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Normally, the Alternative View conference had an annual  weekend conference but on this occasion, the first after Covid and after a 2  year break, we were destined to have a long single day starting at 8:45 a.m. and finishing at about 7:30 p.m.  I decided to have breakfast early and got up for seven am. To my surprise the queues were so great that all the seats were occupied. I discovered that  two groups of travelers were going to leave early in the morning so they had to have breakfast first thing. However, I returned in about half an hour and the crowd had cleared.

Do I have to describe a buffet breakfast? At £12.50 per head it was just about value if you had a lot of croissants, cheeses, porridge, and such fruit as was on offer apart from of course from the cooked dishes which had fairly decent sausages and of course the usual scrambled egg beans etc.  Coffee was obtained from the machines  of which there were four.  Things seem to go smoothly enough. I just sat down wherever I felt like it and had a chat with whoever was sitting opposite me. That’s the nice thing about conferences, you have something in common with others

I know that the conference will be recorded so | don’t need to write any notes so I just jotted down keywords  on my mobile phone. I can also dictate them if I wish but you can’t do that while a talk is going on.  I got to know a fellow delegate fairly well. I went to the back of the hall as I am a bit claustrophobic with crowds and I met he, a fellow sufferer who decided to sit right in the corner away from everybody else. I sat a few places away from him wanting to respect his space.

The problem about sitting at the back is that you are more aware of the doors opening and closing as people come in. It was handled very well but at the interval I had to tell the girls at the reception desk which was behind the door that we could hear every word that they said. One of the girls was from Burnley in Lancashire and had a very penetrating voice. It was not so much irritating as disturbing because my threshold for background noises is very low.

It is not possible in this short time to summarize a whole day of wisdom but one of the moving spirits behind the conference, Brian Gerish,  who used to be in the Navy described how he first started on his mission.  He was rung up by an old friend of his saying that he must come and meet me. Brian said that he didn’t have the time to come all the way down to Cornwall.  The man insisted so eventually he went down and was met by a lady, the caller having apparently gone for a walk.

The lady said that she had to give Brian a message that ‘he must share the truth about things and it was very important for the world’.   She did not know why she was saying this.  Shortly afterwards a gentleman that Brian knew turned up  at his home saying, ‘I don’t know why I am doing this but I think you will need a projector’ and gave him one together with a screen.   Brian has never looked back since.

Brian drew our attention to the term ponerology  which is the study of evil and it’s out-working.  Major subdivisions of the study are the nature of evil, the origin of evil, and evil in relation to the Divine government

Alistair Crowley, the black magician, understood many features of life. Black magic is trying to interfere with someone without asking their permission. In the world, the pendulum has swung too much and it must return.There is a reason for everything behind what we are told. Why should we remove carbon? We need carbon dioxide. It is nature’s fertilizer. But just suppose we wanted to make an atmosphere more comfortable for aliens and they cannot take a high carbon level so we would have to remove it if we wanted them around. It may sound daft but if you look at the logic of today’s government decisions they make no scientific and logical sense at all.

We are told that we must take down trees to reduce carbon dioxide though this is counterproductive to any real science. The real  reason is that trees stop wifi and particularly 5G so we take them down.

So, in general, there is the given reason and the real reason.

The new gospel is ‘you will decarbonize, you should not laugh, you cannot strike back even with an innocent joke.  Humor is banned. You need a soul to understand satire. Battered-down people are easier to control.  It is not necessarily a good idea to hate people but we can despise the government and feel contempt for the government when you see them on television.

There was a note of optimism. Natural law is returning. Don’t Wreck It by being angry. From the spiritual side if we align with the universe and take one step forward the universe will take two  steps towards you. We are supposed to be a pain in the back side. Personal  hubris is doomed to fail in long term. If black magic on the part of those who rule the world fails then the whole thing will collapse so we have our eternal souls versus the dreadful deliberacy of destroying the human being  which is their aim to be achieved by 2030.

Andrew Bridgen’s recent campaigning in the House of Commons has been a success because it has shown the fear of other MPs to listen to the truth and most of them must know that the science is wrong here or rather than there is no science.

These are keynotes –  words which I accept are mainly for me and do not bear much of a resemblance to the whole content of the day. Next week I will be getting a recording of the whole thing so I may reach back and change certain things, on the other hand I may not. It is after all a diary not a literal historical record.

At the various tables at the conference there were leaflets describing various campaigns and good causes with which we were invited to associate ourselves. I won’t burden you with the whole material but these were the leaflets as I could find them which will give a good impression of people’s priorities.

# 15 minute neighborhoods. Do you want to stay within 15 minutes of home? Forever? Act now before it is too late

# the Madness of Net Zer Is this the future you really want for your family? Travel, holiday flight restriction, purchases controlled via carbon credit system, digital energy use controlled and restricted via smart meters

# what’s really going on? Notice how cash is being sidelined. Regular use of cash offers us all freedom, disability, convenience. Cash is good for small businesses on the back of the leaflet was a list of useful websites

# the pharmaceutical industry knows vitamin D saves lives and reduces death from many diseases including covid, flu, cancer,  and many more. If you take around 5.000 iu per day or vitamin D3 your chances of  dying from covid are almost zero

# Stealing your rights through Bills. For example, the Online Harms bill, the Public Order bill, the national security bill, The Education bill, all of these are designed to limit our freedoms

# there was another leaflet that said that UK governments have been captured and are now working for a hidden group consisting of the United Nations, WEF, and WHO who call the shots. Politicians no longer represent our interests

# a climate emergency? Is the earth really so fragile how come it’s been here for a very long time and are we so important to it?

All these leaflets gave us the opportunity to research and draw our own conclusions. I could almost say, let facts speak for themselves and ‘those with ears to hear let them hear’.

So the conference came to an end about 7:30 with much applauding and congratulating and thanking the team. Most of the people left to get home but about half to people’s stayed and were engaged in animated conversation. My head was buzzing with so much information so I decided to go to Wetherspoons and have some good old fish and chips. I like this chain because you know exactly what you’re going to get, what the price will be, and give or take a bit, the quality. One of the things they don’t get right is porridge. I used to order porridge for breakfast and it was always under cooked and I always had to send it back. This is the problem with cooking by numbers.

One of the largest branches I have ever been in

I was having my drink in Wetherspoons when two staff people announced that there would be a quiz night with prizes totaling 80 pounds. Entry was free but you had to download an app. Well, I really am in the 21st Century.  I fiddled with the app without much success and decided I would leave it anyway as there were 20 minutes to go before the event started.

I returned to the hotel, noticed that many people were still actively engaged in conversation, decided that I’d had enough so I retired to my room, watched TV for a bit and then – to sleep.

PS The hotel had a very nice touch with regard to provision during the conference. There was tea and coffee available at all times. We were served by machines but there were three of them so the queues were not too long during the breaks.

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