The Silly Season begins with a Christmas Cracker joke

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Q  – how many letters are in the alphabet of Christmas?
A  – 25 – there’s no-el

Maybe it’s time to start being silly. I’m going to take a few days off over Christmas including writing this diary although knowing me, I will fill in retrospectively. I do enjoy the whole process very much, and part of the reason is I don’t know at the beginning of the day what I’m going to write about, but something always comes.

It is after all INspiration not EXpiration

However, I do have the Palestinians in the back of my mind,  historical brutality, hypocrisy on the part of the West, lack of moral fibre from the agressors.  They are  not going to have any sort of Christmas. Imagine coming ‘home’  to find that you don’t have a home anymore, and that it has been reduced to rubble and, worse than that,  there could be someone buried there may be dying.

Home grown creativity

It’s amazing what you can make out of materials if you use a little bit of imagination. From the plastic container of firewood. Francoise has constructed a bag which I find quite retro and indeed a piece of art in itself. Therapeutic I would say.

Good and not so good leaflets

Today I went to the doctor for a checkup and asked the receptionist how the new booking system was going.  People can now apply for an appointment via their mobile phone. They give a description of their symptoms, and it will be read and responded to. The receptionist said that it was a great success and the tedious queuing system that started at eight o’clock in the morning was no longer relevant. I told her that I got great success and got an appointment within a few hours. She thanked me for the feedback.

I saw two advertisements on the walls of the waiting room. There must have been about 60 leaflets there in all. What I’m going to show you is one that I think really works. The second one will I guess have people scratching their heads and wondering what it’s all about. I leave you to be the judge of that

Very bad to have such a corny meme. It goes back to the Stones famous song ‘ I can’t get no satisfaction’ and to intermingle this with another type of message is disaster.  Help?   Everybody hurts?   Stepladder?  WHAT??? Satisfaction under pressure???? It is not even good syntax.

Just been listening to Ravel’s ravishing Sherazade. Close to the time to switch off for the year.


prophetic video for Brits. Jordan Peterson: Britain will be ‘Venezuela for 20 years’ if Starmer wins the next election.
It’s a small world. Its all about the price of oil. By Canadian Prepper.

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