Month: November 2023

A day for ourselves and a shock for the driver

Local Church, St. Peters This was an immaculately presented and well cared for church in the grounds of Bosworth Hall. I felt it was a blessing just to go in and enjoy the rich history going back the best part of a thousand years. If I was moving to the area I would definitely be a worshiper and participant here. A walk in the park Back to the English language again. The term 'walk in the park'...

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Birmingham – a city to be reckoned with

We left at 9:00 a.m., a bad time as it turned out because there had been a serious accident on one of the main roads and we had to take quite a long alternative route so by the time we arrived at a parking place just by the Bullring it was close on 11 o'clock. We spent most of the day sight seeing. I had been to Birmingham many years ago and I quickly realized that the city has been transformed....

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Visit to Stamford and Oakham

We left at 9.30 am and arrived about 11am on yet another sunny frosty day. Stamford is an historical town used as a major stopping point between London and York. It has over 600 listed buildings. It is an affluent town with a good selection of high quality shops. I would have thought that the good and the great might want to retire there. An exceptionally well presented church. Enthusiasm comes...

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Thoughts on starting a holiday

I'm sure this is something my readers and I will have in common. The holiday is far distant, next month, then next week, and finally the day dawns. Today is THE day. Today is the day I have been looking forward to for some time, the chance to take a break, I normally pack far more clothes than I actually use and this is a habit I have been unable to break. I took four pairs of trousers of which...

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Fishers of Men + a generous public

This morning, a look at the Gaza cease fire - a busy one for the Israelis in my opinions.  Vanessa Beeley steadfastly reports. She expects there will be some type of False Flag operation maybe in he USA to justify a further continuations of the bombings and slaughter. Systematic assassination of journalists? See more here if you wish. To my Vineyard Church for what I thought was a service but...

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A Court case without a court

Not being able to sleep last night, I arose and had a look at some of the programs stored on my Sky box.   I found a series featuring John Cleese who had been given a series of 10 programs by GB news to do what he liked.  He was called something like the Dinosaur Hour. He was talking about wokeness. Before I start, I should mention that it was extremely difficult to hear what he had to say...

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