A Christian morning (not in mourning)

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This is what I was faced with when I returned from the church group. Francoise had been diligently collecting produce from the garden which includes grapes and we are going to have to use our juicer to extract the juice. They are small and who wants to spit out pips each time.

I can honestly say that no two days are ever the same. Although I am under strict instructions not to do anything physical, I went along to our local vineyard group church meeting in Radstock knowing that this was an event where people went out on the streets either to talk to people or did good work.

I arrived at about 10 o’clock while people were still having the prayer session which lasts from 9:30 am which is the routine. Everyone was standing round in a circle and I just joined in.

This is David, someone with whom I have fellowship with on a regular basis for a few years now, and the poor chap has had to put up with me calling him enthusiastically at random times with bits of inspiration or questions.
I then met one of the ladies in the group on previous occasions but I did not know that another guest was her husband. They had been married about 14 years  and have ‘blended’ children from their previous relationships. I commented that any relationship under the age of 40 is a dress rehearsal.


We discussed how to remember the names of people especially on the first occasion and someone said that they remember them by association.  For example I chose to remember his name because one of Jesus’ disciples was called by the same name. He was very honest and I responded by saying what a time saver it was to say what you think and not to pussyfoot around*.  I followed this up by asking which of the disciples he thought he was similar to, personality wise, so this was a stimulus to me to read my Bible with new eyes and see what sort of an answer I can come up with.  That is homework indeed.Watch this space.

*  To “pussyfoot” is to proceed with caution, to move warily but steadily or to sidestep an issue as to not take a side. It is almost always used in a pejorative sense and, as such, its synonyms include equivocating, hedging, or even using weasel words.  Someone who pussyfoots around an issue does not want to express an opinion about the issue, usually because it could be controversial and could lead to a problem.The term dates back to at least 1893; that’s when Scribner’s Magazine wrote about “men who were beginning to walk pussy-footed and shy at shadows.”The expression comes from the soft steps of a cat. President Theodore Roosevelt popularized the term around 1905, using it to refer to men he believed were excessively cautious and sneaky.


I met someone who had been in the police service for 20 years and was used to assembling police officers together in times of disturbance or riot.   I remarked that his Christian faith must have helped him with his own strength of character to rise above the situations and retain his humanity.   Since taking early retirement he has devoted himself to helping people with a variety of jobs to do with house maintenance. He is  a person who always likes to be active with of course the risk that he could over promise, such is his goodwill for people.

I asked him if his default mode was lack of trust, in other words did he trust people. He gave a strange answer including a comment that when he goes into a restaurant, he sits with his back to a wall so he can notice who comes and goes and feels in a more secure position. I said that I do the same.  I said that perhaps using the phrase ‘lack of trust’  is a bit inappropriate. I would rather say that he has learned to be vigilant and this seemed to be, give or take, acceptable.

I did not go out with the others talking to people on the street because I’m not ready for it. Instead I lingered behind and had a chat with a young lady who it transpired at had a difficult time with drugs and was trying to come off them. She wore a very optimistic t-shirt. (below). During our chat it transpired that she was too hard on herself. I made the comment  that a day without relapse is a day of victory  and she should be proud of herself.

Interestingly  she was not even intending to come to the group but only did so because the van driven by her partner had packed up with  a suspicious battery problem.   The husband said that had the battery not packed up, his partner would not be here talking to us. “all things work together for that love the Lord” is the expression that comes to mind.


I also talked with a lady who was going to have a cataract operation in the near future at the Circle Center Hospital in Peasedown  wherein the NHS pays for private treatment in certain types of operation.   I was able to reassure her and describe exactly the process,  thus hopefully taking away some of her fear and apprehension which in my experience is quite common with people who are going to undergo operations, irrespective of their nature.


I also chatted with someone  in one of many conversations, about why I write my diary.   He had said that he could not imagine himself writing 1500 words a day. I’ve said that when I started this project I could not have imagined that I could write such an amount of words daily with very little repetition.


I said that it’s part of training the mind and the more you try at something the better you get. This applies to any skill or discipline, it’s the nature of the brain/mind that it needs, and indeed likes, to be trained so it can be useful.   I said that you never know what you know until you tell somebody or committing it to writing,  and that the actual process of sharing brings to the surface information and ideas and views that you did not know you had.  I consider it a joy and a privilege to do this irrespective of a number of people who actually read it.<br>
As I’ve said before, when you paint a picture you don’t make it better or worse  do to the likely number of people that will see it. You write because it is in you, because it is your contribution.


I also talked to the leader of a house group with whom I meet on Tuesdays saying that due to my difficulty in driving at night, particularly in view of my cataract operation, I was going to transfer to another nearer group which meets on Thursdays and to which I am looking forward.   Why did I do this?  Because it is basic politeness.   It’s not acceptable saying afterwards,  “oh I’m sorry I forgot to tell you, I’m having to transfer to another group which is more local”. You should be upfront with the person, if possible speaking face-to-face, and tell them of your change or plan and why.  On this occasion the news was positively received with the assertion and reminder that we are all one  consciousness anyway.  You can call it a bit of closure if you like.


One of the pastors from the Bath area, Mike,  has had to withdraw for a sabbatical  due to pressure of work and toll on his health.  He spent a long time telling us this last Sunday in a sermon.  David and I agreed that he may have gone over the top a bit in his apology and explanation  because everyone needs a rest and normally people know when they should withdraw.  I previously remarked that Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness so he was resting from his daily task so I observed that he has set a good precedent.


So we see above,  if it needs to be said,  how if you feel you should go along to a particular event you should cast any doubt aside, trust your intuition, and just turn up and see what happens.  The pattern soon emerges which shows you why you should have turned up in the first place.  The main reason that I can see was that we were able to give testimony and encouragement to this lady who had been troubled by drugs. That alone made the morning worthwhile.

MMS (Master Mineral Solution)

Have you heard of MMS?   It stands for sodium chlorite – as opposed to sodium chloride.  When mixed with dilute hydrochloric acid it produces chlorine dioxide which is a good cleanser and restorer of many body conditions including viruses, HIV, and many other diseases. It has been touted as a ‘cure all’ and when you bear in mind that a series of doses costs about 25 dollars you can see why  Big Pharma  would get annoyed.

Here are two videos. The first one is explaining what MMS is  and the second one is what happens when you annoy the authorities especially any threats real or imagined against the prophets of the pharmaceutical companies.

Video one – an explanation and some claims:



The mistake that the defendants made was to sit silent in court, and represent themselves at the same time. This shows an innocence bordering on naivety to think that if you know what ‘the truth’ is then somehow people will pick it up and follow suit. When you are dealing with pharmaceutical companies it is not a question of if they are corrupt but what type of corruption or corruptions they are slaves of. The judicial process is brutal and  in this case it was quite simple. The prosecution were not interested in reading anything  or take into account anything that showed the benefits of MMS,   but were simply interested in removing them from the market.

It does not matter that alleged protocol has saved tens of thousands of lives. The point is that profits have been threatened. The defendants are now in prison if we believe the article in Huffington Post.   So, if anyone is reading this who has any interest in  promoting alternative medicine this is a salutary lesson.
It is routine for the powers that be to discredit, disable, or even kill – sorry terminate – those who will not buy into the system.

If you want to know more about the topic visit www.mmsinfo.org

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