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God Is On Our Side?

At least, that is what Netanyahu and his cohort believes.  That wonderful book of unconditional love, The Torah, explains that other races are subhuman and not worthy of life. The Palestinians know this first hand. I cannot imagine what it will be like to know that my little cul de sac in a country town has been destroyed, let us say it was one of the bungalows, and another one might be destroyed at any time. How can you have even a semblance of peace?

I note that  one of the female reporters working in the area was told that if she and her family did not get out and move south, her life would be in danger ….. just for doing your job.   It is clear that the powers that be in Israel are egging the world on for a full-scale war and that is probably why both American and Russian warships are now present in the Mediterranean. Let us hope that common sense prevails and that Biden’s request for 100 billion dollars is blocked, so far anyway.

We have a lot to be thankful for. There are beneficent forces from above that look after us though they may not intercede  in the activities of free will of human kind.

    • Today, to church for our Tuesday morning coffee event which is from 10 to 11:30.  On offer was a apple cake cooked in a Mediterranean-style with crunchy sugar on top and I thought this would be more acceptable to my stomach than the alternative, chocolate cake. This renewed my desire to make the perfect quiche. It depends on the quality of the pastry itself.

Impressive fungi in the church parking area

The Church gate carefully decorated for Remembrance Sunday.

A lesson learned about older people

An older lady with a walking stick turned up to the coffee morning and said she had lost her glasses or left them behind at the service on Sunday. After a fruitless search we abandoned the project. George, the warden, asked me to take her home.  Due to road closures we had to drive about a mile to reach her bungalow. It made me realize how difficult it is for older people to get around, she could barely walk and could hardly get in my car and yet she would have had to walk that distance to get home. She thanked me not once but several times. The glasses were eventually found. Her cat had knocked them into a box.

It is easy to take physical fitness for granted but once you  experience partial loss of your legs the world becomes a very different place. It was a good lesson for me to learn consideration for other people.

A comment about management protocol

I heard over coffee a complaint about the vicar who decided that a woman’s evening could not take  place because another event, a Remembrance of the Dead, was due to take place beforehand. I made a mental note that before making a decision which affects other people to check it with them beforehand even if from my point of view what should be done is completely clear. People do not appreciate being ignored, or the perception of being ignored, and  conversely they do value being asked for their opinion.  It is very easy for administrators and organizers to run ahead of the pack and then wonder why people are hesitant about volunteering, or giving their opinion.

Listening to the advice of advanced off-planetary beings

This is a brief excerpt from the video (link below)

Question:  So we need to stay optimistic and  generate high vibrations to help this birthing process of this liberated Earth to go forward but there are others putting out information that the Earth is controlled by evil ones and the future is very much a doom and gloom and that we need a solar flash or some catastrophic event to reset everything.

Answer: you mentioned those who work with dark narratives. They are owned by the dark energy and work for them. They work for the enemies of humanity. Whatever delay in revelations is happening just observe that a delay allows you more opportunity to evolve consciousness and take all the deception and the harm that is done to this world. Take it as a tool to uncover the reality of your old consciousness. How do you react to this? how can you process this and see the higher picture that is behind the scenes generating this at the scale of the universe without  the comprehension of source?

The delays work in truth for the evolution of humanity; this is an opportunity that is given to humanity for understanding, and to be more prepared when the truth comes out. It may seem painful but at the end of the game it serves the human’s evolution. It prepares you better. The more the delays are stretched the more time you have to  gain the opportunity to prepare yourself, so this is a good challenge.

The Dark forces cannot win whenever they try to do something to bring humanity down in vibration so it serves the evolution of consciousness. Take whatever happens as a challenge and a tool and step by step.

Question – so my final question is what would you say to people who feel that they’re at the end of the road, that they’re at their limits, that whether it’s through financial difficulties or health problems or whether it’s emotional issues they feel they can’t wait anymore. It is the end of the line ?

Answer: Life is the gift from source and you need to own it and celebrate it when you see it.  It will create a hopeful future because it will be grounded into who you are.

See the full video here.

Feedback/ thanks or lack of it for my efforts

I do quite a lot of things for quite a lot of people.  I call it ‘looking out for other people’ but strangely and I think predictably, I very rarely receive thanks or even acknowledgement. This does not affect my engine since the intentions are to help the community and do anything that I can for people to help them on the way to truth and enlightenment. I only go where I am invited. In other words I don’t try to push open a closed door. If the door has been opened then I will enter.

A large part of people’s attitude is formed by indoctrination which includes absorbing the mainstream media. This is the most difficult thing of all to deal with, to convince people that they have been misled. For this reason I do not harangue or criticize people but ask people questions that hopefully will start a train of thought. That is all I can do.

There are exceptions to the taciturn approach of clients. I gave a reading to someone on Monday and heard from the mother as follows

Yes, we have both noticed some improvement, literally only in the last day or so: he’s been listening to his music again, he was using his online flight simulator again, he got up & dressed himself this morning and he changed the car clocks without being asked! All progress. Oh and he’s been standing his ground better with his brother’s frustrations with him.

It’s always gratifying to have it evidence that you are not wasting your time. I put my best out for everybody in blind faith you could say.

So let’s consider some reasons why people would not say thank you or acknowledge you.

# Maybe they feel foolish because they  feel they should have sorted the problem out themselves and in a way want to move on and forget about it.

# Maybe they did not want to absorb the implications of what I told them and do not thank me for waking up their still sleeping soul.

# Maybe they do not want to accept the challenge that I have given them in terms of facing their situation and dealing with people accordingly

#  Maybe they just had too much ‘on the go’ and could not give the time and attention to our conversation.

# Maybe they are being influenced by various technological factors such as wavelengths given out in the wireless broadcasting system, or indeed from those in their lives who do not want them to progress.

# Maybe they did not find the material relevant and cast it aside. This would then be my failing to perceive what they were able to take or receive.

# Maybe they are just plain thoughtless souls and have not been trained in good manners.

I also think that some people are just not ready for a reading. They present themselves because they were persuaded to by someone else, a relative or parent, and did not really want to come,  so they are going through the motions. I would say that only about one in 10 people that I saw at public New Age exhibitions were willing and ready to do what was required to make a change.

It is possible that our style, or indeed the style of anyone, needs to be looked at. When I have gone to seek  professional help I observed that therapists or counselors can speak at too fast a rate to absorb,  as the subject is familiar to them. They carry on with their conversation feeling that they have to deliver a certain amount of wisdom each session. I would counter that by saying that unless someone understands what you have said, there is no point in moving on to the next point. Hear – consider – absorb – digest.

Most of the people that I have worked with actually fear pauses in conversation. In other words if there is more than a few moments of silence they feel obliged to fill it in some way with a question or comment. I find that I need a few seconds or even perhaps  a minute of silence to consider my position especially if someone has put their finger on an embarrassing or tricky point.

A therapist does not get paid by the word but by the safe space that they create for others, to enable them to move forward.

A therapist can utter all the wisdom in the world and yet someone unable to receive it will feel under pressure or even bored or frustrated.  A therapist should consider that just one word or one phrase may be all that the analysand needs  to move them forward. The reason I object to people who have a full appointment book is that they don’t have enough in their psychic battery to detect if a person has heard and reacted to what they have to say.

For this reason I went on a coaching course and I’m a member of the Coaching Academy. This was a number of years ago but I have learned lessons about the need to let people work out their own situation.   If someone is trying to do a jigsaw puzzle my job is to show them the pieces, not to place them in position.

I can put this another way saying that from the moment I opened my mouth as a counselor or therapist I’m trying to work myself out of a job.  If I give road directions to someone I want them to take the directions rather than them standing still in one place or driving around in circles.   I find that with such people you are saying words that you should not have to say and you are trying to take over their free will and somehow control them, which is very wearing.  That is why I prefer clients who are open.

The same thing applies when I do gardening. I will not work with people who are closed and petty.  It is no fun at all and wears you out.

Come to that, the same thing applies when talking to someone on the phone. If they go on for half an hour just talking about themselves and do not listen to you why not switch a recording apparatus and leave them to it?

On that note, I close for today

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