What is learning and what is heaven?

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How do we learn?

How do we learn? I’m not talking so much about adult book learning but how we instinctively learn and thus guide ourselves through life. Children learn mainly by imitation and using their parents as a role model for behavior, and how to relate. Later, we learn in school. You can look at the etymology of this word and I am particularly drawn to the gothic ‘lais’ “I know” which has a base sense of ” to follow or find the track. The word ‘learned’ means having knowledge gained by study and this word was used from the 14th century.

What is the difference between a ‘learned’ person (the second syllable is distinct) and a person who has just learned lessons. I suspect the latter is more to do with life on the material plane and how to survive it whereas ‘learned’ implies a more abstract possibly spiritual panorama where philosophy, spirituality, divine strategy, and good old common sense plus a large dose of professional humility. Being learned means that you can transpose the learning in one area to another, in other words carry around a set of keys with you that will give you the most creative means of approach to a problem, if not the solution. Maybe there is no solution to a particular problem but that may lie outside the capacity of the one who searches.

In life it is impossible not to learn. You can learn that you get no result from doing a particular action so you stop doing it hopefully. Learning through experience that a particular person is not trustworthy. As a child you learn your times tables. Does this make you wise or learned? Some people learn to negotiate a way through life that minimizes pain. An abused wife learns to behave in such a way as to avoid the malevolent actions of her abusive husband. You can say that she makes herself comfortable in a restricted area. It is a sobering thought – at least to me – that many of us are living in a way that reflects a whole series of negative experiences that have conditioned us to think and act the way we do. Conversely we have learned what gives us pleasure and hopefully most of us have positive experiences to draw on. The expression of certain chemicals in the body will encourage us in that way, such as dopamine.

At my stage of life I see my main means of learning as watching videos, reading articles on the internet, watching certain trusted TV channels plus the act of talking about what I know which becomes a self-generating process. I am also blessed with friends who are kind enough to speak the truth and share their experiences with me. It must be a paradox to those who know me that although I possess hundreds of books I find concentrating on the act of reading for more than 10 minutes very difficult.

My mind is such that it is quickly drawn to other things that need to be done on my computer,  the number of links that I have to various websites, continually present me with interesting, ‘must read articles’. I have toyed  with the idea of doing reading in the morning and computer work in the afternoon but it doesn’t work because so much interesting stuff comes in overnight that I want to see it straight away. Maybe I swap the plan around.

My most effective learning occurs when I am talking to someone on my wavelength. A lot of what I discuss, I already know – but I want for lack of discussing it,  not for understanding it as such,  but to bring it into relief.

I need to revisit the topic quite regularly to keep my focus tuned. Today I saw the image of ‘idea soldiers’ lying down and then when I said something they stood up. Funny how these images come into the mind. I saw the old fashioned soldiers made of lead and roughly painted. We have lots of ideas and ideals which can get out of phase with each other and a disciplined conversation is the way of phasing ourselves in and updating our views. I consider this necessary to retain sanity, and I have discussed before in the diaries the debilitating effect of solitary confinement which I consider to be the worst sort of torture.

How do we regard ‘experts?’

My conclusion is not to regard other people as superior, but as two or more souls on a journey, who can assist each other by giving hints, tips, observations and reflections on that journey. Anyone is capable of being inspired so everyone should be listened to. This is one of the many reasons why I dislike hierarchies. I do not want to have to defer to someone based on their position in an artificially created organization. In a sense I would be emasculating myself. It could be said to be consciously or unconsciously limiting my own ability to draw in from the universe that knowledge and information that I need to proceed on my way.

You don’t have to join anything, or come to that, earn anything but just to be aware of what is around us in the universal mind of which the brain is a translator. In other words, no one should be put on a pedestal. In practice this is difficult not to do because some people are admirable souls and have earned the right to be listened to. We should not however have to anesthetize ourselves in the process.

As to our achievements on the physical plane, we need to learn that our bodies, our joints, our musculature, our reflexes, our sense of balance, our sense of vision, our reaction time, change as we get older. Part of being wise is to limit actions which demand more of us than we can comfortably give. In my own case, the other day I was going up a ladder and went wobbly just for a second or so but during that time was helpless and had something happened I would have been unable to assist myself and would have had an accident. It is foolhardy to imagine otherwise.

With regard to learning about the ways of the world, it does not take long to realize the increasing amount of crookedness, dishonesty, greed and down right lies on the part of those who rule us or seek to do so. Maybe the answer is to retreat into ourselves not in an introspective way but just to contemplate things that are good. I did think of spending the time between Christmas and New Year just being quiet and reading, but knowing me and my Gemini self that will be a task indeed.

We need to learn the contribution that consciousness makes, vs the contribution that the world of atoms and three-dimension makes. It was one of the Apostles who said wisely that we should be “in the world but not of it”

Do viruses exist

As an aside, I talked with my friend John about whether viruses exist and if they do, are they being misunderstood. John thought that if they are the lowest form of life how can they be formed without the overarching higher form of life. How can a parasite be more effective than its master. Let’s say something causes a disease state such as pneumonia. There is no proof that the appearances of a virus form a causal connection to the disease. It may indeed just be detritus caused by the progress of the body getting rid of the disease.

The problem with science or mainstream science is that they do not acknowledge the contribution of the fields of consciousness to the welfare of the whole human body. The manipulation of a set of atoms in a particular configurations cannot produce consciousness. Do atoms even exist unless they are observed by the consciousness.? So, do we live in atoms, or live in consciousness. The thrust of consciousness and its orientation with harmony or disharmony is that it can control the configuration of our atoms. We read of the various miracles performed by Jesus Christ and others. ‘Get up and walk’ was something he said to a cripple. This is an example of a clear conscious idea affecting our atomic structure.

It could be said that dis-ease is caused by a gap between the way in which the atoms are coordinated, compared with the way in which the mind or the soul is trying to configure it. In other words there is internal dissension. Some would say that from this meme you would get a propagating effect so an effect, negative or positive, will spread through the the entire population via the Gaia effect. This takes time for development because it functions inter alia according to the way the Earth moves. It looks like sometimes there is a wave moving across the world of a disease apparently starting in a particular place but is there another law which prevails that historical has caused many people to experience the same symptoms simultaneously.

The big bang did not happen in one particular place. It may be that the causative agent of a disease is in fact a psychological alteration in the field of the species. Unless scientists understand or accept the power of consciousness they don’t have a chance of understanding this type of phenomena and we are reaching the point where things like medicine and biology are useless unless you consider that position. If the only thing that scientists consider are environmental factors then they are limited in their understanding.

You can say therefore that there are three parts to the discussion about disease for example. 1. The Natural World, 2.the world of consciousness and indeed invisible energies such as magnetism, 3. the impingement of environmental factors. Without the understanding of the trinitarian nature how can there be an effective antidote. We cannot counteract entropy unless we understand what its nature is doing to us. You will never understand the nature of viral diseases as you will never understand life itself. If we write off the effect of consciousness then the language of science will change.

Pertinent to this is the maintenance of our own homeostasis.  In my case I attribute my lack of Fear (though not of anger) to my increasingly bizarre  sense of humour. There is not much we can do about Israel or climate change but the only thing we can do is to just make fun of it otherwise you start getting involved in it and trying to do something. We can observe how human behavior becomes cold and mechanical. I am a great fan of being forewarned so that the next surprise does not rock my psychology.

With regard to writing in general.

In theory,  anyone should be able to get any information they want through just absorbing it through the field of the Earth.  We just by our desire to know.  Consider The Psalms of David. He was a shepherd so what’s to stop anyone getting any information about anything on a philosophical level anywhere. I am not saying on the detailed technically of material. We just need the coherence and the belief to be able to do it.

So the process of thinking about everyone does that to an extent but you need your brain to translate and bring to functionality facts from the consciousness field.

Electronic circuits in proximity to the human aura can damage it and there is an argument for keeping away from all technology but then I don’t think there’s any escape. The main thing to bear in mind that  if you can effectively work out what consciousness is, and effectively use this compass we spoke of previously to direct our actions with a result that that we are moving against magnetic fields constantly, then our consciousness will ‘escape’ the effects as it is not incompatible with a magnetic field. If you choose to serve the Anti-Christ then you will be confined in magnetic fields forever.

You need to bear in mind that for instance electricity is really the difference between two poles of the universe,  the poles of total order vs. of total chaos and the potential difference between them so the potential difference you see in an atom is just a microcosm of that effect. That is why electrons are one charge and protons are in other charge because there isn’t  an orientation toward the poles in terms of the consolidation of matter. What we call electricity is one vector and what we call magnetism is the attendant perpendicular vector and therefore magnetism itself creates the third dimension otherwise everything would by default be two dimensional.

So the only thing we really have to deal with is magnetism which we call force. All force is magnetism, so magnetism is force but it it’s called other things when it expresses itself in in different ways,  so you can reconfigure the magnetic vectors but it’s not always like just magnets. It can manifest all sorts of secondary effects.

I’m thinking so this is where you get the contact of the dimensionality so no magnetism no dimensionality. No magnetism would lead you into a two-dimensional state so everything would be on the other side of the barrier towards light.  In our state it cannot be. You have to accommodate yourself to a physical universe.

A singularity always implies its opposite and so the concept of a singularity is not possible. Science is wrong when it considers that you can have a naked singularity,  so we’re in a eternal situation of having to make a compromise. The only variable is for you as a unique individual to make a choice to align yourself with the compass  whether it points towards  to oneness or away from it.

If you’re thinking is genocidal then you have pointed your compass directly downwards and you’re trying to run ahead of entropy. As the extreme opposite, When Jesus was on the cross he took away his magnetic side altogether and focused on his Father and so he probably disconnected from his body at a fairly early stage. He went ‘out of phase’ with mortality which means that under those conditions you can for example walk through walls if you need to. So this gives us a clue as how to survive torture. You go out of phase.

I’m probably the worst person because I don’t like pain but people must achieve this somehow. They achieve it through going into another universe. We ARE our belief system and you set your mindset to place consciousness in charge,  you move into it and pull away from the atomic control. Most people can’t do it. I’ve noticed that when I’m in difficult situations which I agree is nothing compared with the Palestinian people but I get a sense of the ‘Presence’ that paradoxically takes me out of the present.

I get the impetus from the use of will and orientation because when I deliver myself to another place my body vehicle no longer suffers. For example  if I break down in the car and it’s freezing cold on the side of the road I seem to draw on something automatically.  I’m not saying it always happens but tends to when I retain a non self centred attitude.

It’s not the expression of free will. It is not necessarily just going from a point A to point B; it is the determination to actually go there is without purpose it can be a  nebulous overall effect.

John – I used to be at airports a lot and sometimes it’d be four or six hours  to wait for the next plane departure. I found a way of changing the way I was thinking and the time would just speed by. I would hardly notice and it wouldn’t seem like that amount of time.

I think to do what has been just described we must become free of atoms by doing those things that are conducive to lack of magnetism. For example communing with nature. Can I see if I can heal myself because I’m the worst person to look after myself. I’m absolutely hopeless. I’m just involved in my subject so much perhaps overall organize about balance between work and play.

John – I have this intense work thing and I’ve noticed colleagues that will just work themselves into the ground and then crack up and then they have months off as a breakdown or something and I’ve seen people do it.

You need to know where you start to get this characteristic over overworking yourself eventually you will pay. The trick is to spot it coming and to deliberately stop and do something else for a while because it increases the efficiency of the work when you go back to it. If you manage a sort of regime like that,  then you work for longer in the end than you would do just trying to go full tilt all the time.

A friend of ours need to learn his lesson to relax He’s got the bug to just go for it in terms o what he understands in his consciousness. He is an incredibly wonderful bloke but he has got this great belief and he’s trying to move toward it. When we take a serious path in life there need to be emotional release mechanisms such as  poking fun at it. It tends to release some of the tension. That’s why a common occurrence in science is that you can over-study and ‘go mad’ … and you actually do go mad.

For science to survive, we need to avoid the habits of working off pseudo predictions without enough input variables and then believing the results which is completely crazy especially when you don’t have the data to back it up. All is corrupted by greed and power.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely

So what is heaven then?

Heaven is a place with minimal force paradigms. It is a cohesive synergistic state of mind and heart where you can see things from a sublime point of view and not be deceived by the forces of entropy. It is where you live within a time framework but not being confined by it. It is a place where you can enjoy telepathic contact or awareness with other people.  If you are in heaven you have no need to fear.  So what’s not to like?

That’s my take anyway.

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