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Brian: (to John)  see yesterday’s diary, scroll down.

Brian: I sent you the excerpt that I was hoping to talk about, consciousness and inspiration. On the face of it, it is a very simple thing. It should be obvious shouldn’t it but I get the feeling that it’s actually something that could be moved forward a bit.

I think it’s speaking about clarity of thought really or you are talking about it coming from somewhere else well that in itself could be discussed

I think it’s to do with energy and quantum entanglement and the question is ‘what are you quantumly entangling with, and how can we detect it’ – if indeed we can detect anything. Can we differentiate something  that might be just our own miscellaneous recycled garbage?

John: you can’t detect consciousness. That’s the big problem today in modern society, because detecting consciousness at all is impossible as by its very definition it doesn’t exist.

Brian:  who’s definition?

John: Can you measure consciousness?  has it ever been done?

Brian: not to my knowledge

John : so it’s not possible to measure that quality but it seems that you are getting all of these qualities from all these different states like love and caring and hatred and all of these different things are all coming as a consequence of what even science calls consciousness.

But science says that the consciousness is coming from the atoms.

Brian: well they would say that wouldn’t they

John: I mean Penrose and Hammeroff get quite close in that they actually say that you are generating a quantum field and that quantum field is generating consciousness.

I would go further and say the consciousness itself exists as part of space time in a way which is not addressable by force fields such as electromagnetic fields therefore there are measurable.

Brian:  so if we are subject to less electromagnetic wave influence, less 5G etc. the more we will tap into this consciousness by default

John  and the more of this clarity ‘streamed thought’  from a coherent source you will obtain.

Brian:  So really it’s available for everyone. The Catholics won’t like that because they’re going to charge you.

John – that’s why I left.

We’re making people feel terrible so this is a way of persecuting people. Everyone’s running around the world trying to find themselves. They don’t identify all of these so-called nice places – not all of which are nice – because of the magnetic field at the earth actually goes down towards the core and therefore you’re getting a massive spike of magnetic potential.

But many of these so-called nice places attracts all the people that are not so nice. They will love those sort of places and they’re all saying ‘that was a beautiful place’. We relax not because the things are trying to affect you butbecause you’re the same as it.

Brian:  this brings the question in. Supposing let’s say a magician wants to influence us and bring about bad luck. If you’re in a true consciousness in other words freedom, how can they get to you because the unfree can’t get to the free can it really

John: It depends if you’re susceptible to it. If you’re not bound in matter so your consciousness is less enforced than your body: that’s a much less enforced place. Free will can be used to increase force. In that case I’m going to get the appropriate amount of tension because you will be  living in a tension field between what is essentially peace and whatever you are in terms of your psychological tensions.

Brian: so you could say the seven deadly sins are the means of killing you

John: so they bring themselves into force against more entropy that is being given to them from the outside,  so you’re going to a three phase system

#  you’ve got the soul on the one side which is immutable and untouchable in its essence. It’s trying to project completion and order towards you

#  but now this meets in the brain

#  the third function which is the influence of entropy on your system at that time we call  ‘the environment’ in science

So you’ve got these three effects merging within you.

If I have susceptibility to the environmental systems, I will be more susceptible to disease and I will be more susceptible to psychological attack from other sources at the level of entropy

Another thing is that some people using will can force their own matter to go beyond entropy so it’s actually running ahead of entropy.  Magicians generate this massive increasing potential. This is where you get magic from, black magic and all of that sort of thing is running on a negative potential but driven by free will.

That is not really sustainable because eventually entropy catches up with the soul and messes you up. If you go in that direction then and people do this for a while, effect will ensue. They are becoming credibly powerful but eventually the physics catches them up because if you go the other way  i.e. towards the light, entropy’s not going to catch you up.

From the perspective of soul of not being material whereas the other end is looking for immortality in terms of materiality which is physically impossible and subject to more conflicts because you’re using force to keep away force. Immortality is not possible within entropy.

People have said that ‘they hate atoms’. This is reminiscent of a phrase in the Bible and what it means is that you have to counter it. In other words you’re saying ‘I’m not going to have anything to do with atoms’. What they are doing is reiterating what is in the Bible that Jesus said ‘unless you hate the world you cannot go to the kingdom of heaven’ and what it really means unless you use your free will that we’ve just spoken about above to reduce the force what makes the world you’ve got to essentially reject that, but emotionally reject it, so that there’s nothing you do with me in terms of force.

If you increase the force you have to counteract it with ‘unforce’. in other words the thing is that consciousness is a bit like digging a hole but because then force comes along like a car falls in the hole. You didn’t push the car in.

If you look at the life of Gandhi for instance some of the things that he’s reportedly done,  he does not use force to cause something to happen;  he uses strategic peace actions opposite to the way of force so that force doesn’t operate or change its direction

Brian: That’s why his march across the country for salt was successful because it was peaceful

John:  that’s how he caused  invaders to leave his country because the clever part was that he was strategic but at no point did he use force. This is the way in which you overcome these electromagnetic fields that you’re talking about here – the normal detritus etc

Essentially you got to make things as peaceful as possible but you have got to understand what peace is, in that sense. It’s not action. it’s not analysis. In this case it is peace

Don’t forget these two influences on you. The outside environment and the inner environment so that which is more enforced than your atoms and that which is less enforced than that atoms. The thing is that everyone forgets  that less ‘enforce’ involves different rules within its own existence and when EMF force increases.  Its the amount of of mental effort and clarity that you need to provide has to increase commensurately so you’ve got to apply yourself to being a better person more each day just stay in the same place.

You’ve got to effectively hate that you’ve got rejected then go ‘okay I’m gonna go with the signals that I’m getting from this other source’  but those can be very nebulous and very difficult to interpret and this is why people go wrong a lot.

Brian: I think that the Just Stop Oil people are examples of retards because they’re living in a world of nothing of no information no science and just annoying people.

John:  I think they are ill informed and they’re acting on a belief. I think they’ve been indoctrinated. They feel so vehemently about it because they believe that all the world is warming up and that it’s caused by carbon dioxide and neither of those is currently true. PS I heard today that their main donor Dale Vince is pulling out.  – Ed.

Brian: Patrick Moore would agree with you. His video (mentioned on my diaries) is the best talk I’ve ever heard by someone who knows what they’re talking about. He was the ex founder of Greenpeace and he gives a wonderful talk, just cracking good and down to earth. His audience were really listening to him not shifting about in their seats.

William Happer is another one but basically science is being crushed by the government as you know need I tell you.

John: Not only the government but big corporations too.  They are super rich they’ve all got over hand in the control of science so the science really doesn’t mean anything anymore no it’s ability to even let you know.

I mean one could argue about objectivity but it’s the ability to be objective in terms of experimentation that is now so biased that it just can’t be true and trusted, and also the question of the funding.

Brian: Unless you fund for BLM you don’t get any money.

John: it’s always a question of where can I get a grant and the grants that come out are on the subject matter of what it is, that The Powers That Be want you to work on, and you can only choose between those.

So if you’re a completely free thinker and you want to try and get something across at this juncture you’ve got a really big problem.

Brian:  Patrick Moore (Ex-Greenpeace founder)  says that we could have up to two thousand parts per million of CO2 and we’d be fine and you know we’re scraping along on the bottom at the moment. It was better 8,000 years ago for both animals and massive amounts of plants.

I think Let’s Stop Oil are told to campaign for no more coal fire stations just because they are releasing carbon dioxide which the plants need. It’s quite simple so 400 PPM is really low and if it goes below 180 PPM  we will see the final cut off for all green plants. We have one of the lowest levels of CO2 there’s ever been in the history of the planet.

My reflections:

If your mind and heart is set towards harmony, your field of consciousness will change and you will tend to attract  analogous consciousness fields that are concomitant with your prevailing state of mind.
Obviously, evil (entropic)  people get  inspired but with a different set of parameters. It probably seems just as real to them as God given inspiration seems to us. I guess it shows that tuning your ‘radio’ to the right program on a 24/7 basis is the most important thing. We have the free will to do either.

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