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A lovely way to start the day. A whole 60 seconds of video about LOVE (not lurve)

is Jesus’ message misunderstood?

As some of you know, I have regular conversations with my friend John who is one of the few people who are on my wavelength and he has been so over the decades. We meet on Skype and between us we generate enough alchemy for me to improve my understanding of what is important, and hopefully the feeling is mutual so far as he is concerned.

John – Modern day Christianity has lost sight of the message that Jesus came to bring. I think they’ve supplanted it with a much more materialistic approach. Jesus’ idea was to get out of this world whereas they’re talking about Christianity being a way of life and how to treat people and being kind. There are lots of good things about Christianity and there are a lot of people who are very good hearted, but….

The problem is that you get the overzealous ones, the materialists, who will translate spirituality into a methodology. Christians adhere to some of the qualities of real Christianity as intended by Jesus but the majority of impetus in the church is the establishment of a community on earth which is not what he preached.

Then they fill it full of regalia so that for example God is made manifest chiefly  in churches so the whole thing becomes a parody of the original message.

The whole ethic is that as Jesus said ‘yes are gods but know it not’ it means that your path back to Godhead is unique and therefore your methodology will be different to everybody else’s methodology. To make a conglomerate and say we are all Christians, Buddhists or whatever else is really over-collection. You are trying to standardize the conceptual frame in other words you’re taking a moral compass and actually setting it on a group level, and taking it away from the individual and I’m disagree with that.

Brian – Just imagine you were mates with Jesus and he was walking by your side and you were talking. There’s no lack of parity there and I said if he wants you to act like him. He works through you because you have his spirit. That did not go down extraordinarily well.

John – Exactly.  Christians, and indeed all faiths, have a need to have a hierarchy. Hierarchy is what you have in the three dimensions. You have to have a hierarchy because you’ve got time, and you’ve got entropy and therefore one thing is going to precede another. You generate hierarchies naturally and that’s why God is ‘up at the top’ and we are ‘down at the bottom’ but strictly speaking that’s not true, because we are God looking through the bottom and therefore the whole concept of hierarchy is totally irrelevant.

When you die you are part of a single structure, although it’s got elements which are above and below in terms of vibrational coherence, but that coherence is respected as part of a single wave which is like godhead itself. There is no concept of hierarchy outside of living in the third dimension.

What is it like in heaven? In that state we lose individuality. We are all one in total order- not from parts. There is no time.  The idea of telepathy will be redundant.

Will Fauci go there?  He will be in a state where each is separate from others.  He and others like him will be held within magnetic fields. This is because he chose to turn his compass down the opposite way from pointing towards light and unity.  Fauci and Co. simply don’t know enough to spot that this will be the result of their free will.  We are the result of our choices. There is no escape.  We cannot negate free will.  It is inviolable.

Brian – Why are we so obsessed with hierarchies?

John – Because we have set our consciousness to believe in material continuity over spiritual continuity and that’s why Christianity has got the wrong orientation because we have set our consciousness to believe in material continuity over spiritual continuity and that’s another lesson why Christianity has got the wrong orientation.

Brian: So, it should be more Gnostic orientated. It’s more a mystic type of thing because mysticism has no hierarchy.

John – So we need faith and belief and trust and love, and ‘the greatest of these is love’. These are all cohesive elements of mind, of consciousness. They have no real bearing on the movements of atoms.

Brian – If I look at the Christian communities that I have been part of, I get on best with the people who are on the on the fringe of the group. Some of them wave their arms at Jesus. I do not relate to this.

I think that Jesus-like way examples such as forgive your enemies, do good to those that hate you’ is actually the correct understanding of what’s really going on and thus the consequent decision to be ‘imitators of Christ’. If we meld with the Christ consciousness then that is the main ‘decision’).

The problem with the materialists and the psychopaths is that consciousness does not factor into their plans. They are missing half the story. They also ignore the idea of karma, past (and future) lives, the reality of life after death.

Being in heaven means that you cannot have time. All beings are timeless. This will be a mind blower (if we need a mind at this point) and will make our earthly life seem like death.

The opposite of this amongst everyday people is being a ‘Karen’, which is a pejorative slang term for an obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist middle-aged white woman who uses her privilege to get her way or police other people’s behaviors.

John – That’s why if you read a lot of the parables in the New Testament you get a clear idea of what he was trying to put across as a message, but that message was for individuals. You’ve got the story about the Centurion who said ‘my servant is sick’ to which Jesus replies ‘your faith has healed him‘ He didn’t tell him to stop being a Centurion.

In other words, the realisation of where to put the moral compass and how to act upon it is always an individual thing. Christianity’s also got benefits and some of those are that they study the Bible but the biggest problem is the ritualization of it in other words the materializing of the thing. The problem is that you get the overzealous ones, the materialists who will translate spirituality into a methodology and when you do that, you’re actually detracting from the original message that you’re trying to put across.


If they ask you what to do then you can give your opinion.  Don’t tell anyone what to do otherwise you will slant your own moral compass.

Brian: Yes in your efforts to add you are actually subtracting but perhaps not even subtracting but putting in a fog.

Be careful not to inhibit free will.  We need an open mind and a large bandwidth.  Dogma which becomes unchangable means that the person is finished  so careful when giving advice on the fly.

Love thy neighbour is a principle. Jesus did not ‘tell’ us what to do.

John – You cannot translate one function into the other. They’re in opposite directions.

Brian – So do you go with Quakers here?

John -That’s more towards the point. They realise that the path is less rigid than regular Christianity; the real way is much more individual.

Brian – The trouble is that if I go to a Quaker meeting the average age of the people is about 100 and they’re all dying off.

John –  I wasn’t recommending not to go to a Christian meeting but be aware of these points.  I’ve just had a guy here from America he’s a stalwart Christian and he goes to his church and everything else and yet he listens to some of the theories that I put across and he thinks they are really interesting. It doesn’t stop him being a great church member either as he won’t change his views or change his operation, but he will expand his viewpoint to accommodate others in a better way so once somebody joins one of those groups that you refer to it’s not so much about Jesus it’s about having a community.

Brian – They say we would wish you to bless us. I dont know why the present conditional tense is used. What if Jesus were to say ‘actually I don’t bless people I annoy them, that’s unless I’m asked to stop’

They got the whole idea of Jesus very twisted and it’s horrible and when I’m asked to stand up during these interminable ‘praise Jesus’ songs I do not stand. I sit down. I can’t take it but I listen with respect.

However in the coffee breaks I reckon is where most the benefit takes place. In a wider context I imagine that conferences could consist entirely of coffee breaks and it might be much more productive. I am exaggerating slightly but do you see my point.

I’ve got a theory about word strings given in lectures, these long word strings from people that are so keen on getting everything across that they give out more than the human brain can deal with. If a speaker were to make the best point in the whole world, the brain would be so taken up with analyzing and extrapolating that it would miss the next few points and would thus go into a condition of ‘pond skating’ without noticing it.

John – Jesus as a character is often misrepresented in the churches. There are some people who are like that. These people think of themselves as outspoken and share their thoughts. That’s the way to be. Others think of themselves as sheep and trying to keep away from the wolves whereas in fact you know socially that it’s almost the opposite because it’s the sheep that are now vaccinating us and going on about these things because they’re just going for it. Nobody argues. It’s as much their fault in some way as the people that are taking advantage of them.

Notes on the meeting

Relagia – the emblems, symbols, or paraphernalia indicative of royalty. b. : decorations or insignia indicative of an office or membership.

Hierarchy  1. a system of persons or things arranged in a graded order with a simple uppermost element
2. a body of persons in holy orders organized into graded ranks
3. the collective body of those so organized
I distinguish between order and harmony and the criterion needed to establish harmony is of a different order to the criteria needed to create a hierarchy

My reaction to hierarchies as a genre

I have always distrusted hierarchies and committees because I find myself questioning the motives of those who occupy high positions. It is very seldom I meet someone in charge who has the ability to listen indeed the will to listen to others especially if they are so-called low down on the hierarchy, for example a newly arrived member of staff. Employers who treat all their staff with respect irrespective of their position in a hierarchy get a five-star review from me. People know when they are valued. They feel it instinctively and act accordingly by giving their loyalty to the firm or organization.

I do not find that charities or in America so-called non-profits are any better or worse than those working in Commercial Industries. The ability and desire to listen is a dying art. You need to be in a safe place to listen to people’s criticisms and comments, have any hidden agendas because these agendas trip you up when you least want it or expect it.

I reckon that the best organizations are the smallest. I Watch most of the medical programs, bad skin clinics, accident and emergency departments in hospitals, air Ambulance, police, the lot. The one of the best coverage  I have seen is in the skin clinic near Harley Street, London, where a small number of qualified people, with different specialities, work together as a family. They also ‘play’  together and have fun. When you are in a big organisation, you tend to be treated as a number as in the case of the behemoth seller, Amazon. Employees who work there are as near to slaves who happen to be paid as you can imagine.

Coming back to today’s theme, to see Jesus as he really was involves pulling back a lot of the covering and examining the habits, customs developed over time, and understanding who we really are. David Icke would say that we are infinite beings having an experience in a physical form. Irrespective  of your views of David, he has been spot on right over the decades in prophesying events and trends that have subsequently happened in the world and I think his understanding of the nature of the human being is spot on.

If you can find a comfortable place for ‘yourself’ in the world you will never be lonely, but you may often be alone. Clue, ‘We’ are not of the self, we are of the breath of God.

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