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We left at 9.30 am and arrived about 11am on yet another sunny frosty day. Stamford is an historical town used as a major stopping point between London and York. It has over 600 listed buildings. It is an affluent town with a good selection of high quality shops. I would have thought that the good and the great might want to retire there.

An exceptionally well presented church. Enthusiasm comes out of the walls and it was a pleasure to be there. I’m sure that some churches have got such a lot of prayer in the walls that you benefit from just entering the church never mind speaking to someone

I saw this leaflet / flyer, inspired by the Sue Rider homes. The title Grief Kind Spaces does not make grammatical sense to me but I totally agree about the philosophy. I note that you can get support for two hours per week. I think it should be 2 hours per day because we’re not just talking just about bereavements we’re talking about divorce and separation and the passing of a friend. This facility should be extended enormously.

This was a delightful local honesty shop come cafe come personal space come library where if you want to buy something you were directed to a  lady attendant who took the money from the produce for all the stalls.

My images could not all be processed but I came across an extraordinary man who was mentally disturbed. In a church which what’s being used for sales of Christmas items and evidently he had ranted around the church, stood on the altar and wave the Bible around in a very disturbing way. I then saw him again dancing around the exterior of an Italian Restaurant by the bus station and then he went in and strangely enough emerged about 30 seconds later. Was told that he should only have been allowed out under supervision.

We visited an art center which contained a cinema, a triangular room that was used as an art exhibition and a very small coffee area that was open during the times of shows.

We moved on to Oakham which contains a museum that was closed at the time and also a Castle Hall that was also closed at the time. Tuesdays should be avoided. It was the custom of passing royalty to contribute horseshoes as an offering to speed their path and over 200 of these were to be seen through the window of the exhibition at the Castle.

I was moved to purchase  a place mat which really says it all

Of the two towns, if I had to choose one it would definitely be Stamford. Allow three hours including stop for a mea. Oakham I would say up to two hours. Avoid rainy weather. Parking is more difficult in Stamford

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