Tourist mini-guide to London

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I would now like to give some general advice about traveling in London. I have lived in London for over 50 years and I know it’s ways. It is a cosmopolitan city where members of different races get on very well here it don’t believe what you read in the mainstream Media. There are occasional disagreements but people learn that in order to survive they need to be polite and respectful of others.

If you need help, context is important if you want people to feel safe when you start a conversation with them. If you are near a bus stop, train station, even an information bureau (not that there are many left these days) people will more likely to be in traveling mode and will be able to assist you. In a strange town, any type of question is acceptable. For example, where is Buckingham Palace, how do I get to Piccadilly Circus, anything really. Londoners are quite proud of their city and will be glad to assist.

You should definitely get a travel card for the day if you want to see the sites. The price depends on how far out you want to travel but I would have thought that a zone one and two pass would be more than enough for those wishing to see the main sights of London. Travel cards can be used all day; the zone 1 and 2 pass cost £8.10  (just over $10 US). Avoid taxis as they cost a fortune.

The passes work on all modes of transport including trams, buses, trades, subways. You come and go as you please. I wear them in a lanyard I’m not going to lose them or forget them. It is wise to keep your purse and your mobile in a zipped up pocket as I’m afraid Human Nature being what it is there will be opportunists in public places, especially crowds. It’s just common sense really. You can get the passes at any subway station or any British rail station. Bus drivers do not sell them.

If you want to pay £33 to go and see madame Tusseuds or the other tourist traps in London then spend your money how you wish but there are many lesser known features that are cheaper or free. The Museum of London, slightly less well-known is definitely worth a visit foreseen traditions.

I would rely on the reviews of TripAdvisor and do your research before you come because you will find that it takes longer to get from point A to point B and certainly exhausting if you don’t know the town and how to use the transport system. It does take a few days to get used to, even if you are not from abroad. I suggest you spend more time at fewer attractions for example the Tate Modern gallery is huge and you can’t do justice to it in less than four hours. Take the opportunity to talk to other visitors about what they think of the works If you are shy, there is never any harm in asking a question.

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