The Pope in his true colours, favourite apps, bad web habits

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Occasionally, a real mind bender.

Pope Francis saying that Klaus Schwab is more important than Jesus Christ. We should worship Lucifer.  I can scarcely believe this video.

The latest and greatest technology

It is so easy to get behind in  the newest trends in technology.  I thought I was fairly well up to date  with communicating with people, zoom etc  and what happens is that as soon as an  application becomes well known someone will try and do it cheaper and better.  If you take your eye off the ball for a short time some new thing will come along which becomes popular.
 I heard about  just this morning from someone that I was trying to speak to in Germany.  It does seem that the telephone as we used to call it and landlines are becoming obsolete as VOPOP  ( voiceover point of presence) becomes the norm.
So I can use WhatsApp to speak to someone in Thailand without paying any overseas charges,  the only restriction being going within my paid for monthly amount.  It takes us older people some time to adapt  but if we are to address them on world then we have to be alert at all times.
There are many branches of technology that I am not interested in. Switching on my lights or my oven  using my mobile app before I arrive is unnecessary and a  step too far.  Do I really need it? No.
There is a remote spying app when if you are not in your house and someone breaks in the cameras will switch on and record the event so you can call the police if indeed they bother to come.
Some mobile applications are just plain useful.  I like my banking apps as when I have paid in a sum of money or paid for something  I can immediately see on the app what the amount was which is quite valuable when leaving a shop when you did not look at the actual amount charged.
There is another app where I can photograph a plant and see what genre it is.
I find Google maps essential because I can see where I am going which is very valuable for a destination I have not been to recently such as my visit to the acupuncturist.
To satisfy my curiosity I like the flight tracker app which shows me the flight paths and destination  of an aircraft anywhere in the world. If I see an aircraft flying over me then I want to know where it’s going.  Helicopters are another genre.  They go about their business in a secret fashion  and normally do not state their destination or their starting point.
The Bluetooth app is useful because I can see how many devices there are in the immediate vicinity and it warms me if there are too many for my own comfort. I get strangely tired in Bristol where there is quite a high level of 4G and indeed some 5G.   I have to limit my time there for that reason.
The National Express website is useful because you cannot only book but you can see where the coaches are on the live tracker system

Other news and a grumble

I’m slightly down on my daily target or 1500 words. There is no rational reason for my choice it’s just I like the sound of it so let’s have a go.
I have been fortunate enough to find some assistance to develop this website and bring it before the greater numbers of people. The principle is that the person who generates something is often unable to see it from the newcomers point of view.  They would say to themselves well I know what it is so surely everyone else must understand what it is about.
 I am being driven mad at the moment by a Swiss German man who is promoting med beds which have great properties  nobody in the body to self heal.   He just puts out literature without testing it on the market to make sure people understand. I have written two or three times to the only address I can find and I never get any response.
 So, you can have the best thing since sliced bread as we say in the UK and yet it’s no earthly used to anyone if they can’t get through to you and understand what you are about.
 What is the shame, what is the problem in getting your software developer to write something and then showing it in other words beta testing it combo with a small number of people who don’t know anything about the subject. They will surely benefit you  by making the odd little tweak which will make such a difference
 I use the analogy of a combination lock. If you have three correct numbers and one incorrect one the lock will not open so it may look right but if people cannot go smoothly through a process then the whole venture is wasted.
I have seen this with shopping carts where one little thing doesn’t work, it could be a confirm button or a next page button or something so simple that you wouldn’t believe it. People are not going to bother to phone a number or write an email so they will abandon. That is the name for stopping the process and going on with something else.
People put far too much on a website and the ones are enjoy most of all are the clean ones. I don’t want moving images,  I don’t want drop downs,  I don’t want flashing lights.  Within a few seconds I want to see exactly what something is about, see a call to Action, and either move on or not.
I do not expect every website to solve all the troubles of the world. I really believe that less is more. For example there’s a website where if you have left your capitals locked and can’t be bothered to type it again, you load your text on to the site and it will do lower case or capitalized case in a moment.
Now, you may say that is simple enough but I keep it loaded on my favorites and when I do this which is more often than I would care to admit, it corrects things in a flash.



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