Day: 20 October 2023

Key points which comprise a successful conference (currently 33 points)

[tta_listen_btn] I'm going to take this opportunity to reflect on the many conferences I have attended and what I have actually got out of them. If it is a specialist subject that is dear to your heart, you will be going from famine to feast. Instead of too few people to talk with, you have too many. You hear interesting conversations when you pass a group of people and could butt in without...

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Sundays in times of yore

[tta_listen_btn] Today I feel like having a rest, probably because for the next five days I will be very busy in ways that you will find out in due course. When I was young or should I say particularly when I was young, Sunday was a day of rest. However, as the son of a vicar, Sunday was far from restful. My dad officiated over eight o'clock communion and sometimes even seven o'clock communion,...

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