A past memory from 50 years ago

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This evening I attended a Scientific and Medical Network ZOOM meeting concerning my mentor Fr. Andrew Glazewski, a catholic, who passed away 50 years ago.  He was the person who unstintingly gave his time and energy to me as a fledgling dowser and healer.   You can read more about this on this site. I was one of the few at a meeting of 70 people who had met him let alone worked with him and I felt for a moment quite a senior person in the group.

I remember in my twenties I had very little idea of what I was doing or who I was come to that.  Most people did not trouble to make contact with me . I met Andrew at a conference on healing and he must have been instinctively drawn to me and talked to me like a kindred spirit. Although this happens so long ago I can recall it as if it were yesterday so great was the impact.

The talk this evening about Andrew lasted about an hour and during this time I wondered if I still had any record of my meetings with him so I went to the bottom draw of my filing cabinet and to my surprise I found a file called Andrew G.   Bingo.   In the file were many articles and letters from him and it really took me back in a very emotional way to those times.

I read to the assembled gathering at the zoom meeting as follows

Letters dictated by father Andrew Glasewski via Lady Sandys (he having died on seventh September 1973).  I assume she was a medium of some sort

November 11th, 1973 (To Sir George Trevelyan and Ruth Bell)

”  the ecstasy of dying is something I could never, never express. It is suddenly like becoming light itself. It is so wonderful. It is heat and coolness. It is warmth in the mind. It is clarity of vision and understanding. It is like a clap of divine thunder and hey presto there am I out of my tiresome old body, leaping about in the glorious ether, and you’ve no conception what dying is like. It is a communion, a sacrament of living on a higher level….. This is the most transforming experience that any mortal can attain. I am overcome with joy, just joy……..”

I became very emotional when reading this not only because of the subject matter but because it reminded me of the good times I had with Andrew. Meeting him involved a 100 mile journey  from London but I didn’t begrudge a single second of it, so keen I was to be acknowledged and frankly loved, especially as I came from a home background where love was not expressed although I acknowledge it may have been there somewhere.

Sometimes I wonder how I got through life but I seem to have been guided by something on a day to day basis. Here am I at the age of 79 enjoying life like never before.

Today I wrote to the Tuesday  Christian Group offering to give a talk on fear, it’s causes and solutions.  It’s an interesting topic which I don’t think people talk enough about. In the Bible there are plenty of references to fear but you have to look at the context to understand the topic properly and this I will enjoy doing. I hope they don’t see my offer as a threat because it is well meant and I love to learn.

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