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So, from my perspective as I sit here on a Sunday afternoon still enjoying the memories of the holiday that I have recently had.

We have the following world situation:

# Israel is using the excuse or ‘code’ of getting rid of Hamas to destroy and displace Palestinians. Prematurely, Israel have sold oil and gas rights for drilling including one sold to the father in law of our UK Prime Minister for $ 1.5 billion.
# Three years to the day, another virus has appeared which according to …no testing at all …specializes in infecting children. Where did it come from? China. Surprise surprise. How long before we get another lock down?
# Governments have just agreed to increase the effort for net zero for this  dreadful trace element called carbon dioxide without which we would die  because no plants would grow and we would cease to exist.
# we have a threat for the world-wide introduction of a digital currency connected to a central database where a tight control will be in existence over our spending habits.
# We shall be asked to live in 15 minute cities where travel restrictions will prevail
# We are mandated to in future only use battery powered cars to save the planet. The joke is that if we were to replace all the cars in the United Kingdom with EV’s, the amount of lithium required would be twice the total world supply.
# The church and morality is being systematically destroyed and children’s minds are being turned against their parents and all traditional views

Remember the warning of Klaus  Schwab. ‘you will own nothing and be happy’

I don’t think I need to make any more points. It is easy to feel helpless and paralyzed with fear. What we need is a bigger picture.

From where I sit, all these ideas are without scientific basis and are doomed to fail at great cost to us all. What should our reaction be? Should we carry on as if nothing had happened? The problem is that doing nothing when you are consciously aware that all is not right is to sacrifice your sovereignty as a human being and you become a robot, thus letting down those of your fellow human beings who have an independent life.

Let us say we choose to do something. What can we do?

First we need the courage to call this out for what it is – EVIL

Everyone can talk to their friends and business associates but the problem is that most people have been so thoroughly brainwashed that they will marginalize you rather than admit that they themselves were hoodwinked and fooled into believing something that was not right.

The government is fond of saying that the science has been settled. This is another way of saying that all opposition has been crushed. The opposition consists of independent scientists who are not afraid to speak up.

The problem with writing to our MP is that the MPs themselves have been compromised either by bribery or blackmail or peer pressure and with the glorious exception of MPs like Andrew Bridgen, they do not stand up for what they know to be the truth. Although it is never a complete waste of time to write to one’s MP I do question the value in this case, or should I say the value is only to the writer.

We can consider direct action through marches and so on but these have been anticipated by the powers that be and will be dismissed as hate crimers or extremists. The mainstream media will a obediently follow this and most of the public will be none the wiser.

Another way of dealing with the whole thing is not to cooperate with the powers that be. There are far fewer of ‘them’  than they are of Us. We are the 99%. What they are trying to do therefore is to frighten us into compliance not only through the Nudge Unit but to threaten us , frighten us, imprison us, for actions that we might do. I suppose it is a little bit like corralling sheep.

What happens inside our minds is as important as anything else. As we most easily can be controlled by fear, it is vital to be well informed so that you can more or less imagine what they are going to do and therefore we are inoculated against fear even by serious sounding news bulletins. The next fear attack will surely be a new pandemic against which the body has ‘no protection’. This conveniently forgets that we have an immune system which has served us very well and as time progresses, the immune system becomes more and more wise and experienced and knows what to expect. The body is the ultimate self-healing and self-protective wonderful mechanism.

Peace of mind, knowledge, faith, the ability and the willingness to improvise when all our needs are not being met, the storing of good food, the understanding of the human body so we can keep ourselves well by natural means, are all things that are necessary.
Head in the sand will not work.
I read that there is an enormous increase in the number of people affected by mental problems. By its nature we do not see these people who are suffering. The resources to help them are being stretched to busting point. It is here where friends, acquaintances, relatives, are so vital in our need to maintain faith and vitality.

In my own case, every day for me is a challenge to see how many people I can affect, influence or benefit in some way or another. I do this on a daily basis with no exceptions. Every stranger I see is a friend that I have not yet met and I welcome them into my life even though I do not even know their names. It works each and every time. In the rare cases that someone does not so anything I know that I have maybe planted a seed.

Before I speak with any stranger, I check out their body language to make sure they are receptive. That is why I have to be careful in places like Bath and Wells where there are people that I can only describe as upper class and a little snobby in some cases. These people are quite fixed in their own identity and will not have anybody tell them anything but they don’t want to hear so I leave them alone.

So here you are, in a family. When you disagree on certain matters for example whether to have a certain clinical intervention. I have known cases where disagreements have ended in divorce and this includes disfranchisement from the family. People pay a terrible price for standing up for things. Medical people, professors, researchers, who speak against the recent trend of giving untested vaccines are dismissed and dishonored. They had done nothing other than stand up for their principles so it is nothing to do with ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ never mind ‘science’.

Fortunately most of us are not in the firing line but unfortunately some of us are even afraid to give opinions in case we are laughed at or dismissed. I’m afraid this goes with the territory. In the bible study that I did this morning with my Vineyard group we were reminded that Jesus said ‘you will be hated of all men for my name’s sake but he that endures to the end shall be saved’. The point is that if someone has allowed themselves to be vaccinated and realizes later that they made a mistake, they are not going to be willing to admit their foolishness to other people. It is a matter of basic pride. Of course they are not going to thank you. This is why when mentioning this, it is wiser to ask questions or say that you have read somewhere that…., such an interesting thing happened.

Confronting people is not a good idea.

Yes, someone turns out for something will lose friends. I reckon for every five you lose you will gain one new genuine friend who will stand with you and that is in my view a price worth paying.

We may be reduced to saying nothing and just loving people who have taken a medical intervention and find themselves with a cancerous or heart infection,  which has produced a permanent weakness in their system. We may have to watch them suffer plus the knowledge that they may become separated from their partner and children. We can only pray for them.

Unfortunately we can’t take responsible for the actions of other people. The body is inviolate and we have body autonomy  over what may be done to our body without permission. The way I can most easily survive in this dreadful carnage and I do include thoughts of the poor Palestinians who are being killed by the hundred as I speak is to understand what is going on, to pray for the afflicted and the dying, to pray for the souls of the departed especially the children, and to pray that our friends and associates who do not have faith will find somewhere solace for their condition.

On putting your head above the parapet: It is also difficult when speaking up about something when that would cause you to lose your job. This means your house and your family and your livelihood will be at risk. I’m thinking of the thousands of people particularly nurses and pilots, who had to have the covid vaccination as a condition of remaining in their job. It is interesting that employers are now inviting unvaccinated people back as a tacit acknowledgement that the vaccine was a mistake in the first place.

If you think I’m just rambling on please look at my website, which has as I write 3,132 links to evidence-based medicine showing that harm has been caused.

I hope I am not being seen as taking an elitist high ground. I am just trying to find my way through the morass of this hell that is called human life. Ultimately, the soul is not the body. My body is a temporary suit of clothes that I will cast off when I have finished with it. ‘I’ will continue in another form going who knows where. There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches in the world so maybe we end up somewhere else.  We may end up in a no time no space ‘heaven’ if we deserve it.

With regard to the stars,  no I am not exaggerating. I believe the figure is 2 to the power of 22 which is a big number. It does restore in me some sense of proportion when I think that human kind only came to the planet at 5 minutes to midnight when compared with the total age of the earth. Nature has been with us for most of this time and when we have destroyed ourselves nature will still be around. A human life is the blink of an eyelid.

My three guidelines are:

# acting naturally, which means respecting nature, it’s remedies for our condition, it’s cycles, and then

# following nature in all its ways and learning from it

# respecting the words of He who came to save us from this condition, Jesus, or in anyone else’s language the other distinguished visitors let us call them, emissaries from on high who have called us to overcome evil and lead a radiant life.

Further, when Jesus was on this earth he made certain promises to us such as ‘I will always be with you’. He gave us the gift of eternal life in his spirit which can dwell in us if we so wish. This spirit will guide us where we need to go and will introduce us to the people we need to meet to fulfill our destiny but also theirs. I can think of no better way of spending my life.

I like the idea of Jesus as ‘my celestial buddy’.

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