Month: December 2023

Nostalgia- peace – telephone etiquette – priorities

Renegade church attender I believe there was a Vineyard Church service this morning in my Radstock Methodist Church but I had no impulse to go. The Christmas and New Year I regard as private time, reflection time such as  what should I be doing in the new year, in what way can I become a better person,  so the last thing I want is ordinary every day chat. Peace perfect peace I am more than...

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The fear campaign continues – even the forecast is being weaponized

Storm Henk – the eighth storm of the season– threatens to smash Britain this weekend as New Year is threatened by nationwide gales, rain and up to eight inches of snow. The entire country is on alert for three days of weather hell as the gates to the Atlantic swing open to a barrage of cyclonic low-pressure systems. A large storm system due to smash into Britain tomorrow is likely to be named...

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Are ‘woke’ people asleep or just angry?

I have not yet caught up with my week of activity in London and with so many other things pressing I made do a summary instead of my normal daily type diary. In connection with my research work, I subscribe to a lot of services which send me news updates every day, every week, or occasionally. One such is which publishes a variety of articles on social and political trends. I...

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Being kind to yourself + polymath vs linguist

We are not creatures in a treadmill and we should not treat ourselves as such. Yesterday I returned from a one week's holiday in London mainly to be together with my sister and give her some support on the physical level as she is in her mid 80s and like all of us older ones the body doesn't do exactly what you want it to do. I decided to have an extra day's 'holiday' and the more I thought...

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Trials and tribulations of traveling over the holiday season

Today's return journey from London to Somerset was not the best I have ever experienced but it was certainly populated with events. Our journey sounds simple enough, get a bus than a tram and arrive at East Croydon, from thence take the 20-minute rail journey to Victoria station, walk to the coach station, await the 11am coach (M10 as it so happens) and be transported to Bristol, then take the...

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Boxing Day – a quiet one

This was the time to be at home. My sister made a supply of sandwiches for a lady who goes around and feeds the homeless. We had masses of food leftover from Christmas day which we consumed. Time to pack our bags. I wish I could figure out why we sleep so badly because we wanted to sleep. I do not want to blame EMF fields for everything. I have decided to visit my sister more frequently perhaps...

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