 o’clock in the morning I have considered my work menu for the day. However, one article by Dr Mercola  attracted my attention and I must read it in full. Being concerned about diet and focusing on it as a means of keeping the body healthym has been marginalized by bringing the public’s focus on manufactured food.  The article that I recommending is worth a read in itself.  It’s about attitude to food and attempting to reprogramme us  to see our body in the most appropriate way.  If you have time have a read here

As I write at 8:30 the heat is already building up and by all accounts this will be a sticky and uncomfortably hot day.  Although there must be events on somewhere we have no plans to go though I am famous for changing my mind and who knows what will happen.  I think the Dorset County fair was the last big outdoor event (passim)  I will go to this year

I have seldom used the Latin word passim.  For those not familiar, Passim is Latin for “scattered” or “spread throughout.” The term is used synonymously with “here and there” to indicate that the materials cited or referenced can be found throughout the indicated source. Passim has been replaced with the signal ‘see….’  generally in modern legal writing

A bargain 99p pint of cider

To the town centre to buy some mince meat to have for lunch.  Unfortunately I was detained along the way. I decided to go into Wetherspoon’s to have a cup of coffee  for £1.50 but the offer of Managers Special of ‘Three Little Pigs’  cider for 99p attracted my attention.  Although it was early in the day  that was something I could not resist plus the fact that  the sun was shining and it was already getting hot.  This was one of the best ciders I have ever had. It was medium sweet without being sickly and tasted a little bit like rhubarb. Unlike many beers I experienced no after- effects.

I went to Phil Day the butchers and asked for my normal ‘handful ‘of mince meat for which I paid about five pounds. That will do me for between three and four meals so that is good value for money. It is locally sources so that makes a difference.

After effects of the Sahara wind

Whilst walking back home I saw the after-effect of the winds blowing from the Sahara a couple of days ago and coming down with the rain. Every car in this line was covered with the same streaky dust. This must have been a a bonanza for local car cleaners. I decided to clean my own car which was actually quite easy but I can understand people wanting to clean their car properly; we see some evidence of it here.

I do not feel  a need to to do anything today. I have no obligations or duties. This is the first day of a break during which I will take time off from writing and just enjoy myself. I will be busy of course with tasks of my own making

New York being destroyed

It is quite disturbing how similar trends are happening in many countries at once. We are being flooded by refugees, we in the UK I mean. Meanwhile in America, New York is being flooded by refugees who are given free accommodation and food. At the moment there are 110,000 of them and if that is the way things are going  that shows me that New York that we knew and loved will cease to exist.  It will no longer be worth visiting as a tourist because the atmosphere will be different.  (e.g. Try L.A. for size).

The mayor of New York Eric Adams says that his appeals for help are being ignored.   So those of you up on these things I remind you it is called ‘lockstep’  That means that behind the scenes, many countries decide to behave in a similar manner.  2020-2030 is the decade of world change. (you will own nothing and be happy).

On my other websites I have mentioned the New World Order, Agenda 20 and 30 and so on.  To some who find this type of material boring I quite understand,  but I mention it because I feel sorry for the city that I lived in for six months and had a great time in.  If you had to be tough to be a New Yorker 20 years ago goodness knows what it must be like to live their now.

Painting a (bath)room

After-hour paint buying efforts in Weston  we made a start. First of all I can see that one litre of paint is inadequate even for the small area we have; we may even have to apply two coats. One liter of mixed paint costs 25 pounds and that is at Wickes  so I’d guess we end up with two or three liters by the time we have finished.  There is no point in spoiling the ship for a halfpenny worth of tar  so we might as well do a good job as the last time it was painted was 10 years ago.

Success depends on what sort of surface you are painting on. If it is not smooth or has a strong color you probably need more paint because unless you put two coats on the old colour will come through somehow and spoil the effect.  We are using emulsion paint which is fairly friendly. In other words if you mistakenly mark an adjacent wall it comes off quickly with a sponge and water.  It is also a good idea to paint when the light is good otherwise you do not cover areas and this is not seen until the next day when the sun shines brightly.  I reckon sunlight is better than artificial light though if you really know what you are doing, it doesn’t really matter.  Also of course start with the ceiling and work downwards though in these days of non-drip paint it is not so important.  We did put a cover the floor i.e. an old sheet.  I guess that if you’re going to  put two coats of paint on you need to let the first one dry thoroughly.

What’s the hurry?

Anyway folks that’s my two pennyworth for the day. Now back to the sunshine. It is 5.30 pm  and the sun is  shining strongly and my brow is dripping from sweat.  Time for refreshment.

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