The deft hands of my ophthalmologist and other stories

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Being wonderfully treated by a professional

I love the English language in all its beauty and when I was having my eye injection I used a word that I have not used for as long as I can remember which is the word ‘deft’.  When did you the reader last use that word? Maybe because there are so few deft actions. Deft actions are defined as  characterized by facility and skill, for example the photographer’s deft use of lighting, or the deft fingers of the trumpeter.

I have had about 47 eye injections over the years  and have been on the receiving end of at least 20 clinicians. As soon as this one started, a new one on me that I can’t remember the name of, I knew she would have everything exactly right. She had an intuitive understanding of me, my body, and what she was going to do and why.

It is almost impossible to explain but I could say she was completely identifying with me as the patient.  The worst bit for me is where they put some spring clips to keep your eyes open and she has developed a way of doing it without any pain or discomfort. She had a good sense of humour which helped the actual injection involves marking the position on the eyeball with a marker pen of some sort and then injecting in that place. They do so to make sure that injections are not given over the same point in other words minimizing the trauma to the eye.

Previous to that I had an eye test and I could not even see the letters on the board using my left eye.  No, I tell a lie I could see one on the top line, I think it was an X so I am well due for my cataract operation which is to come next Wednesday.

I talked to one of the secretaries, Michelle, who has been with me since I started seven years ago and she said that the effect of a successful operation is miraculous and people cannot believe how clear their sight has become. I’m having the top man doing this,  Mr Antcliff,  and I know he has done  thousands of these so I am in good hands.   I was told they keep people for about 20 minutes after the operation and then let them go.

Events at the RUH Hospital

The new cancer wing which for some reason is called deep Dyson cancer Wing looks fairly complete to me at least from the outside. I’m sure the building is the simple part and the kitting it out is where it gets complicated.

Lunch is always a ritual for me.   I have learnt to avoid arriving on the hour either between 12:00 and 12:10 and 1:00 and 1:10 1 because everyone crowds in, staff and public and the queues get long.

I absolutely love apple crumble.  On this occasion it was pear and apple crumble with custard and I devoured it.

They are making great efforts for people to donate their organs. This was a very well designed site showing what organs are most needed and how many people need them and are waiting for them. I can just imagine being in urgent need and waiting for the phone to ring with good news.

This young lady was hoping to attract people to contribute to the local air ambulance service. One thing you need to learn is that even if no one appears to be interested you need to make eye contact with people. I think this young lady was at the end of her shift because staring at your mobile all the time in a way makes a closed circuit and not many people will be interested

Oh my goodness the amazing NHS photographer is at it again. The child’s arm is too close to its mothers neck, the mother is staring into nowhere and why is she smiling or should I say ‘grinning vacuously’? What is the point of having a picture at all and what has it got to do with making wills? Why are mother and daughter looking in different directions? Have I missed something?

Well done that man it would seem to me to be a real grueling self-punishment but if people can do it and they’ve got the right body type and the right support then this is as good away of making money for a good cause as any. In case you cannot read it, it says that the RUH head and neck surgeon Mr Stuart Gillett will be undertaking this venture.

Back in town

After a recent shower when the roads were wet people were out and about. There were literally hundreds of tourists with coaches blocking the main thoroughfares to the annoyance of many drivers.

Drag Queens have never been a genre that impresses me.  I don’t know what they are trying to say nor do I know what damage they do to young minds who are being increasingly exposed to the sort of material.   This is one of these ‘don’t start me on this’.  It is the deliberacy by the powers that be to confuse and damage young minds this they do by making people aware of certain topics when they are too immature.  Talking to five-year-olds about masturbation is something for which there is no excuse and also talking about the possibility that a child is in the wrong body whatever that means must cause deep anxiety and psychological problems later. Can we not let people grow up at their own rate and learn their own lessons without being programmed and enjoy a normal life. I would say only a fraction or one percent of people have gender dysphoria which is a medical condition.

Bath is not short of eateries and this one is very popular as he’s any street food cafe. It has a certain immediacy and value about it. I have seen such eating establishments all over the world and they never failed to excite me. They are food by the people for the people.

After a wander round,  off to catch the bus and a lovely ride home with beautiful light


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