Is it easier to work at night?

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I went to bed relatively early last night at 11:00 p.m. But after about 2:30 a.m. Did not find myself in any need or further sleep and so I arose. I checked a few messages, read a couple of articles, I noticed that I was able to concentrate more consistently. It may well be that the special type of silence that prevails at night is helpful in this respect. For me, silence is not an absence of noise but a calmness of vibration. I wonder if my more productive and creative work can be done better in the night hours.

I had a little peek into Google on this topic. I am not alone!

Recent studies have revealed that night owls possess better creativity, intelligence, and productivity than early birds. Plus, here’s why being a night owl is so much fun: Get more done with less effort: Night owls can enjoy a peaceful environment with no noisy distractions.

There is a good article – Which are you: A night owl or an early riser’.

I started off by making some bread. The extra incentive was that we had some flour which was about six months beyond its sell by date so who wants to waste anything. I bought some packets of yeast from Sainsbury’s which does a good job. I have had to learn the hard way how to make bread; the main thing is to make sure there is enough life in the yeast, that you don’t put too much water in, that you give the bread enough time to rise.

The rule of thumb is you wait until the bread mix doubles in size from the original mixture. I often wait more than the advised time because if it’s 20 minutes longer no harm is going to come. When it comes to baking the bread I take it out of the oven and poke it with the knife to make sure the inside is cooked and then put it back if necessary.

I went into the garden whist it was still dark  to do some grounding (this is a science, see other references in this diary) and I heard a commotion, people talking. I thought first of all it was next door but there were no lights. I peeped out of the front door to see an ambulance at a neighbours, and much tooing and froing you see with activity of this sort. The driving lights came on, the ambulance went silently into the night. The lights of the house went off. Peace returned.

I turned on Al Jazeera, my main source of information about the so-called war against Hamas. I heard a heartbreaking story about a woman who was holding her dead child while at the time nursing her own broken leg. She said she would rather die than have her leg amputated. I cannot quite imagine what it must be like to work in a hospital with hundreds of people crowding the corridors and with foreign troops invading, blindfolding people and taking them away, shouting at them and questioning them. If I want to know what hell on earth is like, I only have to watch the reports but after a time it becomes too painful to contemplate.

It is interesting that Israel justify their decision to virtually destroy the hospital(s) by claiming that Hamas has its headquarters there in the basement when there is not one thread of evidence offered, and all the hospital staff deny it. However, we must not complain. Israel have this slogan, above, and amazingly enough they are doing what it says on the tin. USA and UK meekly follow the dialogue. I hope this does not escalate into a Holy War.

Sir Keith Starmer, leader of the Labour Party, refuses to demand a ceasefire from Israel and as a result, many of his party have dissented. He is probably a puppet of the powers that be. So sad that people believe our ‘government’ is working for us. When it’s becomes obvious to everyone it will be too late in the day to do anything.

When death becomes art

Nature takes care of its own. Life is an endless recycling. From seed to plant to growth to maturity to death to decay. Françoise is preparing some apples for dehydrating. One rejected apple stood out particularly, pictured, and I decided to see it in a different way, as a work of art and part of these cycle of nature. If it were lying in the ground it would be decomposing letting the seeds in the middle create new life in the form of an apple tree. Why treat something with revulsion or disgust when it is just doing its natural thing.

Talking to a friend who was ill

I called my friend to see how he was. I have the advantage of being able to remote view the condition of another and making certain measurements in other words quantifying for example someone’s energy level. People dismiss this because they do not understand the nature of consciousness. We are all one consciousness, and the fact that we have separate bodies can discourages from looking at the real nature of our humanity. He has had a disease which has involved in feeling very weak and coughing quite a lot.

I did a reading on him and found his physical energy to be four out of 10 but it was increasing. This morning I did another reading and found it was six out of 10 and also increasing. In case you wonder, I use a pendulum, dowsing it is called, and the method has been used for hundreds of years not only to find water but to diagnose physical conditions.

I use it to examine people’s energy centers or chakras as they are known and from that I get a good idea of what is going on with the person without them having to tell me. In a way, I take my ability for granted and believe that everybody can do it if they were to believe they could do it. Telepathy works in us all anyway  anyway whether we like it or not. We call someone on the phone and they say, ‘you will not believe it but I was just thinking of you’. How many times have I heard this.

You can see further details of my abilities if you are interested on this site by looking at the menu on the top of the page.

The human body is the ultimate self- restorative organism and all we need to do is to let it work in the way that it is designed to do and use such natural substances such as honey, herbs, fresh air, exercise, plants that are known to have healing abilities in order to minimize the stress of life through faith, to get nutrition from hugging people, not to abuse the body with drugs.

Give the body a chance and let it do what it does best, that is what I say …. loud and clear.

A coaching and remote viewing session

I’m doing a very limited number of remote view coaching readings and one was a particular pleasure involving a young man with his life in front of him who had all sorts of plans but was disrespected by a girl friend with him he had broken off with a couple of weeks ago. I remember when I was his age, 16, I would be devastated and take personally everything that happened with me and the female sex. I recall the most excruciating embarrassment when faced with young ladies and I remember that I went red in the face and  almost ran away to my home.

I can look back on these sort of events now and laugh but at the time it was pretty horrible and I really had no clue about what was going on in the world. The person I met this afternoon was confident, full of ideas, and just needed to stop taking comments made about him personally. The speakers of such comments are motivated by ignorance and projecting their own unsolved situation on the nearest person that they can find.

As for sessions in general you know fairly early on in the session if you’re going to get on well with someone and it was quite clear from a moment the young man spoke that we would have no problem communicating. He was honest enough to say whether he agreed with my points or did not and if he did not I asked him to bear them in my case they made more sense in the future. I would far rather that people be honest rather than nodding at everything I say and then admitting afterwards that they did not understand a particular point.

Prayer group and bible study

To our Bible study in Westfield we read the second letter of Simon Peter chapter 1. In these pre-internet communication at a distance had to be through a letter and how much more effort must have the apostles put something that cannot be changed and was very infrequent and fulfilled their burning desire to spread the gospel.

Simon says that Jesus’ divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us . By his own glory and goodness Jesus has given us his very great and precious promises so that through them we may participate in the Divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.

Bland this is not. Good and Evil have sat side by side as long as human kind has been on the planet.

I’ll try not to bore you to death but he’s giving us what is called the full armour of God, and he has given the qualities that we need for this protection..

Make every effort to
add to your faith – goodness;
and to goodness, knowledge
Add to knowledge, self control;
And to self-control, perseverance
And to perseverance, godliness
And to godliness, mutual affection
And to mutual affection, love

I have never before considered the order of these instructions, it was surely not random but the implication is that the first thing you need is Faith before anything else, and then goodness. I could write a long essay on what ‘goodness’ is but I suspect it is our general disposition towards others because you cannot be good on your own though I acknowledge you can be holy.
Why does mutual affection come so low down the list? Why does love come at the end of the list?

As usual our group ran out of time, and there were more questions than answers but in the world of the spirit I would expect nothing less.

A long day (started at 3.30 am)  and will finish  at around 11.30 pm but a very rewarding day.

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