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Hi dear, I’m a good woman with a cheerful smile on my face who’s at
the moment trying to find a loving relationship. All i am able to
possibly write regarding myself personally for now is that I adore
sport & needless to say out-of-doors journeys so much, remember to
look at my pix down below and I will be anticipating your answer.

Such was the message that greeted me when I opened my phone this morning. We can take what we have when we were born, decide to become a better person working at our full potential or through our actions and thoughts degrade and decline. This free will is built into us and is part of our humanity.

Does the person who wrote this, if indeed it was a person, have any self-respect as they have in effect sold their soul. What sort of deprivation has the writer experienced in order to find such an utterance satisfactory and see it as a way forward. It’s almost beyond moral judgment here. It would help if they could learn to use the English language.

Vineyard Church Special Service

To the Vineyard Church service this morning. I volunteered to be a greeter, outside the church on a blowy rainy morning. I like doing things like this as I enjoy serving food to people. You could tell who was going to come into the church because of the positive way they were walking, not just strolling. I greeted them and shook hands where appropriate, I think the first few seconds of let us say knocking at the door of a property where you’re going to attend a party, especially when you have not been there before and don’t know anybody, can be quite traumatic.

It is vital to be greeted by a real human being because first impressions matter and you are a vital step between being an anonymous person on the street and a valued member of a cohort group. It does not matter too much what you say, so long as you smile and are physically there,  you are doing your job.

A special announcement was read from the safeguarding committee for the Bath area Vineyard that complaints had been made about the behavior of the coordinator and his wife; it was of sufficient seriousness to ask an independent assessor to review the situation. I am suspicious of all ‘complaints’ because very often it is from people who will not accept responsibility for their actions and blame other people.

As you will have recently learnt if you have read my diaries, a priest was sacked because of an anonymous complaint from one of the pupils. However just in case the accusations may be more serious, in this case, it might be a good idea to have a third party in to adjudicate because they are a disinterested parties (as opposed to uninterested parties) and are more likely to come to an objective conclusion.

Tally, one of our leaders, read a particularly important part of the New Testament surrounding the time of the birth of Jesus and the Three Wise Men. I was very struck by the way she read it because she actually embodied what she was reading. She was part of it. She identified with it. And the words came across in majestic fashion. It is a million miles away from someone reading something for the first time.

I feel that this is important for us all to take this into consideration. People who just read something, like so many news readers, are mouthing the words but the carrier wave, the frequency that tells us that they really believe and identify with what they’re saying, that is what makes some people believable and some people not so believable.

A useful piece of advice from scripture

On the Conservative Woman website there is normally a religious piece or two on Sunday and today was no exception. This is an article by Julian Mann, who is a former Church of England vicar, now an evangelical journalist based in Morecambe, Lancashire.

He discusses a point of general interest about entertaining the words of other people. I’m sorry to say that as a baseline most people do not take seriously the words of others and at best linger a few moments on them before turning to the next topic.

In its reference to all holy Scriptures, the Collect in church services particularly Holy Communion includes: ‘Blessed Lord, who hast caused all holy Scriptures to be written for our learning: Grant that we may in such wise hear, read, mark, learn and inwardly digest them, that by patience and comfort of thy holy Word, we may embrace and ever hold fast the blessed hope of everlasting life, which thou hast given us in our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.’

It does take some considerable effort for us to change our mind sets, never mind the mindsets of others. For a start, we need to understand WHY we may need to make a change.

Yesterday I was clever
so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise
so I am changing myself

Hear. How often do I hear people miss quote what has been taught or spoken about. It is necessary to give people your complete and utter attention, to clear the decks, do you understand that they are saying something that may be important. We say, I hear you. This however can contain a conundrum. The person is saying that I hear what you say but I disagree with it, or hear what you say but I’m not going to do anything about it.

Read – this may be a reference to reading about something or it could mean background reading or research. Anyway, seriously to the extent of entertaining it over a span of time.

Mark – make a note of those factors that are particularly relevant to your situation. Other words we are implying that not all the text is equally important to us and we should perhaps focus on that portion that does speak to us directly. We cannot learn everything at the same time.

Learn – what we have learned in one field is applicable to another. We speak of a learned skill or a learned habit. Anything that contains a principle is applicable to other fields. This is all part of developing wisdom.

Inwardly digest – taking in a principle or working rule or fact, and incorporating it with other aspects of your life. For example let us say I gave a bad first impression to someone. I have learnt from it and now, the task is to incorporate the lessons learned into my behavior and attitude to everyone I have not met.

In technical terms, my behavior has been modified. ‘Digesting’  means letting this information seep into all corners of our mind and that is only possible if there is some repetition in different circumstances. Practice makes perfect.

Most of us do not even reach the end of the ‘hear’ stage. Must be something to do with the ego.  A good start is Socrates ‘all I know is that I know nothing’.  In other words, my mind is open to anything that is said.

Most of my clients on my remote view activities come when their situation is advanced and intolerable. It can take a person to be on the verge of divorce before they ask advice or support. There is something about human nature that is so prideful that you don’t want to lose face through admitting that you are less than perfect. The function of a social group or any community is to give people competence in each other that they can share at a deeper level in a more matter of fact manner. The problems staring you in the face can seem much bigger than they are, and very often one or two words of advice can take the millstone from around our neck and deliver us more towards something resembling peace of mind or the ability to cope.

The world is going more towards a division between the very rich and the very poor. Increasingly rich people simply do not care about those they regard as ‘useless eaters’ and you should not expect any government to suddenly start being compassionate and caring. This will not happen.

There is a harvest of beauty and reward amongst those we call our friends and contacts. It is this that I rejoice in when this afternoon a group of us from the Vineyard Church met in a large farmhouse, lived in by the group leaders for the area, and had some lunch. We had light hearted talk for most of the time. I tell jokes and tease people if I possibly can.

In general I feel it a duty and a privilege to share my pains and my concerns, my delights, and what I am pleased to call my progress. When I ask how people are, I really want to know. To be told by someone ‘ I am fine’ or even worse ‘I am good’ is just a waste of time. I would rather someone tell me that they were having a hard day or had too much on their plate, and I could use my considerable talents to give advice and give the results of my intuition.

For the first 60 or so years of my life I would not have been able to say such things because I was too busy paddling my own canoe but when you get older you come to consider the nature of life after death, if that is something you want to pursue, puts the whole thing into perspective.

Consciousness cannot be destroyed. We live with what we create. Let us create good things. Let us put things out irrespective of the return or recognition we get or do not get. Living for yourself is not really living. Living for others is life itself.



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