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My last few gardening jobs for 2023

Animals live in harmony with nature.  We are part of nature but we are not animals.  I find myself responding very strongly to the seasons. I am winding down my garden work now and will probably do two or three more jobs then  I will watch while nature goes to sleep and then reinvent itself next year. There may be the odd winter job but I can see myself starting in April May 2024.

Synchronicity  Symposium given by the Galileo Commission ‘Synchronicity and the Nature of Consciousness’

I have been writing recently about how the ideal lecture series or symposium or gathering should take place in terms of protocol and content.

The Scientific and Medical network of which I am a member together with an associated entity The Galileo Commission has put this together.  It is extremely refreshing that this whole event has been put on for no charge. I will not pay more than a nominal amount for any information because so much is free. I have admired David Icke over the decades – not just the years –  for his courage, his prodigious output of books, and his stubbornness in not giving up in spite of having been ridiculed. The only thing that does not ‘fit’ with this is him charging for premium videos in his IKONIC group, if I recall the annual fee is close to £100. I feel that public resource information should be made available free of charge or at a reasonable price. The Scientific and Medical Network charge me £60 a year or five pounds a month which I’m more than happy to pay.

Anyway, I signed up for this symposium a few days ago and was told that over 500 people were expected but in the event we had around 180 people. This does show the fickleness of the general public because it is not every day that an event of this quality is offered free of charge. The first two talks were about personal experiences of synchronicity, people popped up just when you needed them, isn’t life wonderful and magical etc. Perhaps I am the wrong target but I started to get bored. We were given various names and appellations to phenomena on various levels but when all said and done we all have one consciousness and automatic communication via our higher self should happen automatically and regularly without so much as raising an eyebrow.

I ask myself the question, ‘do I remember more of the lecture or talk if I see images’. Some of the most impressive people I have ever heard used illustrations, some did not.  I am most drawn to the magnetism of a particular person and the relevance of what they say and I really couldn’t care less about the images and sometimes I find them a distraction. I reckon if something strikes you at the brain level or indeed the soul level, it bypasses all the imagery. Comics do not have visual backup but they are funny and memorable never the less.   Why not create images in people’s minds.

We had a 30-minute break after the first speakers plus question and answer. There was a host and a couple of co-hosts. The chap who was giving the presentation just walked out of his room and we were faced with looking at an empty chair for 10 minutes. People requested that there could be a facility for us to chat to each other rather like zoom meetings when it always happen but someone had forgot or did not consider it important to flip a switch. That switch would have been to unmute people and change the view to gallery. That means that we could have spoken to each other. There was some frustration at not being able to share and we had to content ourselves with writing remarks in the chat.

I keep on asking, in vain, for all speakers to meet and have a dress rehearsal to make sure everything is alright technically. One of the speakers had his microphone on a very insecure foundation and when he moved the table the whole image shook and that was distracting. After a time, one host had to ask him to be more careful but the rocking did continue. It is not technically difficult to assemble speakers 15 minutes before, go through all the technicalities of ZOOM to remind people what they should and should not do. This means that the audience will have a better experience

I may watch some more tomorrow but I’m more likely to flip through the thing at high speed when I get a copy of the event in a few days time. I have enclosed some of these live images that I photographed using my camera and I have made some comments.

I like this first slide, I call it a ‘slide’ but that shows how old-fashioned I am. It is of course an electronically produced image. It is quite common these days for speakers to show some text and then read it through as if we could not see it. I used to think that this was overkill but now I believe it is a way of focusing people’s attention on something that they maybe unfamiliar with. I do not think it is patronizing or insulting to their intelligence. We may just need to hear some things again and again and so many demands are made on our attention and indeed our time.

One size fits all is less effective

This image has the heading of Universal Consciousness. Some features are described in very simplistic ways but I wonder how much people can move on in there understanding. It is so easy to give a nod to the jargon without looking for example at dimensionality. Which dimension or dimensions do we live in?

This is a very bold and I think naive statement. Are we saying that the ideal matching factors are the psychic and a physical state or event? How do we know that they have no causal relationship to each other when we cannot see energy and where our observations are mainly confined to the physical plane.

A key signature concept in Jung’s vision of the world, synchronicity was defined by Jung as ‘an acausal connecting principle, whereby internal, psychological events are linked to external world events by meaningful coincidences rather than causal chains’.

Others would describe spiritual synchronicities as ‘strategically orchestrated and perfectly aligned events to deliver a message, provide guidance, or provide reassurance that we’re on the right path’. This is a description not an explanation

Another one ‘the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality. used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung.’

Note to speakers – find out the level of your audience before you do a visual presentation. If necessary, talk to the organiser.

This image was obviously written for a popular audience and this brings me to the topic of know your audience. If a group of people have been studying spirituality for years, they know all this and I for one do not expect such floppy language as in item three ‘ strings of things like 11:11’. I assume she is referring to the clock time.

This example is most confusing, scatter-gun approach, and hastily put together,’ sometimes media mirror your mind’ is questionable English and ‘songs reflect your current experiences’. Well that’s a broad church if ever there was one but I’m not quite sure how this is supposed to help us in our quest.

This image shows signs of being hastily put together,  I am not quite sure what to make out of ‘can be funny or aesthetically pleasing’

Synchronous events are one of the many factors to indicate that you might be on the path that is right for you. Experientially, I would disagree with the inclusion of this as a confirmation factor. Sometimes I receive no synchronicity apart from a feeling that a particular action is correct and this is found to be true after the event.

As a Christian, I would be guided by the spirit of God, or let us say the Holy Spirit, that spirit is about bringing people closer to together, many souls into one spirit. If you’re orientated in this way you will get one set of results but if you are orientated towards separation and conflict and warfare, will get another set of results.

I’m sure synchronistic things happen to malefactors as well. In other words it is a universal system that works for everybody if only they would choose to observe. It is so easy to walk along the streets with our headphones plugged in listening to some music and completely ignoring all the symptoms and signs of what is going around us.

Maybe synchronicity is just a fancy word for saying ‘union of consciousness’

Quotes of the day

Although I became frustrated at certain times I carried away many valuable snippets including

Can we share and delight in our own voice mixing with others and be one with this light

My consciousness has to change to meet the highest

Let’s the light in US meet the divine light

The human in the Divine, and in the human

In our preparation for our next life, remember that heaven is not an actual place on this earth it is a state of mind

A science is a particular type of imagination

We need to recover a richer sense of our community

Question – what can we creatively contribute to manifesting the truth while remaining aware of the nonsense around us

Can we be the expression of the Divine in the world

Rowan Williams the former Archbishop of Canterbury said that we should know about what we love

Live in joy that flies, this is guide and the way to eternal life

Grace perfect nature. We are all called to be active – which opens up to more

Mark Vernon, one of the speakers remarked on the richness of Dante’s Inferno. I did a quick search on my second screen and found a PDF version. The text is enormously rich and symbolic and I reckon it would take a good six months, for say half an hour a day, to grasp some of the meaning

Dent in my car

I did it very silly thing on Thursday and backed my car out of Halfords next to our petrol station here in town and I scraped a concrete bollard and of course the car came off worse. I have redesigned the rear passenger door. I immediately ordered two panel pullers from Amazon, one small and one large, and neither of them worked so I shall get a refund from Amazon. If I claim on the insurance I’m sure it will be the better part of 500 pounds because it is a model Volvo that is 20 years old and a new door from Volvo would be impossible to get so the answer would be to find a breakers yard and see if someone can take a door off an old Volvo for me. Otherwise, I will just leave it and spray over the obvious scrapes.

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