Snapshots of a journey to London Day 8/8 AND THE COST

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One thing I hate is packing but we didn’t have too much so it wasn’t so bad. Fortunately the journey is technically very simple. I am far happier remaining in this country and going by surface transport.  I don’t know whether I’m up to any flying at the moment because you have no control about what political changes might happen whilst at your destination or indeed in the air. Some government might suddenly declare a pandemic and then we are all stuck or worse still, being forced to have injections that we do not need and do not want in order to return.

We had our second opportunity to use the two-together travel card. There is no minimum amount. We bought two single tickets from East Croydon to Victoria for £9.70 instead of over £14. It is easier to do it in person with a sales clerk then on a machine.

Images you won’t see in your local area, the last of my many examples.

Works of Art in luggage form!

I consider the decoration of travel cases a work of art. Not only that but they’re very features make them easy to spot when picking up your bags at the airport. This is a great example and I have not seen one like it

PR for the workers at Victoria Coach Station.

This is from Victoria coach station. They are clearly trying to emphasize that the staff are human beings and deserve to be treated that way. Of course that is the implication of the imagery. This is a good move, well done someone.

The text at the bottom reads:

Tony, Driver. mentor
Tony has worked in transport for nearly 30 years, even though he joined the industry expecting to stay for only a short while. He has spent time as Megabus Sid, raising money for charity. Tony would encourage people to ride coaches because they provide a good comfortable seat and are a relaxing way to travel, leaving the driving to a professional

We left London promptly at 11am in some sunshine but about an hour later the rain started and we saw from the local forecast that we are due a  season of  rainy and  autumnal weather.  Welcome back to Somerset then.  The house seemed empty and ‘quiet’ when we entered it and I find myself at this betwixt and between stage when I have the best of the many human meetings in my heart and wondering what sort of a world we are turning into.

What is life all about and what are our values. What choice if any do we have?  What STYLE of life is most suited to us?

Later – our total expenditure for 8 days £521.95 with no accommodation.
This was with no fancy meals. It works out at £32.62 per person per day.

Add £300 for 3-4 formal 3 course meals with wine
at least £100 for entertainment
at least another £700 for 7 nights hotel accommodation

London aint cheap.


New website (to me anyway). Ghastly news about fires, floods, earthquakes. Is there more behind it?
Back to reality chaps.


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