Lunch at a recommended restaurant in the middle of nowhere

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I was invited to join my hosts in a cafe in the middle of nowhere. This is English for saying ‘it’s not near a well-known landmark or town’. However in the belief that you my reader will want to visit this place, the details are as follows:

Eydon Road Woodford Halse, Unit 1 Dairy Farm, Old Stratford, GB NN11 3RG Phone+44 1327 260818

they recently got an award for something or other. The French manager certainly displayed his frenchness and moved around like a ballet dancer if a trifle affected.


I ordered a quiche, John ordered a croissant and Jeanie ordered an avocado and salmon sandwich. I was amazed by the amount of salmon that Jeanie received. When my Quiche arrived I can say it was the most delicious and well cooked example I have ever had.  On the spot I decided to make one just as good.  The pastry was not too crumbly and it was a soft, melt in the mouth stuff.

John’s croissant was certainly enough to keep him going. There were only about 30 covers so they must have to work hard to earn their money. Horsey people will appreciate it as they sells livery in another part of the building. I was so enthusiastic about the main course that I decided to have a cake which was walnut and something which again melted in the mouth.

On leaving, I mentioned to the French maitre’ D that you could taste the love in the food but he must have been busy as I did not get a meaningful response. Never mind, I put it out there.

Today, a brief diary entry as our conversation was private.


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