Day: 23 November 2023

Bath Christmas Market + The importance of boundaries + RUH visit

We as a nation have become addicted to images and brief videos and I am not sure how powerful the written word still is. As I have said before, I write this diary mainly for myself but anyone is entitled to have a peep into my life. All of us are one consciousness having derived from the same origin so we are different in our expressions of our identity but we all have something to give each...

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A largely local day – chips and porridge

This is a day to celebrate local institutions. We had breakfast at the " Fat Boyz cafe" at Gravel Hill, Seldson, Croydon. Traditional menu, well cooked up market from the greasy spoon model, lots of local faithful customers, a waitress who is business like and with whom you do not mess. We saw a man and his son eating breakfast. The son was being very difficult about his food, he must have been...

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