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Last evening – We are using our wonderful heavy duty juicer to take all the grapes that were produced in our garden and obtain the most wonderful grape juice. I had a drink of it last night but alas a  little bit late and I forgot there’s an awful lot of sugar in it albeit natural so I had to pay for that, but overall it was refreshing and in future I will have such a drink earlier on in the day.

For some reason I could not sleep so I left the bedroom and went into the living room wherein sits the television. I switched it on and happily I caught an edition of the Great Pottery Throw-Down program run by the affable and emotional lecturer and potter  Keith Brymer Jones. I love exercises of creativity. Competition brings out the worst in people but it also brings out the best. On this occasion they were creating as their first challenge a crockery set. A young lady won Potter of the Week competition and it was so moving to see how she reacted, a mixture of surprise, disbelief and joy to be congratulated by her competitors.

I reckon that if everybody was contented creatively there would be only a fraction of the mental and spiritual problems that present themselves at the doctors and it is my goal, or one of them, to encourage others to be productive and free enough inside to express themselves in various ways.

I then turned to the Sky Arts Channel, not deliberately but flicking through as one does, to find an absolute treasure with Melvin Bragg interviewing Tracey Ullman. She gave a super honest account of her life including the death of her husband four years previously to whenever the interview was. She said she had lost her biggest fan but she reflected on the many happy years they had had together.  There was no bitterness.

I forgot what a good impressionist she is. She’s doing an impression of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She is boyish in her figure so can do impersonations of men as well as women and she has a fantastic variety of accents that she can do, working class, upper class, English, Greek, you name it, she can do it. It is exciting how the human being, this one in particular is so naturally talented.

What a pity that this wonderful ability is being systematically abolished by these woke idiots not to mention the politically correct. This all started back in the day with the Frankfurt Group in 1923 in Frankfurt, Germany (hence the name) after the take-up of communism in the west had failed. The group had to find ways of imploding western society from within.

Wokeness, like political correctness, involves a considerable amount of creativity in imagining groups of people will take offense, be hurt, be damaged to, be slighted, by the use of for example the word ‘black’ or ‘disabled’.  In their view, the human being is incapable of discriminating between pejorative and judgmental statements and matters of fact.  Everything that is not immediately acceptable to even the dullest mind is called hate speech.

If you as a teacher address your pupils as girls,  that is supposed to be discriminating in some way.  I read that a teacher was expelled for doing just this.  Strange how a group that claims to be inclusive is so intolerant of anyone that doesn’t fit in with their standards. If they were to engage in the activity of thinking, they would realize that there was a basic flaw in their reasoning if indeed they do reasoning at all.

Life is a journey, pain is a message

I had been recommended by Françoise  to see a highly skilled and talented practitioner called Virginie,  who lives in Glastonbury with her partner. If anyone needs a wellness consultant that you want to feel comfortable  with, do visit her website.

I thought I would take this opportunity of discussing on these pages how an initial session with a therapist or practitioner should ideally proceed.

First – what are my intentions.  I want to do some in-depth work.  I have had enough of being recommended to take pills. This does not apply to herbs. This requires not only trusting someone but being comfortable with them. This comfortableness arises from being on the same wavelength.  We certainly seemed to qualify in this respect as we both have the same attitude about vaccinations, EMF, life after death, life between life, quantum entanglement, telepathy,  the limitations of allopathic medicine etc

If that rapport is not there, a period of time together will be mechanical to say the least.  Françoise had had a good experience she passed it on to me and in a way I was pre-sold.  My therapist was dressed in white cotton which had a very clean feel about it.   One of my essentials is that I feel comfortable with the person in the first instant (first impressions and all that) and can make jokes if I feel like it. The first  session was an introductory session which lasted the best part of two hours.

During this time I presented my symptoms in response to questions. I was asked about family relationships, my childhood, any accidents  or hospital admissions, what drug regimen I was on.   During and in between these questions I peppered the therapist with miscellaneous information as it came to mind.  I think the patient or client should volunteer information as it comes to them, without worrying about anything being in order.  It is the job of a therapist to sort that one out.

I said to her that in my eyes the purpose of the ‘landing page’ session had been achieved. We have discovered that we are both on the same page energy-wise, that quantum entanglement information can take place between the sessions and that a dynamic and workable relationship has been achieved.

We discussed eating and diet and exercise. I acknowledged my lack of discipline in doing regular exercise. I discussed the effect of milk, dairy products, bread, eating late in the afternoon,  and eating too much and too fast and the effect on me.  I surmised that since my stomach worked well on certain days there was nothing wrong with my system,  it was more what I fed into it.

90 minutes in to the session she started applying healing to me and scanning, whilst uttering certain musical tones. She encouraged me to acknowledge the body, breathe, and embrace any pain.  In other words, making friends with my own body.  I found her method of asking questions to be very supportive and the order in which they were asked enabled me to reconsider my own position without going on the defensive.

This is something that public medicine cannot do because the practitioners have to stick to an hour or even half an hour.  My private dentist is the same, he is not subject to the rules and regulations and charges of the NHS so he can give a better more considered treatment.

I met with Francoise in Glastonbury centre and went to get my usual fix from Burns the Bread (ibid)  She had done all she wanted to, so we decided to go to Chalice Well on one of the days where there is no special celebration. On the way, I wondered who I was going to meet and what I was going to say to them. Little did I know what was going to happen.   On our way out to Glastonbury it was raining cats and dogs but it cleared up and left us with a wonderful sunny afternoon with gentle breezes

There are numerous horse chestnut trees in the area and when I see the seeds or conquers as we used to call them when I was a boy it does bring back memories of competitions where some people used to soak them in vinegar so they were harder

Chalice Well always has some surprises.  When we entered there was about half a dozen people as opposed to a couple of hundred and that was very nice to have it ‘au naturel’  so to speak.   We came across a German lady again dressed in white, who had been leaning against a tree. I asked her whether she had benefited from her version of tree hugging.   There was a pause, an uncharacteristic pause,  during which she was I supposed figuring out what our motive might be. She asked me why I asked how she was. I said that I talked to anyone and everyone because that is part of the customs of such a special place.

She opened up somewhat and said that she had two homes in two places, one was in northern Germany and the other one was here in Glastonbury. where she had been living here for four years.  The German lady also mentioned that she preferred to come when there were few people and she felt stifled if there were crowds and in this respect I can totally sympathize with her.

I asked if she had visited adjacent places and there was some disconnection at this point because she said as an answer, I have no car. The adjacent places are readily available by public transport. We figured out that she was recovering from some sort of mental or physical condition and was vulnerable because we observed her and felt her energy. We parted on good terms wishing each other all the best.

Lovely to be here when there are only a few people

Our adventure number two was when we sat by the pool where people paddle, water fed by the offerings of the well that are supposed to have beneficial powers.   You can tell when people have not been before, because they clutch a brochure.  This is a good opening gambit.  Two Italian ladies, or maybe Indian, had visited from London for a couple of days.  The younger lady lived in Holborn  in the legal center of London near the High Court. I told her this was a place completely the opposite to that  in London where you could let the peace and the good vibrations sink in.   Again I wish to all the best and she on her friend went on their way.

Adventure number three was quite spectacular.  There were three people near the well talking about dowsing and particularly about the British Society of Dowsers.  Apparently they were all members. I approached one of them, an Italian lady, and I asked what sort of dowsing  she did and she replied that she started off with other disciplines such as geomancy  but then moved to energy dowsing. I was then moved to do one of my spontaneous readings.  Which involves me asking them to raise their left hand where upon I put my hands either side but at a distance of three inches or so. The energy field talks and I have learned to understand what such reactions as heat, cold, pressure, tickling  mean and I translate this and tell the recipient.

She took the advice very well I’m glad to say. The two people who were also dowsers  became slightly embarrassed and moved away.  But not really that confidential and we did not know each other anyway and will probably I will not meet the other two.  I never caught their names.   I continued to talk with her and we continue to towards the exit but I felt strongly that Francoise should be involved  so I ran up to the top meadow and found her and invited her to come and talk.

We had a very long and meaningful conversation during which I was able to give further reading on her, her husband, her brother, her early life,  things that would normally be done in a clinical situation but if you can’t comment on someone’s consciousness at Chalice Well where can you do so?

She recommended that we reconsider rejoining the British Society of Dowsers, as new and professional leadership has made the whole more approachable.

Talking to our new found friend in the Upper Meadow which has many chairs that people can sit and have picnic meals, or just contemplate their surroundings

I have noticed that I have an impulse to help people with no expectation of any financial or other reward, if they have helped other people. This is another way of saying that if she had been the selfish type of person or self-centered even, I would not have been motivated to give her feedback which by the way she enormously appreciated. I’m not reporting this in order to feel good  but I’m saying it to show that completely unexpected and unplanned situations, mutual benefit can happen as in this case.

She turned to go and went down the hill but came back again very shortly afterwards to say that something had popped into her mind. She was working with a 23 year old client who was not in a very good mental state and …could I help. Again I felt very honored being invited to be part of something and did a quick intuitive check to find that yes, I could be of some assistance.  We look forward very much to meeting her again at some point.

I find a great sense of fulfillment doing these sort of things and it is an extra pleasure when it is completely unexpected. Our new friend said that she was not planning to come to Chalice Well but decided on a whim to pop in since she had not been there for some time.   I sometimes think that the last people to know about synchronicity events are the people concerned and that’s the lovely thing about it.

The road between Chalice Well and the town centre is pretty much fully decorated with many houses choosing to put pot plants and other decorative plants and it makes such a change from the rather sterile and boring streets that we have to put up with.


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