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Gardening Job
Physically I do not have much energy to write my normal 1500 words though you never know what is going to happen when I get going.   The day started bright if a little cold and we went to do a job for a lady called Marge who lost her husband 20 years ago and was trying to prune a bush and a tree at the end of the garden.
She was a friendly lady who like most people we work for was keen to help with tidying up thought that was a rather sweet nature thing to do. Her husband had passed some 20 years before. The treat at the end of the garden was planted by him so when we trimmed it as we had to do this caused a little bit of sentiment and she said she would Close her eyes when we did it. Actually she didn’t.
Contact with the client or customer during a gardening job can be difficult but it’s normally not. Since we know what we are doing, it is very seldom that people criticize or interfere with our work. Part of the reason is that I’m very clear with people about what I’m going to do and I spend more time than necessary to explain why I am doing something.
For example if a bush or tree has not been trimmed for some time it has got out of shape and I tell them that I have to be cruel to be kind so to speak and it’s going to look a bit naked but it will grow back. The depth of the cut does depend on the genre sometimes the re-growth does not work like that and you damage the genre by excessive cutting, that is when you need to know your business.
She took the trouble to thank us for our work both when we had finished and also by text message afterwards. We replied that it was a pleasure and an honor to work in the garden which we felt was very well loved
I’m getting used to this new means of paying in checks. I am with Santander and they have an app where you can photograph the cheque,  You have to do it both sides,   The app then sends off the images which are processed by the bank. About half an hour later it was credited to my account but still has to clear.   In the old days we had to go along to the bank branch or even post something off but branches have become so rare, and postage so expensive, that the banking system has sensibly found another way of doing it.
On Monday I had the privilege of doing a intuitive reading for a young man and today I got a letter of thanks from his mother who obviously saw a change.   Helping people change their life is one of the most rewarding things I can think of. I get paid but it’s not the money, it’s the warm glow of feeling that you have been a benefit to someone else. Even one person is important, still,  although this world is mad  and getting more mad by the day.
Visit of a friend
On Thursday we are having a friend called Philomena who has been a long standing friend of Francoise.  She will bring her hearing dog with her for she is profoundly deaf. She is fairly good at lip reading but I have not seen her do sign language probably because we don’t do it either. She is a guest that merges in with the place and we regard as part of the family. She is not an intrusion. Her dog is quite sweet and provided it is allowed out at suitable times it is no trouble at all.  Philomena is staying until Monday morning
Palestine – what is really going on?
Today I listen to a very important video, for me anyway, from an organization called stop world control.com run by David Sorensen.  He was talking about what is really going on with the Palestinians and Israel. Please look at this video yourself but it seems that Hamas were able to get into Israeli territory without a challenge which is extraordinary because the borders are one of the most sophisticated and well guarded in the world. Even animals cannot approach the border without being noticed so by some amazing coincidence, the troops had been withdrawn for the day and blow me down Hammas came along and also started blowing buildings up. https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/israel

ZOOM Discussion – what makes us feel safe?

With the scientific and medical network we had a zoom meeting chat about how to feel safe.   I started by The very fundamentalist view, some would say extreme, that if you realize that you are eternal light made manifest then you are always safe and  it is not possible to be unsafe. If you think that we are only a body with consciousness attached then threats will come from anywhere and everywhere – real or imagine – and we always have to be on the lookout like animals in the jungle.

The human species in general is under attack from a variety of political sources for a number of reasons including motives that are not of the highest. Currently, those who speak the truth and try and assert human values are in danger. I believe that we have a duty to share, due to encourage, and duty to support each others because as I say we are battered by those who would control us.

We are comparatively safe in our houses though of course this does not include penetration by EMF frequencies including 5G, 4G and 3G. Physical safety is one thing but what about our inner house in other words our psychology.   Some people escape by dissociating themselves and becoming numb and for this reason  this is becoming the ‘drug’ of choice. We were reminded that even ‘religion is the opiate of the people’ as Karl Marx said.

I said that overcoming the fear of death is essential. It is not the final step but it is a very good first step towards the feeling of safety. Someone reminded us of the song by Pink Floyd called Comfortably Numb

A speaker described a favorite retreat place for him which was the clubhouse of the golf club. Everybody feels safe, there is considerable social interaction apart from the obvious focus on golf. One of the members had lost his wife and the others crowded round him, included him in things and generally gave him strength.

I commented on the client I had on Monday who said for him the safest place is being in bed. We are tribal peoples at someone else and we need interactions so separation should be avoided.  We all need to feel loved and protected because we are always subjected to all kinds of things, people or situations both individual and collective that may harm us or be negative to our sensation of well-being.

At this stage I searched on the internet while people were speaking. It does help to have two screens, and I found a definition of ‘separation anxiety’

Separation anxiety – especially with children – is a term used to explain a feeling of anxiety or stress when you are away from your parents/family/guardians, for example, when you are at school. You may find that you worry a lot when your parents or guardians are not with you or when you are away from your home. This will affect how you act towards other people when you are in certain places such as school. You may only feel comfortable and stop worrying when you are at home or with your parents/guardians. You may also feel afraid of going to sleep alone and when you do get to sleep, you may have nightmares about being apart from your parents/guardian. You could sometimes have a tummy ache or headaches when you are away from your parents and you may also create stories, like saying that you don’t feel well to avoid being away from your parents or your home.

We can do a little bit of self-diagnosis perhaps

Symptoms of separation anxiety occur when a child is separated from parents or caregivers.

Fear of separation can also cause anxiety-related behaviours which can progress into adulthood.

Some of the most common behaviours include:

Clinging to parents

Extreme and severe crying

Refusal to do things that require separation

Physical illness, such as headaches or vomiting

Violent, emotional temper tantrums

Poor school performance

Refusing to sleep alone


I remember when I was young, I was very subject to feeling separate and I used to ride round the garden on my tricycle obsessively for hours at a time until I was worn out but somehow I found the routine comforting.

I told the others that my safe space when I was young was my tree house. I felt as snug as a bug in a rug and I could pull up the ladder so no one could get at me but now of course that is not adequate.

I feel that we all need to be able to express ourselves. To be safe -said someone – is not in a certain place, not the bed, not the house or the company it is a state of mind. I remembered a pop singer in the 70s who said that we needed to carry around all that we need inside us.

Someone said that we are a minor category it a huge reality. When faced with truth we have an immediate sense of inner liberation.  People are scared of being authentic. We should not dismiss other people because there are as many universes as there are people so we are all unique.

The inner self is the safest place to be and if we can live in harmony we do not need to look for a result from the outside world. The question is to look at what precipitates fear. How can we calm the situation. We should not buy into the fear.

Someone referred to the Course of Miracles: lesson 153 . ‘In my defenselessness my safety lies’. I have this book or should I say these three books  that I have not looked at for years and I really must revisit  this classic gem.  I also think of the advice of Jesus that we should be ‘in this world button not of it’ and ‘be as innocent as doves and wise as serpents’.  In other words be innocent and streetwise.  These are disciplines which need to be attended to on a daily basis

Maybe better than calming down all the time is to become so enraged that we take the actions we would not have normally taken. May be we are a victim of our own suppressed emotions or plain and simple cowardess.

Where ignorance steps in so can fear enter and through building that ourselves with discipline we can feel safe with ourselves and therefore with others.   We need to build up a community which runs in parallel with the consumerist soulless situation that we find ourselves in.

With regard to safety, violence is never the right answer except if you have to defend yourself from physical attack. I personally yearn for anything that built up a sense of community even if it is say half a dozen people I know that this is a step in the right direction for human kind. You either do actions that cause separation or actions that bring people closer to together, One Is evil and the other is good.

I reflected on the  discussion and tried to move on in my own consciousness. If I reflect on my early life,  I can see the times when I did not share, or want to share, as wasted times. Maybe I was making assumptions on the value or lack of it of my contribution.

When I was young I did not know how to make conversation with people,  never mind with girls with whom I was extremely shy. I chose rather to retreat in to my imaginary world and read books and listen to music. I kept a diary from the age of seven, probably part cause of my current habit though I never dreamed I would reach one million words.

Depressing thought

Back to today, I did find the fourth coming plan by the world Health Organization to completely control us all financially and health wise and freedom wise very depressing.  By the end of this month, the prime minister’s of each country have two object in writing otherwise they will be deemed to have consented which will lead to the inevitable loss of all our freedoms.

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  1. Alliswell

    I like this exploration of safety. I’m curious about your zoom group too. Can anyone join it, can I? We met at the BioD AGM btw – Discussing some weirdness around zero carbon ideas that have become prevalent. Thanks for your blog.

    • Editor

      I have run ZOOM groups for those interested in Co*vid and related subjects. I was planning to have a ZOOM group for those interested in keeping their own journals. I am having my site redesigned and will soon make some announcements.

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